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  1. Markemoff


    Therefore we give up? Surely WOW need to get smarter? Just a thought.
  2. Markemoff


    Big fan of this game apart from one aspect - that of visibility. No ship, no ship, no ship -- Ship in full view. Not very realistic. It should be possible to see a slight blur on the horizon gradually develop into a clear view of a ship as one gets closer, not nothing and then everything clear! Any thoughts?
  3. Markemoff

    Royal Navy

    Sorry to mention the Elephant in the room, as I am sure many others have done before me, but why is the Largest Navy of the early 20th century and their biggest rival, i.e. the British Royal Navy and the German Imperial Navy, not represented in this game?? Is it too difficult for you, isn't there enough money in it for you, is the Russian/Soviet Navy more interesting, were the USA and Japan dominant in the First World War? Where are the ships from Germany and UK that fought at Jutland/Skagerrak in the largest Battleship v Battleship fleet action? Please sort this out before I and many others lose patience with you. Regards Markemoff.
  4. Markemoff

    Much bigger explosion when BB die

    One of the key features of Fleet Naval battles in the age of steam power was the difficulty caused by visibility obscured by smoke. This could be caused by the Ship's exhaust, particularly coal fired ships, Gunfire (Lots of smoke) and from burning wrecks. I've seen many photos of magazine explosions and one of the key features of a cordite and shell room explosion was clouds of smoke. It would be realistic therefore, to have much more smoke drifting about causing sighting problems but we have to remember that this is not just intended to be a simulation, but a realistic 'game' - so compromise is unfortunately required. But yes - I want bigger bangs and fewer fires on ships not sinking.
  5. Markemoff

    Myoko in 4.1, the true Furutaka v2

    I have to say I agree with everything I read above. I love warships and have read extensively. In very few cases was a Battleship, Cruiser, destroyer lost to fire (except in magazines/shell rooms). The exception being carriers, due to the amount of highly inflammable aviation fuel carried. Fire is disproportionally destructive and does spoil the otherwise realistic nature of the game. Sort this out soon please.
  6. Markemoff

    Fire, fire, fire

    This has almost certainly been raised, many times before, so sorry for this. I Generally really enjoy World of Warships - It is beautiful to look at, easy to play, also difficult to play properly and is also FUN! I do feel, however that the game is in danger of being spoiled by the Tinder like qualities of the ships. They virtually spontaneously combust at the merest sniff of a HE shell. I am a Naval nut and have done much research and reading and yes fires do occur as a result of battle damage, but they are almost always extinguished quickly or contained to a small area, unless it is a devastating ammunition fire in the propellant magazine, or much more rarely, the shell room. If a fire occurs it should destroy the module it has occurred in and perhaps degrade surrounding modules and reduce the ship,s hit-point slightly. (A well known early 20th century Ocean Liner had a fire burn in a coal bunker for 3 days!) Please don't spoil a fantastic game over a detail like this. Mark.
  7. Markemoff

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    What's all the fuss about? An occasional draw. Move on. Life is sometimes unfair, and war is almost always unfair. That's the philosophy over with!
  8. Markemoff

    Buy Atago or Atlanta

    D'you know what. No, you say, get on with it. I get more fun and satisfaction with a New Orleans than with the Atago I foolishly and drunkenly lashed out on the other night. (Damn you Glenmorangie.)
  9. Markemoff

    Will we ever see submarines in this game?

    Hope not. Didn't play much of a part in fleet actions.
  10. Markemoff


    Rockets were never used ship vs ship because of the short range, inaccuracy, slow rate of fire, vulnerability of the rocket launcher once it had fired, etc. Use your guns.
  11. Markemoff

    Will i ever play. :(

    Never mind all the begging, can't wait to be invited bo**llocks etc. When will the actual, real game be launched??