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  1. Flags, flags and more flage

    Don't get me started on the subject of flags.
  2. Remove "clan" ships options?

    Port chat not working? Is WoWS having the same kind of constant problems as WoT: Chat/Contact lists/Sounds not working or working intermittently?
  3. Wargaming wtf are you doing

    Fascinating how far removed WoWS mechanics are from the reality of carrier battles....
  4. One ship with best value discount?

    One ship?... Imperator Nikolai. Don't see it in the premium shop, (thankfully) not even in the Armada bundle. Wallet closed, WG's Black Friday deals going to save me a bundle!
  5. I'm taking notes, good stuff here!
  6. wows survey

    Except my BB's don't do that, and I know the problem can't be with the ships, it must be with my aim. So, yes I do moan about my BB's catching fire because that is all they do in most of my games. Orion is such a recent element in the game that I haven't quite factored it into it yet... and Nikolai is too low a tier to be truly effective, but it is a) premium ship b) Russian BB and those kind of set it apart from the rest. Also don't forget that it is currently something I want but can't have (when it was in the shop I could have had it but did not want to because I don't feel comfortable with ships that never entered service, for one reason or another). When I don't like something, I don't like it 100 percent. You are right that I should have kept an eye on the end date, but I didn't. I don't actually have any use for the flag (nor for most of the camos), but I hate seeing an unfinished collection in game client. I don't know where it says I played games in the last 2 weeks. My last battle in WoWS was on October 1.
  7. wows survey

    Okay.. since you asked. 1. I have a longstanding issue, the game mechanics... the invisible fire, the tinder box BB's... but most of the fact that I cant hit their ships... I could live with it being hard to hit them with my salvos, but I can't cope that well with it when their salvos hit me almost every time. I'm (below) average, this is a matter of record but still... Solution: stick to lower levels max V. 2. I had an acute issue with the 2nd anniversary campaign and collection. I made it within 3 duplicates to complete the collection. Apparently I forgot to post a king-size post-it note on my monitor with the end date.... So I didn't get the stupid flag and the ugly camos. What actually pissed me more than that was when I contacted CS how can I complete it and unlock the stuff they chirped in that all I need to do is collect three more duplicates and I'll be all set (this after the campaign had ended...) Solution: none. as they also pulled the bundles from the shop. 3. I've been having what I would call a festering issue, namely Imperator Nikolai. They removed it from the shop and only afterwards informed us that it was not going to return.... Solution: none, as it is not in the shop (and SC's dropped once in a blue moon so how likely would it have been to get one that way...)
  8. wows survey

    Ok I misunderstood. Well, I played WoWS for over two years so despite all I must have liked the game to some extent. But there are three things now that piss me off, and I can't really expect WG to do anything about those things so I guess it is time to cut my losses, pack up and move on. Except while I do still play WoT I may make occasional visits to WoWS forums as well, I seem to have developed a small but devoted fan base here, after all.
  9. wows survey

    Funnily enough, when I think about it, I started coming to the forums about the time when I started to enjoy the game itself less than I had before... Have a look at the WoT forums... Uhm... I'm not playing WoWS (5789)... and I don't come to the WoWS forums every day, at least I do not post every day and I only moan when it is the witching hour.
  10. wows survey

    Well not exactly in the game... I sometimes have a look at the WoWS forums, though mostly I follow the WoT forums. Not that I have that good opinion of WoT either, but I still play it to some extent.
  11. wows survey

    Wish I could get this survey so I could tell them where they can stick their game...
  12. Texas repair bundle question

    Throw in the 2nd anniversary flag and I'll bite... maybe.
  13. How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Ok, good to know, cheers!
  14. How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Is installing WoWP the mistake that triggers the GC? Because that's something I haven't done and I still have the standalone launchers for WoT and WoWS.
  15. Time to uninstall WoWS

    Thanks. Yes, it would have been better to stick to the tiers that have the game play I'm better suited for playing. In this light, it's probably tier V which is the last of the lower tiers.