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  1. motoreto_ES

    What is going on with WoWs?

    Wow, so much ignorance...
  2. motoreto_ES

    Why Belfast is needed in game

    Morale of the story: give T3 St Louis a radar.
  3. motoreto_ES

    Duke of York as reward for Campaign - Opinions?

    Why not 600/€? or 1000 LOL. Best doubloon package in the shop is 305d/€. Ironically, if you try to get 50k doubloons (the maximum allowed) you get a worst rate (304d/€). Thing is 750.000 XP cost 21428 doubloons at 1:35 rate, and that is around 72€ in the premium shop. Getting the best d/€ ratio it's still 70€. Of course you can reduce that price with your already earned freeXP.
  4. motoreto_ES

    BB a lot of [edited] plays these ships.

    The slight difference is that I'm not opening stupid threads in a forum. Double morale? not at all. I have no problem in showing my stats. If they are private is because of the XVM-like mod. And, while not excellent, I'm miles away from the OP.
  5. motoreto_ES

    BB a lot of [edited] plays these ships.

    You're not exactly a great BB player either.
  6. motoreto_ES

    XVM? Nope, stats will be hidden after all

    This is not how this works. If you're a blue in a team of reds,you can take for granted you will be focused.
  7. motoreto_ES

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    Here are the screenshots of a nice game I just had in New Mexico. It's hard looking for fires in BBs (for the Emden mission) and have good games:
  8. motoreto_ES

    Going off this game quickly.

    After tonight's session its going to be a very long time for me to play again this game. MM + retarded teams + stupid kids with his brand new Atago who don't know the basics... I've had enough
  9. motoreto_ES


    That's not a problem of the ship herself, but a problem with the game.