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  1. Naitsab243

    General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Hello Wargaming, This is a short little text about why you should reconsider on how to nerf the Hindenburg. Why? Because you completely forgot what the identity of that ship was and now you nerf the wrong aspect. Think back, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the ship. Strengths: Good AP Rather good dpm(ap) Good arcs Rather tanky Weaknesses : Bad concealement Bad mobility And now the damage reducing weakness BAD HE And look at it now. You left most strengths and weaknesses unchanged except for the main damage reducing weakness the very bad he. You buffed the he so much that by now it is the best he because of the increased pen So I ask of you to consider removing the last buff to Hindenburg, and the German cruisers in general, go back to its original strengths and weaknesses to nerf it and have yet again a unique ship. Not every ship has to be a he Spammer. Please reconsider to go back to its heavy ap dpm playstyle instead of the standard cruiser he spamming style. Not only would that make it weaker for most people again, it would also make it interesting again. So, this is my take on the announced Hindenburg nerf and I hope you at least reconsider going back to its original Form, instead of changing it for the worse. Please don't take this as flaming and rather as a friendly suggestion Greetings
  2. Naitsab243

    Gamescom Q&A thread

    Hello Guys, my question is about the fairly recent German cruiser HE buff and the reason behind it. Since a big part of the community including myself expected and also wished for more ship specific buffs and not one that makes these ships more similar to other nations cruisers in-game(meaning HE spammer) and not keeping the German cruiser favor of being a branch heavily focused around AP. Many probably expected survivability buffs for Königsberg and Nürnberg since they die way too fast, maybe a DPM buff for Hipper/Eugen and an AP pen buff for Hindenburg. But instead, you went for an overall branch buff making their HE pen calculate like on the German bbs. But what was the reason behind this kind of buff and why not buff specific ships because many needed something else entirely? Greetings Naitsab
  3. Naitsab243

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Other Changes

    To be honest, the HE buff for german cruisers is pretty useless. Not only doesnt it counter the real issue, it also is pretty minor. So, in my opinion, you addressed the lacking performence wrong. You should have buffed the inconsistency of one of the features of the german line, the high damage AP. The problem with the AP is the low pen, and on some cruisers even the raw dpm(Hipper/Eugen). So my suggestion would be to buff the AP shell pen and if that doesnt help, then you can experiment.
  4. Naitsab243

    Fehler & Probleme

    Hi, ich habe vorhin ein Match mit meiner Khabarovsk gespielt und habe danach auf irgendeine Weise Dreadnought bekommen. Ich habe hier einen Screenshot meiner Achievments, da es mir leider nicht möglich war einen vom Endscreen zu machen. Ich hab keine Ahnung wie das Möglich ist aber vielleicht findet WG es ja raus. Mit Grüßen Naitsab
  5. Naitsab243

    Spotting Mechanics

    Hello Guys, i wanted to talk about a topic that stresses me while playing. In my opinion is the spotting mechanic that is right now in the game a littlebit illogical. I want to show that to you in a sketch. In this sketch you can the earth with its earths curvature. On the earth you can see a "ship" and above that a "plane". From both figures you can see straight lines to the earths curvature and that these lines slightly cut the earth. These lines act as the maximum of how far they can look. So you can see that the ships line doesnt go as far as the line of the plane. So the plane can look further away. And because of this i asked myself, why is this upside down in the game. It would be more logic if for example a dd is about 7km far away from a bb and the bb can launch its scout plane to have a better chance of spotting the dd for a short period of time. If i have any mistakes or you have more ideas let me know. Greets P.S.: Sry for bad english but im from germany and my english isnt that good. And for a much closer look you can click on the sketch or download it.
  6. Hallo Leute, mein Name ist Bastian, ich bin 15 Jahre alt und momentan auf einem Internat in der 10. Klasse. Ich suche einen Clan wo ich am Wochenende mit Leuten spielen kann (Unter der Woche geht leider nicht wegen dem Internat). Mit freundlichen Grüßen Basti
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    Ok danke
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    Wie ist der Fighter von der Nürnberg gegen gegnerische Flieger, ist er gut um Flugzeuge abzuschießen oder eher nur ein Flieger der die gegner nur ablenkt?
  9. Naitsab243

    Wünsche für den deutschen Forschungsbaum

    Da fehlt noch die Prinz Eugen!!!