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  1. NorthwoodIOW

    World of Warships: Legends. Course for Early Access

    Why do we want to know about a consul game its like you are asking us to stop playing on pc and move over to a consul, that is never going to happen. i do not ever want to start over again. Happened once in Navyfield never going to do it again. So i am not interested in a consul period.
  2. NorthwoodIOW

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Ah yes this did happen at the end ok great, but still rewards are poor , not worth the effort anymore , Halloween a big disappointment.Seems to be harder to complete too.
  3. NorthwoodIOW

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Saving Transilvania, much better when it first came out rewards were great, but you get nothing for less than 5 stars (no reward), also just completed 1 that we should of got 5 stars and only got 4 , as the ship stopped but i watched and found that there were at least 2 players in the area at all times, only thing i can think of is that at the start it took time to get in area because we had no dd's.
  4. NorthwoodIOW

    Players that do best in battles

    Arrgance comes with mouthing off and they only mouth off if there stats are better than your own, I know i have to improve and win rate of 46/47 % i want to get higher, I have no interest in other players stats , i dont know how to look at them in battle or any other way as i have no interest in slagging off other players because of there stats.Time for me to go do sme work.Have fun all.
  5. NorthwoodIOW

    Players that do best in battles

    I never said i played well but there is times when i do play well and really well, i am not the best player in the game and don't pretend to be ,but i have been teams many times and hit the top and players have died with a min . in my last game they all died within mins (so yes the team failed no me in that case , and would blame the team in that case), bujt generaly i have a moan sometimes but most of time i am disappointed and i do not play for points though i have seen many players doing it, my early days were bad but i am improving thats all i can say i no time to explain myself to arrogant players who scans every bodies record so they can mouth them off as there stats are better , i am a 57 year old play who likes to have fun but the fun could be better.
  6. NorthwoodIOW

    Players that do best in battles

    I get fed up trying my best and ending up in top 4/5 and end up on losing team and this affect my win ratio, I know its same for all , but some are luckier than others to be on at the right time and end up in winning teams all the nearly all the time , so there is a luck factor too. I have an idea that the top four players who score the highest EXP/Damage should be wavered in a losing game (just like when you are top in ranking you don't lose a star), this will encourage players who are passive, to play harder and hopefully help them to play better.
  7. NorthwoodIOW

    Public Test 0.6.2 General Feedback

    You do not f all about The Royal Navy even when we were outnumbered we still managed to win the battle , check the history before you insult our Navy, I served for 14 years and know what i am talking about.
  8. NorthwoodIOW

    Public Test 0.6.2 General Feedback

    Considering that you have left The Best Navy and most undesputable Best Trained Personel in all areas of combat and damage control (The Royal Navy) and only given us cruisers I wont be playing till the Royal Navy has battleships in its section, i have been playing this since Beta and very disappionted that we The RN have been left till last.
  9. Cannot start any of these missions , I have ships over tier 5 but none are accepted? , please advise. Port is selected.
  10. NorthwoodIOW

    Has anyone tackled a Cleveland with their warspite

    It was 2 cleveland at start an Island saved me from 1 , but I had torps fired from all angles and managed to dodge them only just but problem with Warspite to get your guns to face the enemy again it takes a long time the turrets are so slow with constant torps even though they missed, the Cleveland found it easy to kill me.
  11. NorthwoodIOW

    ►Epic Action - Cleveland is Awesome!

    Cleveland is op its able to dodge shells and its fire rate is so fast it hits aBB 3 or 4 times before the BB is ready to fire, I just watched it take out two BB's with relative ease , mine was one of them and I had a 3rd of my life left and it was a Warspite, not sure about the other BB most of damage was caused by fire on mine and it just seemed to lose life when on fire very quickly.
  12. NorthwoodIOW

    Feeling ripped off £35 premium & warspite

    I dont seem to have a problem with the range but the turning of the turrets is worst problem expecially if your get torpded and you have to turn and turn and none of you guns are getting any use because the turrets are so slow.
  13. I played Navyfield for many years and probably many players here may have done the same it was a great game but they tried to do a truly 3d game and had to many problems with it so it got scrapped, but your game is working far better than there's did. But what was really good was the different crew specialisation, They had gunners (the more high quality gunners you had the more accurate/range the firing was also different types of gunners (AA,Accracy,Range)),same with damage control(firefighters,flooding),engineering (engine,power,)Pilots(Torp,Bomber,Scout)ect,so in each ship you had a number of slots to fit these crew in and obviously depended on what you want best for your ship.Another is the awarded premium ship Arkansas Beta nicely balanced ship not overpowered but does play a good game and survability seems little better than same tier ships I dont know if that because of the 6 upgrade slots, but it would be good to see all premium ships have six upgraded slots, if it makes them a little more survivable than a standard tier ship 1v1 (your not going to be king of the sea's with 6 upgrade slots but you rarely battle 1v1 anyway),i think this will make them more actractive to sale because you get a little more enjoyment out of playing them as well as normal benefits of extra Money (not everyone likes to cash their gold in to exchange for free exp).
  14. Warspite is totaly inferior to the cleveland I was wiped out by its maneuverability, speed , and the reload just kept on setting my ship on fire might as well not of purchased the ship if it cant beat itself out of a paper bag.Since when is a Cleveland better than a Warspite.
  15. NorthwoodIOW

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Had a good test of a lot of BB's the Akansas seems very well balanced, worst experience in a Bb was a one on one (Me a New York , Enemy a ST louis) I lost , but the major problem I have really hated is the reduced speed in BB's I have not been able to dodge hardly any Torpedo's at all, losing over half my life or getting sunk in one raid from a CV, if you gonna reduce the ships speed what about reducing the torpedo's too, but the balance is way to far out thats with USA BB's I have not tried the Japanese one's yet. But the outcome is that my enjoyment of playing has hit rock bottom as you cannot survive a CV attack.The AA are also rubbish and I would expect that BB's would have better anti aircraft defence than any other ship in WOW, because if this was a real warship it would not last 5 minutes without it.