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  1. Bonjour a vous, En l’absence de chef1325, pouvez-vous, s'il vous plait, m'indiquer qui contacter pour postuler ? :) Car absence de plusieurs semaine + mon message datant de 2 jours = mauvais karma pour une réponse :D merci !4 Edit :Bon tant pis pour moi ... -_-'
  2. Vathius

    Endless Torpedo Spam

    Limited number of torpedo ? Why not ! But in that case, we have to limit the maneuverability of the ship. Lot's of torpedo miss their target because of the unreallistic capacity of ship to turn -> difficult to guess the trajectory -> lot of miss -> full of torpedo
  3. @ Samurai: Stop plz. It's not the subject here. Thanks
  4. I think it's a good idea. And why not reduce to 1 point the life of the Ally instead of to kill him with a "wrong Torpedo" ?? "Self - Edit": not the place here !!
  5. Maybe you didn't know but: If your account has been suspended for team killing, it means that you have been dealing quite a lot of damage to allied tanks. This can be initiated by a lot of damage to allies within short period of time and higher amount of damage done in smaller portions regulary over longer period of time If that is the case, there is no need to contact customer support. We do not override the automated’s system decision. Please bear in mind that even unintentional hits are no reason for lifting the restriction. You should always be careful where you aim before you shoot. You already want to play torpedo ? With the risk an allie take one (maybe volontary ??) Seriously .... very bad system and moderation !!!