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  1. asxtc

    1701's Purge Is Complete.

    Im not sure that battle is a good advert for the fleet :)
  2. asxtc

    1701 Fleet Recruiting Clan Battle Captains.

    Some simple mistakes, some amount of AFK, some luck, a panda, ok no panda...and a really serious situation.. 2 ships down, 2 & 3/4 caps down 400-970 points down...1701 fight back.....
  3. asxtc

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Ive had exactly 2 SCs..a 5mill credits and a Molotov..but about 150 boxes with 2 useless flags
  4. Damnn how did you know that..
  5. asxtc

    Reported for what?

    I think they ought to replace 'karma' for 'Potatoes'..
  6. asxtc

    Best defeat ever

    One day i will spot my ship amongst the screenshots...hopefully with something to be proud about and not a 56point loss....
  7. asxtc

    Ranking is pointless

    Your assuming that said random good/bad player continues to play and ends up at the rank associated with thier ability...That isn't the case, there are really bad players at Rank 8..due to the 'luck' element outweighing the skill element. Unfortunately this ranking system doesn't 'rate' players over time..the rank is attained based on single battles...win get a star...lose lose a star..It doesn't work
  8. asxtc

    This is getting ridiculous

    Thats quite a genuine question...Who tests and reports that everything is fine, ...you can release these ships as is...were happy with thier performance?
  9. asxtc

    A real BAD time to be new at this game!

    Seals for sale...get yer fresh seals here.....
  10. asxtc

    after battle screen amount of hits?

    How do you get the ship types to display on the minimap?
  11. asxtc

    IJN destroyers basic guide

    270+ battles in the Minekaze and all IJN DDs through to Shimekaze now...and i still make mistakes of judgement...getting caught in the wrong place heading the wrong way....just not as often as before. Unfortunately the expence (credits) of paying for a poor Tier X Shimekaze game is what ruins play at high tier. Its all very 'carefull', aviod damage if possible..safe play and generally not the all action thriller you think its going to be. You can have a half good match, win,.. and still end up with a minus credit score. Tier V minekaze is still where the most fun is to be had..
  12. asxtc

    Do you ever use AP when sailing DD?

    270+ Minekaze runs...No, never used AP
  13. To add some realism..i play on my laptop in the bath and if im sunk..i have to swim underwater for 2 minutes to simulate sinking...i also have the wife slam the bathroom door when i fire my guns.. She complained at first but when she realised what she could buy with the free xp..
  14. asxtc

    Torping my Tachibana?

    I have over 1000 games, over 250 Minekaze games with (almost:edit) 350 ship kills...i didn't realise i wasn't allowed to play the most fun ship in the game anymore.
  15. asxtc

    Insults Insults Insults

    What chat...oh the chat box bottom left of the screen...never use it...full of kids raging on each other...