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  1. Siaron

    OMG - WTF have they just done to CV..unbelievable

    But But But ... that would work, if you want to reward skilled play ... history and experience from wowp and wot teach us, that WG aims at average Joes, not players who want to learn and play better ... we are the minority here, so even if we leave and our money with us, thay still hopefully have their paying customers.
  2. Siaron

    OMG - WTF have they just done to CV..unbelievable

    No, you are not ... even with perfect attack vector you are lucky if you hit one bomb .. in about 50% you will miss completely... and thats in ideal condition (and i wont even try manual drop, if that dd isnt standing still, or driving in straight line for all the time)... if the dd driver pays any attention and just turns when bombers are swooping down, he wont be harmed most of the time ... i have to think hard, when i was last hit with DB in DD, and i was sunk only once by DB, tx to lucky ammnution detonation. Its true, that i can sunk DD easier with TB than DB (they need only 1-2 torps), but again, the DD must either drop guard to let itself hit with torpedos, or i have to set perfect trap with crossing spread (and thats far from being easy), and even then the success isnt guaranteed. I was sunk 2 or 3 times in DD by TB, but everytime it was my mistake (got disttracted, overfocused on firing at CV, ....) The conclusion is, it was hard to sink DD that make some evasive maneuvers, if it doesnt, it gets punished (by good cv players). And i dont agree, that cv shouldnt have some option to defend itself ... its arcade, not a simulation, every class should have some way (difficult no doubt) to defend against other classes ... or would we strip BBships of AA, because CV should be able to kill them ? Will we take secondary batteries from them so DD can kill them more easily ? PS: Out of curiosity, i tried to find out the some numbers about DD and CV losses: No US carrier or BB were sunk by destroyers, while several DD were actually sunk by aerial torpedos (almost the same number as DD sunk by bombs) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Navy_losses_in_World_War_II#Aircraft_carriers
  3. Siaron


    So why not go all the way ... lets increase gun dispersion 2-3 times ... that way good player wont land more then 1-2 shells per volley, and bad players will land some lucky hits even with bad leading...
  4. Siaron

    CV Torps completly destroyed

    yes, i meant this
  5. Siaron

    CV Torps completly destroyed

    Takeda92, on 29 May 2015 - 06:15 AM, said: The spread is as big as the auto one, means you get 1 torp hit from each squadron! Meanwhile USN planes are more and tighter spread, oh boy WG screwed the balance in this one. Best balancing team of the year award goes to..... WG!! No it isnt .. its actually even BIGGER, you just can drop them closer ... it must be a joke _DeathWing_, on 29 May 2015 - 07:19 AM, said: Is that IJN CVs or USN CVs, or both? should be just IJN CV, as only JPN TB formation change is in the patch notes
  6. Budeme hrozne spokojeni, protoze to bude znamenat, ze vsichni bojuji o capy (vcetne vsech krizniku a battleship), coz se zakonite zvrhne v poradnou melu ... bohuzel ted ve 3/4 her z krizniku do capu vjede stezi pulka a bitevky se drzi pokud mozno 15-20 km za (a to nejlepe i v dobe, kdy uz jsou vsechny DDcka mrtvy, nebo viditelne na druhe strane mapy) a cekaji az jim DDcka neco naspotuji (a to ted tocej jak motokary a trefit ji z destroyeru torpedama z jine nez sebevrazedne vzdalenosti je spis otazkou stesti a nepozoronosti te bitevky)
  7. Siaron

    A CV players two biggest enemies

    I have only one enemy .. and thats WG itself with constant CV nerfs and BB buffs :-D The latest BB turn rate buff is a joke - yesterday I danced with my torp bombers around T5 US BB, and he was able (after he bleeds some amount of his initial speed) to do circles in a square with a side lenghth a little more over his hull length ... thats BS, even my bombers need more space to do a turn.
  8. Siaron

    Aiming MOD ....

    To by mohlo byt tim, ze ten cil na 20km ani nevi ze po nem nekdo strili a pluje porad rovne ... lidi co meni preventivne kurz porad, stale neni vetsina .. na tu stredni vzdalenost uz te vidi, tak zacnou neco delat (pokud je driv neprobere zaklepani na citadelu) ... na stredni vzdalenost je ale doba letu granatu mensi, tak toho casu na zmenu pozice od tveho vystrelu nemaji tolik .. kdyby to delali uz na tech 20km, tak se trefujes zakonite o to min. Me uplne staci srovnat reakaci lidi po kterych vypalim torpeda z DD za hranici sve viditelnosti a nebo kdyz neodhadnu zatacku a na chvili se ukazu ... ty torpeda jsou pokazde vystrelana +/- na stejnou vzzdalenost, jeste nejakou dobu nejsou videt, ale staci ze zmerci me a zacnou menit kurz jak o zivot.
  9. Siaron

    American CV Airgroup changes - TB reduction why?

    You are right, i totaly missed that (no patch notes yet, no surprise of course) ... T6 CV has now 3 squadrons only (T4 has 2 down from 3) ... and i notice that even JPN BBs turns very tightly .. is the smaller turning radius in lower speed change in place ? They are dodging like dervishes now.... What to say, i hope all BB whiners are finnaly satisfied ... oh wait, no, we can still lunch torpedoes from our CV, so more OP CV threats, more OP torpedoes comming soon
  10. Siaron

    American CV Airgroup changes - TB reduction why?

    JPN CVs feels ok (2 games on Hosho so far though) ... i have to adapt on smaller squads and high turn ration of US BBs, but that will be fine in some time (60k dmg doesnt feel that bad and i am not and CV ace) US CVs as of now ... horrible ... i didnt notice the announced change of DB dmg output (is it in place?) .. its still laughable (1k dmg per hit on average against BB or CA)... so DBs are a no go ... max 1TB ... hmm, i cant even set a trap with one squad, so unless the player doesnt pay attention, its very hard to even hit some torpedoes (oh did i mention, he can focus fire now, when i approach him with only one TB (ignoring DBs), so the number of torps in the water are actually even less?)
  11. Siaron

    CV advice on fighter planes

    Actually, its not easy to pull this at all ... even if you recall you fighters from a squadron with two remaining bombers, more often then not, they will shoot them down, before they disengage. What's worse - if you try this against enemy fighters, they wont let you go, as long as they have some ammo left .. you are locked in the dogfight and usually crawling at best, while not returning fire. (i bet you already experienced the bitter taste, when your full squadron of fighters returning to rearm met fresh enemy fighters ... they virtually stop in place, and wait, until they expend all of ammo, even if they can get under your ship AA cover in half of that time.
  12. Siaron


    To jako vazne s tim navysenim AA ? nikde v patch notes jsem nevidel ani zminku (zatimco tam treba je lehky plosny buff pro DD uveden) ... vzdyt uz ted jsou CV skoro na vymreni, hrace s letadlovkou co neco dokaze aby clovek pomalu hledal lupou, zatimco bezne vidam 5-6BB v tymu, co se seradi a zamiri k libovolnemu okraji mapy a ni jim jeste pridaji dalsi AA ?
  13. Siaron

    Nováčci, otázky & odpovědi

    Nejsem schopen identifikovat funkci zamecku u ikony letadlove lode pro ovladani samotne letadlove lode (default key 1) ... 3 tecky umoznuji s ikonou hybat, ale k cemu je ten zamecek, vi to nekdo ?