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  1. Mr_Bjornel

    This is why draws are bad

    Now this is a well put argument thank you. I would like to join even though it was not directed to me if I may. 1, That is rather complex question. It certainly include a scope of the maps, the slow speed of the ships, the attitude of the players and rules that are set as a condition of draw. I would not say we need draws but on the other hand there is no reason not to have them. Someone here said that nobody likes to draw .. it is not correct. The person who is about to loose and draw the game instead certainly enjoy the draw to some extend. 2, I can not answer this since I do not mind if developers review the state of the game and adjust some key criteria. In the same time players should recognize their own responsibility in this matter. 3, Impossible to say. Give me a specific change and I can tell if it has some negative effects on my game play experience. Longer time limit for example would have negative effect because some games would be longer. I am older man and I do not have that much free time. I would rather play three 20 minutes games than 1 hour long game. 4, If the change would not concern me then go ahead and change it, But again what specific changes are we talking about? I hardly think that there is a change that will not be of concern to majority of players.
  2. Mr_Bjornel

    This is why draws are bad

    Question is how much would those 3 minutes help. If people are not able to close the winnig game in 20 .. would they be able to do it in 23? It is the players attitude and time awareness what really needs to to be changed I think.
  3. Mr_Bjornel

    This is why draws are bad

    I do not understand why you consider a draw to be a waste of time? You are playing the game because you like the act of playing itself doesn't you? Or do you consider only winning games to be worthwhile? I would say .. if you are annoyed of getting draws then first ask yourself how can YOU play better to avoid them and just after you find no more things to improve you can call for developers to change something.
  4. Mr_Bjornel

    The "Shameship" that is the Arkansas

    Hmm obvious troll is obvious.
  5. Mr_Bjornel

    Your thoughts please.

    I really like how you described the loose - loose situation with DD and torpedoes. As for HE vs AP .. I like how things are implemented for BBs. AP shells have almost double the damage potential which makes for some real choices. On CAs the difference is just so low that it is almost always preferable to fire HE. especially when there is no chance to evaluate the armor on your target (well yes if it is a battleship then it has probably higher armor then destroyer, but it really doesn't help that much)
  6. Mr_Bjornel

    I just can't see a way to make the Kitakami work...

    I managed to hit some torpedoes from Mogami and those are 10 Km as well. So I guess it is possible to do that in Kitakami in similar way. Maybe this ship is ment to be more of a tactical tool ... you can quite effectively deny some space or force enemy ships in certain directions I would guess.
  7. Mr_Bjornel

    How did you come up with your name?

    Stronger user name for security? really? wow.
  8. Mr_Bjornel

    Battleships rule the game?

    You have 2400 average XP on Destroyers. I do not feel that you are a mediocre DD player.
  9. Mr_Bjornel

    How does 0.3.1. sounds?

    I would like to give just my personal feedback about the sound changes in last patch. In most cases the new sounds are really great. I love the cannon firing explosions a lot. But the sound of getting the ribbon changed to the worse. Which is a shame because that is quite prominent sound during the game. Also when I am turning off my anti air, the voice is borderline annoying. The last thing I noticed may be a bug .. sometimes I get this long sound similar to the sound of incoming shell. Even though nobody is firing at me. It can happen from the very start. Sometimes this noise can be heard only on one side of the ship .. and when I move my camera to the other side it disappears. So pretty please bring back the old ribbon sound
  10. Mr_Bjornel

    0.3.1 HE shell damage and fire

    Well this is not a real life simulator.
  11. I already gave you +1 but I would like to emphasize this idea more .. YES .. this .. carve it to the stone. Of course some nice reward would be nice though ... I'd heard we may get a ship .. like Alpha tersters got Maybe a Titanic ... no guns and from the start you get flooding which can not be repaired
  12. Mr_Bjornel

    Torpedoes what a drag

    Or we may stop trying to compare torpedoes to their real life counterparts altogether and just balance them according to game play mechanics ...just saying.
  13. I dont't know. Sometimes when I play cruiser I just think smoke is too much. Just as OP say .. invisible DDs and even CAs shooting at me .. no fun. On the other hand when I am in my destroyer, I do a risky torp run .. then I pop my smoke and I feel no increase safety .. Most times it just feels like they can see just through the smoke. I really do not get how is this possible. Maybe I am using the smoke wrong while playing DD. Maybe it is just a matter of net being able to objectively perceive the situation. Or maybe the smoke is really inconsistent in hiding the ship inside.
  14. Mr_Bjornel

    Feedback on ballance.

    I have only 5 games in Hatsuharu so far. It was rather terrible experience .. I sunk exactly 0 enemy ships and I did average 30k damage per battle. It is just quite hard to predict the target movement. One game I saw enemy BB slowing down to complete stop. I fired both salvos diretly at her .. just to see that she started moving again after some 5-10 seconds or so. Needles to say all my torps missed badly. I lost my cool and tried a close range run when my tubes reloaded .. managed to hit 4 torpedos .. but did not kill the enemy .. her secondaries then teared me a new one
  15. Mr_Bjornel

    US DD Commander Skills

    There is no definitive answer to this. Myself I had extra smoke I created a new captain to get Awareness instead. The reason for that was simple .. my situational awareness was bad and this perk helped me. If you are skilled enough then you do not need this perk much I guess. Exustio, on 27 April 2015 - 12:58 PM, said: Yea, DD with better camo, u can safely say it will always be a IJN BB. Plus if u as a USN DD depend heavily on torpedos, u are playing the wrong nation. The USN is the bruiser, has better guns, better dpm and better turret rotation then the IJN BB's, and generally worse torpedos, meaning situational awareness is less important, as u will be firing constantly. Rather have 2 extra charges and -30% skill preperation, with which u can actually help your team. Sorry that I am picking on this but you really mean BBs? I guess it should be DDs right?