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  1. tobdyls

    Unstable server !?!

    Mine is crashing all the time. Have opened ticket, but still not working.
  2. tobdyls Update and constant crashes

    Its happening to me too. Also seen several others on the forums. Ive opened a ticket and done everything they have asked, but is still crashing. I suggest you open a ticket too, and they may do something about it if more people bring it up
  3. tobdyls

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    Since the patch, my game crashes all the time and I can no longer play. I can open the game , but once I get into a battle it freees and tells me there is a critical error. I'm now on a 18 game COOP only ban, and I cant do any missions. Pretty anoyed and reinstalling at the moment hoping that will fix it.
  4. tobdyls

    problems loading game.

    I'm getting this to, but when the game has started. I'm now unable to play, and can only paly COOP for eighteen games. I dont run mods and I use the portal. is it worth reinstalling the game. Thankful for any help
  5. Got her this morning, but only had one battle so far. I really enjoy working towards a decent goal and it makes a nice change using different ships than what im currently grinding. Very pleased to get a free ship at the end. Thanks WG
  6. tobdyls

    Tashkent woes

    Keep going with it. The guns use to be much better, but I still find then quite good. Shooting AP is good advice. I still really enjoy this shop and have started to user it in ranked again where with the small teams it can carry the game. Try to keep your distance and shoot from long range. Its not a early capping DD. Keep moving and changing directions. Good luck
  7. tobdyls

    Captain Skills

    Is anyone using preventive maintenance, and is it any good. Not sure weather to get that or arsonist for my Tashkent. i already have AFT
  8. tobdyls

    DD matchmaking in higher tiers

    I agree with that. No one wants to plays CVs anymore so DDs can remain unspotted. If you don't like playing BBs destroyers are your best choice.
  9. tobdyls

    Bots in ranked?

    I saw the same thing last night. BB sailed straight behind the island stayed there would not assist when asked and did not respond in chat. I'm sure it was a bot.
  10. tobdyls

    Rank(ed) Madness...

    I'm really enjoying ranked this time. Used Grem to start now using my Benson. I like the team play and talk.
  11. tobdyls

    HOW do you play Russian DDs?

    Just got to tier 6 and really like them. Engage from long range as much as you can and keep moving. If your to close drop smoke stop engine's and fire from the smoke undetected. Damage is not great but you can also start fire's which helps. For tier 4 CA's I use AP and this does get citadels. Keep trying I think they are great fun
  12. I to have not gone past T5. I dont see much point going past them at the moment which is a shame as I think DD's are the most fun. Hate playing BB's as they are so boring. Never got the hang of CV's so I am only going up the CA's tiers. Might save up free XP and move onto the Benson, but I still don't hear good things about that ship.