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  1. Brutal_120

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    well yet again WG take it upon themselves to piss off the limited player base, WOWP player base was treated it the same way, now where is he? the radar pretty much finished the DD game above T5 for me, it turned the game into? sit in the lobby, wait a while for a game, then wait until the starter clock ran down, keep out of the way of the rader, waiting for an opportunity to develop good or bad, then in the latter half of the game, hopefully you may sink a ship or two, rinse and repeat! so i binned this unbalanced god awefull game, had maybe 3 games/year, the advent of radar, stuffed the game, too much waiting involved, wasting my limited off time,, for what, a long wait? nobody wanted radar! most of the player base that did not want it, left!, not posting to WG as to why they left, just plain left, WG did not give a hoot!, don't worry lads you will get used to it, realy!!!, how are you supposed to get used to something, IF YOUR NOT HERE PLAYING????? now the CV rework, bye, bye DD players, your not wanted or needed, dds got nerfed to death, now this pile of dung update, what are the leaving player base going to play next? who knows or cares, WG dont!
  2. Brutal_120

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    a simple solution to radar, is do as i have done, don't play the game, its that easy, Played WOWP from the very start, loved the game for the first 6 months or so, paid a large sum of money, for premium account, for planes, etc, supported WG financially, then it went sour, premium planes paid for with hard cash, nerfed until they became pretty much useless, Jap line nerfed into oblivion, so then WOWS arrived, and again after a short honeymoon period, nerfs started, new consumables etc, anything to turn a coin, was and is, the WG motto, with one big difference, none of MY money or coins have been turned, then WG introduced RADAR, and for me, the game went into the ground like a dart, I could not give a toss if WG continue trading as a business, i care even less, if Ivan cannot pay his utility bills to keep himself and family warm in the long cold Russian winters, or put food in their mouths and cloths on their backs, WG has a very short sighted business ethic, peddling trinkets, t-shirts, and other crap, premium ships that will be nerfed as soon as another premium ship in a similar class, is launched, ripping off the existing client base even more, WOWP has approximately <25K - <30K players per night, WOWP had until an update which hides the Player numbers <2K per night, the EU has a population 508,000,000. i wonder what WG picks up on their RADAR, does it pay well??? CYA
  3. Brutal_120

    Free Ship, don't think so!

    Received an e-mail from WG, "New Year gifts are waiting for you in World of Warships" collect your reward, VI Huanghe, just follow the link! so i followed the link, to the main WG site, download the game?????, already downloaded and played occasionally, but no free ship. nothing, narda, Thanks WG, yet another piss take, anyone else got the same/similar e-mail???
  4. Brutal_120

    Wargaming.net Game Center - Open Beta - Bugs

    Yet another useless piece of crap, WG have rammed down our throats, the new Game Centre Launcher, starts when the computer starts, constantly runs in the background, using Bandwidth i have tried to kill this launcher, so i can run it when i want, not having constantly running in the back ground, have used System Mechanic, & Ashampoo, to kill this launcher, but it just keeps coming back, it is more like a virus, and not wanted, so the only real option to stop this, UN-INSTALL all of the WG garbage on my computer, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!, so now, i,m finally rid of this crap-heap company
  5. Brutal_120

    Halloween salt

    just another garbage event, last years was quite entertaining, this year, utter cr@p, a year on, WG have lost the plot, if they every had one, team work, team work, team work, in an environment which is predominantly solo players, yep like that's going to work, i,m done with WG as an online game provider, WG new offering will be "Arena", it falls, for me, somewhere between ignorance and apathy, "Don't Know" "Don't Care" the quicker WG as a company/business sinks below the waves the better, no-one else gets ripped off for their money!
  6. Brutal_120

