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  1. Similar to the tech tree Conqueror though... and IMO inferior to it. So, I'd rather recommend grinding up to the Conqueror.
  2. Managed to just spot @Fish_and_Ship on the same team after successfully torping our Wooster right before the battle ended... in complete Victory!
  3. Karasu_Hidesuke

    Thoughts about further steps developing the game

    If you don't want to see certain flags on your ships (don't mean to imply this is OP's problem), a better solution would be to give us an option to choose any of the available national flags for our ships (for a modest charge) the same way you can opt to apply national flags on your tanks in WoT.
  4. Karasu_Hidesuke

    Thoughts about further steps developing the game

    There would be no rational reason not to have a German tech tree where the Bismarck should also find itself...
  5. Karasu_Hidesuke

    Thoughts about further steps developing the game

    Most people are expected to learn from past mistakes...
  6. Karasu_Hidesuke

    Thoughts about further steps developing the game

    Indeed they did not fly.
  7. Karasu_Hidesuke

    A place for everyone.

    What is the root cause? Not being able to figure out how you need to aim in WoWS? There are also two sets of sights to choose from, the dynamic and static. I use the static one myself, and I actually find it easier to hit ships when they are bow tanking.
  8. Sadly most teams prefer to sacrifice their DD's very very early on in the battle (so they can reap the xp and credits for themselves.. right b******s that they are ).... often this means they lose as the team with the most DD's at the end often wins.
  9. Karasu_Hidesuke

    A place for everyone.

    Yes... at least for me grinding up the tech tree is slow.
  10. Karasu_Hidesuke

    A place for everyone.

    BTW, the advice commonly given i.e. 'play lower tiers till you learn the game' is a bit problematic as the gameplay on those lower tiers is fundamentally different from the high tiers. This may be a good thing, as it gives as a little bit more variety and a chance to relax in between more challenging battles, though. Still, in order to learn to play on higher tiers, you have to play on the higher tiers. Grinding the relevant tech trees all the way up there is essentially the only way to do that.
  11. Karasu_Hidesuke

    A place for everyone.

    You haven't lost much...
  12. Karasu_Hidesuke

    A place for everyone.

    If you had posted that on WoT forums... ... it would have been... 'different'... The forum is a place for everyone, both current and past players, IMO. We can do with more diversity of opinions, but be prepared to get a thorough shoot down when necessary. I frequently get that too... They gave you explanations why what you suggested would not be a good idea. As for the point about the quizz, don't know, but this game sure could do with fun kind of competitions and events as opposed to horrid, constant grindfests, so I'd be willing to give +1 for any suggestion that goes in that direction.
  13. Karasu_Hidesuke


    Giving ideas to WeeGee... ...DICEY! As they will ignore any good suggestion and promptly implement the bad ones. But gotta say... I love secondary school!
  14. Karasu_Hidesuke

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    The game took a wrong turn at some point. It is no longer the same fun experience it used to be, IMO. It can still offer good moments, mind you, but the overall experience has degraded.