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  1. kerstbal

    Map border exploiting, when will this stop ?`

    Mine fields that will stop them / rocks /land / but Russians never heard off mine fields in the water so this will stay on forever Great is,nt it
  2. kerstbal

    DD spot range off

    the snail is way ahead in the future and cloaking will be possible in the future also pffrrrt they all believe in UFO s funny is,nt it they never bin at sea(those wonderfull deavs) the only way a chip is not visible is when it is behind a big wave also they where always visible on radar (calm waters) see it this way..... the torps are more visible then the big destroyers (yeah wright) so this game sucks big time but please stay believing in ferry tales and ohw yeah it is a game and yeah it is me again there is an old saying :WOT never again .....soon it will be WOWs never again...(i am waiting for the first pics of it)
  3. kerstbal

    Diana tier II Russian premium stats

    Well you can sell it if you want
  4. Huh ... is WG led by putin ? in that case..... missiles and VETO back no EU euro from me anymore
  5. kerstbal

    What do i miss

    well my wallets always shuts up when my mouth speacs (that was a agreement i made with my wallet ) so stay on topic its about this game and not my wallet
  6. kerstbal

    What do i miss

    well for a premium player and already invested a 80 euro i expect something perhaps for a lot and including you its free but thats not how this works my friend
  7. kerstbal

    What do i miss

    Well they called it WORLD OF WAR SHIPS its the same thing a calling a ice parlor world of ice creams and just selling water ice chocolate flavor only besides that is s always nice when people telling a other person what not to do just like dont buy that ice cream its getting you sick stay on topic... super
  8. kerstbal

    April Fools 2016 Suggestion

    a flying torpedo on 20 meters above surfice and when explode they paint your ship yellow or bleu
  9. kerstbal

    April Fools 2016 Suggestion

    floating depth charges with a propeller and ruther
  10. kerstbal

    A bit worried about the population

    well your not the only one who became worried after 10 battles we are all worried instead of players who enjoy this game for 100 % to be the game for sailors of the ships of the WORLD i dont see them
  11. kerstbal

    What do i miss

    do you really think he is going to pay for your porn ??? pay for your own also stay on topic
  12. kerstbal

    What do i miss

    hi all In the beginning of playing this i thought this is going to be fun, but after 100 battle is miss a lot for example > Fog > heavy whether > night maps > mine fields > convoys escort > survivors (to pic up) rescue missions > mine sweepers > U boats (sorry) (counter) depth charges + anti sub marine vessels _(no interpretation on ship equipment "dephtbombs: ) > MT boats > good matchmaking > Flags (just like on the su server for buying) >better balanced earning for ( now crap earnings) the higher tiers credits grind (12 mil for a tier 8) ) > support from other players (therefore the tactics for a BS is useless) > Good balanced RNG for long distance shelling > smoke screens on BS and cruisers > progress on the ships captain (till 8 but should go to 20) > a help file for (all) keys (easy access) > a directory where there can be no mods installed ! > a better (rules) moderation of the forums (no constructive posting just players who torpedo good ideas with just ..*%##^or crap or des defenders or (no) ) > other country's (brits ,germans, neutrals , (other countrys )combined forces, > separate country fleets (mm) > separate maps for carrier engagements only > separate maps for engagements for or BS,- or cruiser,- or destroyers. > fun factor (time) and anticipation on draws > goals > secondary gun controle (ai based now)if bs main guns are loading (whats to slow) i must have controls for secondary guns to attack a close cruiser of des (i just dont have them) > coastal attack maps ( a lot of sorties where coastal support) > better implementation of new or veteran crews > Bridge view > better graphical turning of ships (no hikkies) ( and also airplanes who make a 180 degree turn) i could go on for ever but this are just a few things i miss but above all i miss balance in ship types behavior (rng) in shelling, and (rain of fire and time elapse of loading ,bs- vs- cruisers what do you miss, or do you think this is just how sea battle where fought... EDIT: > ohw i forgot one the lack of that stupid camo----they had very good binoculors in wo 2 they even saw a subs periscore they even had radar to follow and detect ships over a long distance....(they disappeared when they where sunk ,but here you can see them as grey ships on the radar map) so disappearing destroyers never existed
  13. kerstbal

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well i see that the Japanese sailors score much much better than the americans why is that.....
  14. kerstbal

    tier 9 more expensive than tier 10

    by noob failure i often have negative income... really great stuff pffrt but you can buy moneyyyy agood business model those russians think we are the bank of greeze
  15. kerstbal

    Make battleships AI

    the battle ship is half a AI and the secondary guns shoot horrible so you are sailing half a AI and something else it is mostly the torps do 100% dam when they hit with accurate aiming 12 shells fired and 1 or maybe 2 hits with accurate aiming at a distance off 4 or 5 or 8 km the battle ships looses his aimig he can not follow a cruiser or des at that distance( evasive action ) (whow... speed boats on the water?) slow turrret rotation for bs ??? all balance trouble a lot of people thinks it is all... fine but every body plays the game on his own way well they are wrong the game actually sucks heavenly on certain points most of them have a plate in front of there fore head after this bin sad this thread can go to the scubyard so a other thread of complete ignorance of the community will follow (up to the next thread ) mods you have work to do! make your/our concerns noticeable