    Oh, how I hate surveilance radar

    Thx Mac, for your reply, I/We can hope WG wakes up and learns from the WOWP mis-happ, but i don't think they will, WG started out as a Online Game Studio, now it is fast becoming a "trinket peddler", the Game it could be investigated by the following: - Open a Test Server, Invite a random Cross section of supporting players, (without the Alpha, Beta, And DEV, involvement/participation) Allocate the Ship Type to be used, particular to the Player, CV-BB-CL-DDs, not free access to Class of ship, but the Class they have most experience with as per their real account remove the RPF/Radar/Hydro, request feed back on the players experience, Repeat the Test, with RPF included Repeat the Test, with Radar included Repeat the Test, with Hydro included Keep the one counter measure which is most popular, equally from both sides, then balance the game, from a position of strength and client support, the WOWP elitist scumbags, (nice description Mac) can then be diluted, because a lot of them are still here in WOWS, doing exactly what they did for WOWP, it may offer a better insight into what the solo player base might like/need, to secure continued support/revenue reading statistics and altering the game mechanics, solely on the results is a flawed concept i run a business myself with all of the dangers that go with the territory, WG should get their act together, there are always peeps who will take advantage for their own ends, not necessarily with the "Business" best interest at the forefront of their actions/suggestions but hey, what do i care, i only follow the game, forum and WG business activities, to give me a better insight into "What not, too do"
  7. Brutal_120

    Oh, how I hate surveilance radar

    Well the most effective way to counter the Radar/Hydro/RPF problem, is really simple, dont play DDs after T4/T5, it does have some real benefits, you can play for FREE! it is as close to a "Level" playing field as WG will ever offer some very good DD captains in the lower tiers, which makes for some interesting Knife fights the potatoes are still the same potatoes at T4/T5 as T9/TX, "So for Mash, get Smash" just add water the "Carriers" have been muzzled, the CV can attack within certain parameters, NOT fly over a target and drop them, giving no-chance to evade, or on the Deck like Bombs, and so, the idiotic AA installed on DDs is not such a problem, for the "reasonable" game play, it gives you a chance to move toward a Teammate whom has better AA cover than the DD, i.e. 2076 games, all completed in a DD, solely in a DD, 46 planes shot down!!! (not including the Dunkirk Mission) a lot of the missions cannot be completed as a DD, if plane kills are part of the mission requirements, but some missions require a CV or BB or CL to complete, if you do not "have" the required ship, you excluded anyway, all for a few crappy flag/camos, (which, if WOWP can be used as a "Datum Line" do not work anyway, (Engine Skill = 5% permanent Engine Boost) I tested it on Pacific Map, it actually did nothing to enhance performance of any part of the Plane) the torp reload time at higher tiers is abysmal, 20min game divided by 60+ seconds = 20 - shots/game, if a viable target can be acquired every 60 seconds, but in reality you may get 8 - 10 shots at best, and still the BBS, moan about getting torp-ed, yet if torps are fired from stealth, 30+ seconds to the target, if the target "turns away" the BB cannot be hit, as the torps run out of GAS, The DDs are, for most part a "One Shot" kill, more so than any other class, even without all of the "Counter Measure Gimmicks" so if the player is without a good "Situational Awareness" Jump in the BB "King Edward or Maris Piper" and become a Hand held potato you can play for FREE!!! I Joined and Played on the Public Test Server, and playing a DD above T5, obviously, it was a complete waste of time and effort, had 20,ish Games all in a DD, the result for ME!, i could not hit the "Uninstall button" fast enough, WOWS has become an utter "Dog" of a game at High Tiers, the DD Class of ship has no place in the game above T4/T5, unless you like to spot other Ships/players in an assortment of Nationalities/Ships, "oh be still my beating heart" cant wait to up-end my wallet for this, more fun can be gleened watching "Wood Rot" but in all fairness the "WG Business Model" problem is "Systemic" and "inherent" WOWP was "Dumbed Down" the higher the Tier, the less agile the planes became, like flying a "House Brick" the game should have become faster as you progressed up the Tiers, in reality it became slower, and Slower, not any kind of "Enjoyment" and a High Alt Plane was the only viable option, WOWS is heading in the same direction, its a BB or nothing, with a game dumbed down, until its Death, EU population 743.1 Million, if 25% play online games, that is 185.775 Million Players, WOWP as a FREE to play game, 2000 players per night at best, WOWS 28,000 per night, you do not have to be "Miss Marple" to figure out something is wrong, if you cannot give it away for FREE, the product is not worth having, ?How do you fix the game, it was never broken, WG have proved "you can have it our way" or "not at all", as a Business they are Trying to sell you what "THEY" want to sell, in a format "They" deem "fit for purpose" its a very common problem with failed Business around the world, and it has been happening repeatedly for an age, WG will learn in time, the real failure is the piss-poor/misguided, Business model that they cling too, as Meatloaf sang about "2 out of 3 aint bad" reference WG, its bloody awful! if you have to repeatedly sell gimmicks to turn a coin, soon they will offer "Arena" a new product/game from WG, still in the Closed Beta Testing, going for "3 out of 4"???????????????????????? yes i post from an Alt Account, with my stats hidden, learned my lesson in WOWP, the "hemorrhoid mod" for those that do not know, it gave your battle stats "in-game" to the other team, so you end up targeted as a "priority" right from the start, the Mod should have been deemed a "CHEAT" by WG as soon as it appeared in use, and terminated accordingly, but opps! WG dropped the ball, it saved me a considerably amount of money, as it did for all the other paying supporters of the game, UNINSTALL!, welcome GTA5/COD etc, if a similar "MOD" is allowed to be used in WOWS, the effect will be just as destructive,
  8. Brutal_120

