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  1. Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    this just encourages sitting back and camping behind islands. dont see why a change is needed since the muzzle flashes can be seen in smoke anyway
  2. RN Fleet package advice needed

    well if you dont need teh ships and need doubloons you already have the answer its teh doubloons package
  3. never ever had this sort of problem. I think the real problem is that you use porn sites and there is adware in your pc that is redirecting you and nothing from Aislan. stop the accusations mate because its your own or someone elses usage of porn on your pc that is likely the problem
  4. Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Hmmm, game isnt even updating so none of this is relevant yet. People want an explanation of why theres no update not excuses and fixes for after the update may or may not happen
  5. Update 0.6.10 - General Feedback

    Tea is 4 o'clock not 5
  6. World of Warships is cheating too?

    I see bots, but they arent good they just sail off in a random direction firing in random directions doing nothing and certainly in no danger of actually hitting anything
  7. British Battlecruisers

    well hopefully. a half decent start to the season and at the right end of the table so fingers crossed
  8. Graf Zeppelin

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGUqU2VPrrQ&feature=youtu.be Even the carrier player from the King of the Sea champs cant make this ship work
  9. why is WG lying again

    How is this lying? you have free xp and you have xp on your ships that can be converted with doubloons when you have them completely researched. the game tells you this and its well known so there is no Lie just your own lack of knowledge and reading
  10. British Battlecruisers

    @Centurion_1711 love your profile pic
  11. Get a free T3, 4 and 5 british BB - in co-op!

    I won Kamikaze-R in an event, so glad I did when they nerfed Minekaze
  12. nice I was just editing teh file myself too. I got mine working by removing ship names from between <ships> <ships> and <target ship> <target ship>
  13. I have teh camo remover working. I just unpacked teh camouflages .xml file from teh game and removed ship names from between <ships> <ships> and also from between <target ship> <target ship> whilst leaving all teh rest of teh file intact and now it works fine for me
  14. ok so the camouflages.xml file is what is causing teh game to stick on teh loading screen, teh textures folder doesnt stop the loading
  15. the camo remover was what was causing problem being stuck in the loading screen. the other mods I use (movement indicator, Minimap by Autospy, clear vision, Loading screen BB,Navigator centred, fog remover, Training room enabler) havent caused any loading problems loading.