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  1. this is just a very bad game

  2. Well, I suppose they made some people happy, those who were able to strategically time their return to the right moment (not too early), and allegedly would keep on playing. The rest of us on the other hand...
  3. The funny thing is, I got actually 'punished' for playing WoT...
  4. And I get nothing even though been away since October 1, I got none of the free ships that appeared since then either....
  5. They mentioned boxes.. is this whole thing related to them?
  6. I haven't played a single battle since October 1st, just logged in and WG gave me... zilch. Either I quit playing too recently or this is based on some other requirements.
  7. Christmas sales?

    Oh, you too. I didn't get one either. Ironically WoWS seems to have camo "Type 59"....
  8. Christmas sales?

    Thanks, with that in mind, I think I'll give them a wide berth.
  9. If WG were really interested in my money, they'd put Nikolai in the premium shop ASAP.
  10. Flags, flags and more flage

    Don't get me started on the subject of flags.
  11. Remove "clan" ships options?

    Port chat not working? Is WoWS having the same kind of constant problems as WoT: Chat/Contact lists/Sounds not working or working intermittently?
  12. Wargaming wtf are you doing

    Fascinating how far removed WoWS mechanics are from the reality of carrier battles....
  13. One ship with best value discount?

    One ship?... Imperator Nikolai. Don't see it in the premium shop, (thankfully) not even in the Armada bundle. Wallet closed, WG's Black Friday deals going to save me a bundle!
  14. I'm taking notes, good stuff here!
  15. wows survey

    Except my BB's don't do that, and I know the problem can't be with the ships, it must be with my aim. So, yes I do moan about my BB's catching fire because that is all they do in most of my games. Orion is such a recent element in the game that I haven't quite factored it into it yet... and Nikolai is too low a tier to be truly effective, but it is a) premium ship b) Russian BB and those kind of set it apart from the rest. Also don't forget that it is currently something I want but can't have (when it was in the shop I could have had it but did not want to because I don't feel comfortable with ships that never entered service, for one reason or another). When I don't like something, I don't like it 100 percent. You are right that I should have kept an eye on the end date, but I didn't. I don't actually have any use for the flag (nor for most of the camos), but I hate seeing an unfinished collection in game client. I don't know where it says I played games in the last 2 weeks. My last battle in WoWS was on October 1.