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  1. jellopie

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would love to join the raffle please 1- Alabama 2- Atago 3 Doubloons/ Premium time Thanks for hosting the event
  2. That is why we have 7.6km secondary's and fighter or spotting planes, plus we have a torp belt that can take a few hits very well. Admittedly you will have to run and heal up afterwards but your secondary's will cover you if the dd decides to chase you, then use the WASD hax's :p
  3. i met Luftie last night too many times than i would rather count in ranked and got my backside handed to me on a silver plate several times! ( both in hiryus ) thanks for showing me the ways again! your micro management is beyond godlike
  4. jellopie

    Undertiered carriers in Ranked

    what happens if you meet luftie? they totally handed my [edited]to me on a plate last night ( MM matched us 4 games in a row together ) and taught me hiryus are still something to be feared in ranked. i have meet more hiryus/ ranger than sapians. there is no point going lower tier in cv unless you are not fully upgraded in your t7 cv, if you are afraid of sapians just get the dog fighter captain skill. Thank you Luftie for teaching me the ways!
  5. I only came across players with the T5 AS when i started to play my Hiryu, if you think you can take them in a straight fight you are wrong, you need to play defensively and lure their planes over friendly AA cover from cruisers for help in getting the fighters down ( as you said you are playing with friends so there should be no trouble in you getting them to group up for more effective AA ). Never engage in open air fights just never! Use this link and this link to search for tips on dealing with T5 AS. At first i thought like you until i realized the amount of blood, sweat and tears the players have had to go through to grind to the T5 AS, then i set myself the challenge of that grind! It took roughly 246 matches in my Hiryu with premium to obtain it, i soon used some doubloons and put him on my Shokaku which now can take down stock Lexington fighters in 1v1 open air combat now All in all, if you are willing to stick to the game through the early tiers once you get to T8's you should start to be getting your T5 captain skill on a few ships if you have kept transferring your captains - Pie
  6. jellopie

    inb4 CV nerf in update

    all you have to do is nerf those DB and the midway will suck - simple
  7. jellopie


    The only thing i can suggest is using the WG TS to look for a division to play with, since 5.3.1 MM has been a nightmare for me
  8. jellopie

    How to successfully strafe with fighter ?

    you want to be roughly 1/5 of the yellow highlighted area ( when at full ammo ) behind the squadron/s you wish to barrage, the yellow highlighted area is the range that you fighters can barrage with the ammo they have onboard. once the barrage has begun you can not exit from it it is best for you to have a play around with it and keep practicing untill you get it right. it is quite easy to tell when a player is about to barrage as the fighters will do this little maneuver just before so you can dodge them.
  9. hey folks, i just had a game in my shokaku where a lexington DB was hugging the map edge, i was behind them and proceeded to barrage yet none of his planes where shot down, has anyone else noticed this? i will try and see if i can get this to happen again
  10. @ilhilh - I remember that game well, that Kagero hit me with all his torps on my port side. 9/10 times ill ask if anyone wants to join me at a base, if none reply i go rambo on them for as long as possible until either i am sunk or they are.
  11. jellopie

    Pink ship exploding when TK again?

    i only found out the other day after turning pink :p
  12. jellopie

    Pink ship exploding when TK again?

    when you become pink, any damage you inflict on a team mate, it is then applied to you. it only works when they are pink from what i have seen
  13. jellopie

    Free day of PREMIUM (only for 29/2/2016)

    Cheers man
  14. jellopie

    Shokaku loadout after 5.3

    Hiya folks, I play the Shokaku with a 2-2-2 deck and have been getting my planes shred by t8 + bb's since 5.3 has went live. Has anyone found if the 3-1-2 deck is more viable now? Is it best defending the fleet with the 3-1-2 deck or stay with the 2-2-2? Thanks in advance
  15. jellopie

    Who is the best ISP for gaming in your opinion.

    I have been with talktalk for almost 4 years now and have had no issues with their service ( Devon ), i am just on an ordinary phone line not an fiber optic- jellopie @Vogel - You wrote that sentence, but didn't think it was necessary to ask them for more detail to help them?