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  1. CaptainNorse

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Confederate, Kraken Unleashed, First Blood, Close Quarters Expert and High Caliber sometimes ain't enough to win the game :-(
  2. CaptainNorse

    Dynamic voice setup

    Searched a bit on the forums, but could not find any similar suggestions. Am I the only one that would want wargaming to include an option for the game voice to match the nationality of the ship, when possible. Sailing a japanese destroyer, have voice messages in japanese. Switch to a german cruiser, get german voice messages. Would add to the immersion and the feel of the game, for my part at least.
  3. CaptainNorse

    Found Admiral Graf Spee in my port...TY WG

    Nicely done by WG
  4. CaptainNorse

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    I do play carriers on low tiers. But higher tiers just breaks my multitasking ability. Too many squadrons to maintain, while at the same time managing your ship... Too often I feel outmatched by a player better than multitaksking, so I've just concluded that it's not for me. I enjoy DDs, CAs and BBs and can play them all at a better than average level, so I'll just stick with what I know. :-)
  5. CaptainNorse

    Cruisers smoke

    This basically why british cruisers are considered a bit harder to play than the other cruiser lines. They require a plan and a strategy when playing them, and failing to execute said plan leads to quick disaster. But in the right hands they can be devastating to the enemy.
  6. Supported! Although historicly accurate, RPF was conutered with radio silence. Since we can't opt to counter it, the skill is broken.
  7. CaptainNorse

    Can somebody explain this? 4 torpedo hits - 13.446 dmg (?)

    Damage saturation is a concept in which if a section has been hit enough, no further damage can be applied to that section. In theory, whatever was in that section is considered gone. But since the ship models are too static, it cannot be represented graphically. If it could,the ship would perhaps be missing entire parts of its hull or superstructure. If one were to relate it to real life, consider the torpedo hit the OSS New Orleans took to the bow during WW2. Any further hits to the bow would do nothing, as there is now bow anymore :-)
  8. CaptainNorse

    What's the incentive to play ranked battles?

    Unique reward every season, as well as a lot of flags and goodies along the way. For those that made rank 1 in all three first seasons, they received the Flint, a buffed Atlanta with 9km torps and a very powerful smoke screen.
  9. CaptainNorse

    Current state of T10

    I currently have the Zao and the Montana at tier X. Still, I find myself playing various other lines that I'm leveling (IJS DD, US DD, German CA, German BB, Russian DD, British CA) just as often or even more often than the tier Xs. The tier 10 battles are for racking up the big numbers, and are the easy route to such missions as the current "do 140.000 damage, sink three ships etc). But I find the progression bit and the testing of new vessels very enjoyable.
  10. CaptainNorse

    Ships that are unplayable stock

    I would say that the Fuso is the only ship I found being near unplayable in the stock hull.
  11. The words you are looking for for America is "an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy". :-D
  12. CVs used to be unbalanced. But they are limited to two per team (one per team in Ranked), and are matched equally tier for tier. It used to be a problem when one team had higher tiered CVs than the other. The higher tier would then rape the other team's CV, and then reign supreme all over the map. Later AA was buffed across the board, as airplane survival was redone. CVs last big incentive was that in a greater rate than average, CVs would survive battles with little to no damage. So they would generate more cash, due to lower repair bills. But then repair bills were exchanged with a service charge for undocking. Lately CVs have been rare as hell. Most games with CVs are a battle between the two (or four) CV captains, and only now and then do they have time to focus on fighting the other ships. Now and then a good CV capatin meets a poor CV captain, and gets to have a good game with more free reign, but that seems rare. My AA-defense build CAs lie quiet in dock most of the time these days. The change last couple of days is the Pearl Harbour event and mission line. It rewards (and requires) carrier play. Thus an increase in carriers. Once it passes, I assume CV presence will diminish back to its previous standard.
  13. CaptainNorse

    When is it natural ot get the 15pt captain

    Normally I find that I get the 15th captain skill point around the latter half of the time I play the tier 8th ship of the line. (Assuming I move the captain with each ship, and start paying the 200.000 credits to halve retraining time from tier 5 and onwards)
  14. Wargaming have a habit on not making changes to Premiums. Premium ships are paid for. Changing them is the same as changing the terms of a product you've bought. It opens up the possibility of having your purchace refunded. Wargaming don't want that.
  15. CaptainNorse


    In over 2000 games, I've only seen one deliberate TK. And it's ages since I've been teamkilled by accident. I have taken the odd torpedo or volley of shots (ally in scoped view and firing while "docked" next to me) from an ally now and then. But those are acceptable mistakes, either on my part or on that of the other player. There is no such thing as friendly fire