    concept: Handicap mode

    Just what a "shoot um up" game needs, more rewards and Improved accuracy for the better players, so if you not playing WOWS, your playing Golf, and your wife/partner?, wiping your Balls and getting your Tee ready? Doh!
  9. Brutal_120

    rant ( my first ever tier10 ) what the ... is this ?

    Welcome to WOWS, Matey! "Free to Play" or is it "Free to Enter" both statements imply/use the tag line "Free" but as you have found to your severe anger/disappointment, its not as free as you may have been lead to believe, WG as a "Business" should suffer from a conflict of ethics, but because most of the angry/disappointed clientele do not reside within a reasonable travelling distance to the WG offices, Business "ethics" can be forgotten about, hence we have a broken product, as with WOWP, WG could not "Fix" WOWP and it is slowly becoming very apparent they cannot "Fix" WOWS, the "Clan Battles" versus "Carrier Exclusion" debate is a prime example, but why would you want to "Fix" your product, when you can make money, employing far less effort/resources, selling "Boxes" allegedly worth 100€ for 50€, when the buyer does not have a "Clue" as what the purchased Box actually contains, back to the dubious "Business Ethics" it may offer you some solace, WG has covered the Land, Air, and finally the Sea, i wonder what the next installment will be, "World of Disappointment" i think they have covered that title since they opened WG for Busines best advice is play T4 - T6 and farm money, until you find an alternate game that floats your boat!
  10. Wow, Just reminded me of a local news item some years ago, letters sent out to bereaved relatives, "Dear Sir/Madam, so sorry for your loss, however the deceased left money in a hidden offshore account in excess of £750,000, Please send £30,000 to cover administration and postage & packing" laughed my arse off, some of these dummies actually believed the letter and sent the 30K WG the old smoke & mirrors ploy, is wearing a bit thin, is it a case of: - desperate for money, or ran out of ideas, i have some boxes for sail, £30.00 each, you can buy what you want, i,ll send you, what you deserve,
  11. Brutal_120

