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  1. _Amko_

    Closed Beta Reward Ship

    i just ca<nt understand people,first t crying about invite codes,testing etc and after being accepted they wanna more....are u reading forums u see how much people posting about invite and how much they are hungry just to play game....
  2. _Amko_

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    moth_hunter, on 16 March 2015 - 09:24 PM, said: No, sorry, I disagree. You are letting yourself off the hook far too easily. If you release torpedoes at random that doesn't mean you have no responsibility for them. And if a teammate can get in front of your torpedoes within "5, 6 seconds", then you definitely were firing high risk shots. A cruiser or battleship in an engagement has enough on his hands with hitting the enemy and looking where he's going at the same time. It is not his responsibility to check whether you are launching torpedoes from behind him or next to him. You are in the fast and agile ship - get to a safe firing location. I don't know what's supposed to be so hard about that. The only times I ever risk hitting allies with my torpedoes are when I don't pay attention to what I'm doing. u can or disagree....and when i say random mean...not blind...you have to be moron to shoot blind if u dont know what range is of ur torpedos...am shooting at distance 4,5 km and if some moron run on them is not my fault...and hope u playing with dd-s, u cant reach safe distance to shoot enemy,ships are to fragile for close combat....so people need to watch their moves and watch map 2... Addicus, on 17 March 2015 - 04:09 AM, said: I've seen a couple of TKs by wayward torpedoes from Destroyers. What I don't understand is the rage from the destroyer players blaming the other team mate for moving into their torpedo salvo. You got in the way of my shot! Like now we have to look behind us for friendly destroyer fire as well? i agree if somebody shoting behinde u,...but i see to many tk when alies come from side and get into path of torpedos....i dont agree if somebody shooting torpedos from 10km distance cuz probably he miss...but if i shoot 3,4,5 km on few enemy ships u dont need to run into them...
  3. _Amko_

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    when is domination mode,i always release torpedos randomly or where i presume that enemy will pop up..and is working....but with this guy i just dont know how he dont see atleast hear warning sign for topedos cuz he just jump front of them....so lots of people came here crying about tk and maybe is their fault...especially this game is not wot, its playing on large distance.....so if i shoot and wait for 5,6 secnd and my team8 jump front of torpedos,nades i think is not my fault
  4. _Amko_

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    no u get wrong probably cuz of my english ehhehehe....he was litlle behinde from me but on my left side.....he dindt go by me..example i was going for c and he was going for b....and betwen c and b enemy pop up and like all others on multiplayers game hunger for kill get him killed..hope u get now ahhaha..basicaly he run into my torpedos...who go for 2 km already
  5. _Amko_

    MatchMaking question

    guys is just beta,lots of people dont even have tier 4,5 so what to expect...u can imagine how is working at tier 8 or x heeheh :-D,i notice one thing today i i have no problem with tier 4,5 to play game i mean waiting time is ok from 5 to 20 seconds but when i was playing with dd tier 3 was waiting from 2,3 up to 7 minutes
  6. _Amko_

    The ban the person above you game remade

    banned for benned other person!!!
  7. _Amko_

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    torpedo kills are much more often cuz others players dont look around,and i dont wanna talk about map...i tk my t8 today with torpedo who was by side i just dont undertsand how he dindt see or hear torpedo sign...
  8. _Amko_

    Suggestion Locking the turrets in a direction

    u already have option to lock guns with right mouse(hold it),but means for both side guns,and also u have option to press p button to lock all guns..
  9. _Amko_

    Destroyers and their amazing gameplay

    dd are here like mediums in wot...in packt atleast 2 they can sink what ever they like....but lots of people came here from wot and playing them like td-s ,find rock,bush and camp heheh probably cuz of triangle sign
  10. _Amko_

    This game is way to difficult

    m8 u just take words from my mouth...today i lost 99% games...people cruisng dont know where to go,sleeping etc..its really mess yesterday i had 80% and something win rate now i have 40% and something lol...and most games i was playibg in tier 4,5 so they are not newbies
  11. _Amko_

    Stop it with the insults allright?

    ok u said all how is bad cursing,but to be honest when u see 3,4,5 ships hiding somewhere in the corner,in the cbt....what is good word for that guys????Testing mean to test not to sleep...so dont try be smart ss.and give solution for people who dont deserve cbt....today maybe had 3,4 wins on 20 batlles...that is not mm fault is bot thing...hope they make just one report in cbt and hope its for bots...i dont mind if somebody who just came camping cuz he try to obeservate or learn how to do things but when u see on tier 4,5,6 people doing that am gonna say what i think and u can take screenshots if u liked.....CBT is to test,not to sleep if u have intetion to sleep somewhere on the map....just gave up and give some1 who really want to play this awsome game
  12. _Amko_


    thats the point ,am at tier 5 now and lots of thing is waiting to buy...and old modules just sleeping somewhere heheheh
  13. _Amko_

    Is there a report/ban system coming soon?

    i had 1 team kill when my team8 was run into my rain of torpedos...seems that people dont look map or around at all.... Terran_wrath, on 16 March 2015 - 01:36 PM, said: 3 teamkills... wow that's not accidential. Maybe kick him from the CB and give his access to me then? Bro u have right....that kind of people dont deserve to take place in beta games...and taking place from some1 who really wanna contribute but random is always worst solution hehehe ....offtopic i notice to much kidos chit chating,fighting in general chat and am waiting for game in queue like 5 minutes PS:hope u get in soon m8
  14. _Amko_


    Anyone knows when we are been able to sell modules..cuz like you everybody knows we have to pay for modules...and old one just stay till ship is in dock