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  1. henry_2007

    selling Moskwa

    I want to sell Moskwa, but the "sell" option is no longer available. Does anyone know why? Henry
  2. henry_2007

    rewards in the marathon

    Tx that seems to work Henry
  3. henry_2007

    rewards in the marathon

    Hi all, Anyone know how you can claim the rewards with the bonuscodes from the Marathon? Video is not clear about that Tx for replying Henry
  4. henry_2007

    War economy mission

    Tx for all replies. I understand now. Must have misread it.
  5. henry_2007

    War economy mission

    Hi. I completed German and Japan war economy mission. In the mission description an amount of 4000.000 credits is showen Achter completing it only 400.000 is in the account. (still a nice amount). Is this correct? The mission is hidden so I cannot check it exactly. Have I ready or correctly?
  6. Hi In Japan and Germany war economy you should win 4000.000 however when you finish them you only get 400.000. Anyone else noticed? Henry
  7. henry_2007

    Other Changes

    I like the improvement of the wakes. It really makes the speed more visible even when moving astern.
  8. henry_2007

    Extra flagstaff

    Would it be an idea to use the flagstaff on the ships' prow? It could be used to mount personal flags or country navy standards, just like in WOT? Henry 2007
  9. henry_2007

    Control settings

    Hi all, after each log out, my settings for Rudder orders disappear, so I have to reset them upon logging in each time. Any one has a solution? Tx Henry
  10. henry_2007

    Armor Viewer

    Even more switches, I love it.
  11. henry_2007

    ARP Hiei 16 points captain, but already have one

    How can you get the ARP captain skills on one of your captains? Tx in advance
  12. henry_2007

    New players and Torpedoes

    I think this game is great, love it sofar, very addictive. I try to improve my torpedo abilities, but there just are too many ine a game. Supply is unlimited. It may be an idea to limit THE nummer of reloads, as in the planes in the carriers