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  1. Finishing the first stage of the Halsey campaign gave me one Go Navy container which gave me one item in this collection. How do I get more containers then?
  2. bug?

    If you ask me, I think this is a space time anomaly caused by those space camos...
  3. bug?

    I mean crosshair klicks (km's). Last time I spotted this 'phenomenon' I think yesterday, and the ship in question first appeared almost mid map on the minimap then zoomed almost half a map southwards. Gridwise it did not move horizontally, but vertically about I guess 3 lines at least.
  4. bug?

    I dont' see any last positions on my minimap, yet sometimes the marker moves several klicks after initially spotting a target.
  5. It's not working any more..
  6. wargaming stalin fans??

    I've only had chat ban in game once, and tbh I did a fair amount of pointless raging to deserve it...
  7. This copy-paster would like to say cheers!
  8. Updated!! Bonuscodes from gamescom

    Both codes were still valid for me, cheers!
  9. So, no matter which you choose, there is no way to get any camo bonuses on these ships...
  10. Beware: "Ranked Editions" in the shop

    Oh.. okay, I realize now that I misread OP's post. The missions are for ranked, the ships are normal premiums.. thanks, got it (finally)...
  11. Okay, I'm confused now. The filter removes the ARP skins and those ships can't be equipped with regular camos. So the options are to see the pink etc ships if you want to have the camo stats, or do without camo bonuses entirely...?
  12. Beware: "Ranked Editions" in the shop

    Technically speaking, aren't these bundles massively overpriced rentals?
  13. Couldn't get go navy rewards

    The clear, unambiguous way would be to include relevant dates and other information in the game client (or even a timer), but I guess adding a few colored pixels to the game would hurt WG's profit margin too much.
  14. Future of WoWS

    T10 economics are extremely bad for.. let's say average players. The more they focus on T10, the less there will be players on the servers (and I've noticed late evening server population being from 5k to 10k in the past two days). IMO they should find a way to include end game equivalent or event based content for a bigger spread of tiers, at least from tier IV/V upwards.