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  1. @Centurion_1711 love your profile pic
  2. I won Kamikaze-R in an event, so glad I did when they nerfed Minekaze
  3. nice I was just editing teh file myself too. I got mine working by removing ship names from between <ships> <ships> and <target ship> <target ship>
  4. I have teh camo remover working. I just unpacked teh camouflages .xml file from teh game and removed ship names from between <ships> <ships> and also from between <target ship> <target ship> whilst leaving all teh rest of teh file intact and now it works fine for me
  5. ok so the camouflages.xml file is what is causing teh game to stick on teh loading screen, teh textures folder doesnt stop the loading
  6. the camo remover was what was causing problem being stuck in the loading screen. the other mods I use (movement indicator, Minimap by Autospy, clear vision, Loading screen BB,Navigator centred, fog remover, Training room enabler) havent caused any loading problems loading.
  7. yes I get that too even just with camo remover, gonna try different mods tp see if its just that one
  8. help

    I loved Izumo, great , accurate guns that hit hard, you have to be careful angling and yes you need to manage fires bu I had a lot of fun in it
  9. help

    Since you have Izumo, why not just grind to Yamato first?
  10. [bRVHT] Braveherts (Scotland the Brave) is now recruiting. No criteria required but preferably Scottish and English speaking. just looking for players to have fun and learn together and help each other improve.
  11. Your captain is specialised in Furutaka. If a captain is on a non premium ship and not retraining then he is specialised on that ship
  12. Wargaming has made an official and Global statement regarding this issue. It clears the whole thing up and although Jingles isn't returning its a very welcome move from Wargaming to clear up any confusion or worries about copyright strikes.
  13. The video in the link explains why threats of a copyright strike is so wrong and how it can affect peoples livelihoods.
  14. So once again Americans stick their noses in and mess things up for everyone. WG wont be getting any more of my money until they sort this mess out once and for all. Copyright strikes or the threat of them are not right at all and WG should announce a worldwide policy on this and wont be getting any more of my money until they do clarify.
  15. 0.6.5

    you get keys for duplicates, for every 4 keys you can buy an emblem you dont have. so it gets round the rng somewhat