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  1. Since patch 0.6.3, some people expirienced the bug which makes you only shoot one turret and no more. This bug is replicable by moving your camera around your ship in port while the divisionmate clicks enter battle. So, avoid it. €: If you do happen to get this bug ingame, press CRTL and after the match, leave division and rejoin.
  2. hacXL

    Crowning the Winter King!

    I agree, but 12 as posted in OP is to low.
  3. hacXL

    Crowning the Winter King!

    Awesome. Side note, increase teammember size to 15 players minimum. It was already short with 15 players in OMNI cup.
  4. hacXL

    Clan System Public Test

    Are Teambattles going to return for this test?
  5. hacXL

    Odem Mortis Community Cup - Discussions

    You forgot to mention you didnt fill the form before you joined so, it didnt matter if they said room is ready or not in this case.
  6. hacXL

    Odem Mortis Community Cup - Discussions

    But lets be fair, thats exactly why we fill out the form. I mean, what damage could that have caused to justify giving away a map win? We all agreed to not being to picky and this is extremly picky!
  7. hacXL

    Derpitz+Bismart - Do their Secondarys act the same?

    10.6 Km.
  8. hacXL

    Odem Mortis Community Cup (OMC Cup)

    Nord Atlantik Blitz signing in. Memberlist will be submitted.
  9. hacXL

    Bug-EU didn't get the 2x XP event

    Probably being left behind as usual :/
  10. Why'd you pick so many questions that have been answered already? Kinda pointless.
  11. hacXL

    Ship Rebalance Feedback

    Any new balance changes regarding round 2?
  12. hacXL

    Exchanging elite ships xp for in-game goods

    I thought about the exact same things for flags. For example you could buy a flag of choosing for every 1000 convertible XP. Except: 1. EQUAL SPEED CHARLIE LONDON 2. INDIA BRAVO TERRATHREE 3. ZULU 4. ZULU HOTEL Because Wargming sells them in shop. Maybe WG EU can foward this idea since that would make players happy and doesnt hurt their way of making money.
  13. hacXL

    Ship Rebalance Feedback

    Funny how this stupid torpedo speed skill backfires now when every sane person called for it to be a module instead of a skill and thinking reducing shimas long range torp speed by exactly that amount would change anything at all.
  14. hacXL

    Wolf Packing Atago (Team Battles)

    Actualy she doesnt need a skilled captain to shine, just someone that knows how to angle and when to engage. As you said, having a team consist of ships without major weaknesses makes it impossible to use setups that are supossed to exploit weaknesses. It only becomes worse and worse the more Atagos there are and the only ship that is even worse in huge numbers is the MK, 7 of these kill any strategie, any setup and any plan you have making teambattles a failure.