    Winrate is falling like crazy since t6/7

    WOWS is just a "one trick pony", if you would like to "do" well from T5 upward, then its a BB, or if you like the interface format a Carrier, nothing else will do, the Cruisers are made of paper, when met with a T5 against a T7, you just end up outgunned, resulting in a frustrating waste of your time and effort, the Destroyers get the worst deal, if you are spotted, your terminated, i have played WOWs since its release, i paid for a premium account for the first 2 months, i also allowed my kids run a premium account, but it soon became very apparent it was a total waste of money, so we stopped paying, and my kids stopped playing shortly after, not because of the money, because they are intelligent enough to know the difference between a good game and a poor one the +2 MM is a joke, great if you are in the T7, utter crap if you in the T5, I researched the german T5 to improve my limited involvement with the 2 Years old event, (would like the commemorative Flag, the rest of the gimmicks, WG can Stick) i had NEVER used the german T5 Destroyer, first game T6, second Game T7, with a one point commander, 1st game, I got the "You Must Try Harder" scored 378 for the one shell i managed to fire, second game spotted by something, maybe one of the numerous counter measures, a T7 BB , not even within sight, one shotted, again the "Must try harder" crappy message, yet with the T4 German DD V-170, 114 games 193 kills, 117 Torped, 45 main guns, 31 Flooding and Fire, 3.51 destruction rate, Total games Played, 2,017, kills, 2,767, 58% win rate, 2.65 destruction rate, all done with the DDs at T4, because its as good a level playing field as WG will ever offer! in short if you like the game for FUN!, T1 - T4, as T5 - T10 it is just a bake, i read in a post on this forum, a player complementing WG on what a successful company/business it is, worth over 60million, from conception to present day, i nearly fell of my chair laughing, i wonder how much money WG has missed/not got, because of their arrogant, contempt for the client base, and the MM +2 match up, only people with a very limited IQ would pay for this game, @WG if you want a mans money, take it a bit at a time, but don't piss up his back and tell him its raining! if you want fun in this game, play to what level suits you, ignore the rest, it will avoid your severe disappointment, and a better long term bank balance
  12. Every new line needs its Gimmicks, WG are after your Money, and dont give a toss about players enjoyment, with every introduction of a new line the game gets worse, the casualty of the last update, stealth nerf the DD torps, the torp detection range has been increased to make your torps pretty much useless, the IJN have suffered most, to remain unseen and launch torps at 5.6Klm to hit a target, is not very effective, best strategy is get close and throw the torps on the enemy deck, but with all the "Gimmicks" Hydro, Radar, Location finding, spotter planes, and the CV strike aircraft, added to the DDs energy bleed during course alterations, and poor recovery rate, it is fast becoming a 1/1 trade off, i kill you, you kill me, back to port, repeat, repeat, repeat, oh what joy, be still my pounding heart, after your detected, the length of time you are visable has been increased, to give the BBabies a better chance to react, and evade, its BBabies mistakes that get them hit, not the effectiveness of the DD or Captain, the german DD V170, front launching torps, 18.5 Knots faster than the DD, but when launched can almost be caught, most of the advertised specs are dubious at best, the only attractive qualities WOWS has at the moment, at first glance, a polished game, looks very inviting, but most of all FREE TO PLAY, in reality " a Terd with a ribbon wrapped around it, but still a terd" and WG are making the same poor adjustments/updates as WOWP, now look at what a resounding success WOWP has become, WOWP cannot be given away FREE, and still WG will not take action to remediate, but it is to be expected from a vodka swilling bunch of piss cans, who do not listen to the clientele, and are only interested in tricking peeps into parting with their money,
  13. Brutal_120

    Anyone else sick of IJN DD getting Nerfed

    WG have no interest in DD game play, with all of the detection consumables and Captain skills, its obvious they want rid of it all together, after T4/5 there is no point in grinding any further, the IJN torp detection is a joke, they can be spotted from space, Isokaze 1.3 Klm + 25% vigilance = 1.625 spotting range, attacking Cruisers that can stop and turn on a dime, BBS that can turn and outrun the torps from 4.5Klm range, and just to make it more interesting, guns that take an age to reload and traverse, added to all of the stealth nerfs to the Torp Speed, 57Klm my arse, you can follow the torps to target in the Minekaze, the speed is closer to 45 Klm and not what is advertised, none of the DDS in any nation should have the ability to be effective with just guns alone, torps and stealth are the main weapon and that is how they should be, not mini gun boats, cos that is how a larger percentage of players use them, guns, guns, guns, but very few get involved in a torp fight, but that said, they screwed and nerfed the Jap nation in WOWP into oblivion, so why not here,
  14. Brutal_120

    Update Performance

    great update, yet another stealth nerf to the Jap DDS, as per usual, speed has been nerfed and turning circle,
  15. Brutal_120

    Operations - Balance

    well congrats on completing the mission, i had several more attempts last night, still came up empty, a random team i was included in, did manage a win, but zero stars, and unless 5 stars is achieved you cannot proceed with any other of the campaigns, so i have given up on this type of offering from WG, (regardless of my 3.21 Kill Ratio @ T5) i like so many others will not complete and advance to the remainder of the campaigns, which does not tempt or entice monetary contributions of any kind, after all WG business development director is doing a fantastic job for its competitors, in the online gaming industry, instead its more Lottery Tickets and Euro Millions, i think i,m in with a better chance of winning, and if i,m going to squander my money, the results could be life changing back to randoms for me, CYA