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  1. Hootsthenoo

    Balance changes

    Anybody remember the film............."One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"?
  2. Hootsthenoo

    0.6.3 Public Test update

    Oh gawd! ....he's back with the usual tripe..........same old boring camping, HE spamming arguments.
  3. Hootsthenoo

    Italian Battleships: What to expect

    Thankfully, we don't have an american speaking forum
  4. Hootsthenoo

    Converting XP

    There must be a lot of people with a mountain of XP that, unless they are rolling in cash, would find it practically impossible to convert their stored XP. So, an alternative to doubloons, maybe once or twice a year, would be a good thing.
  5. Hootsthenoo

    About Cruisers

    It seems you are being deliberately obtuse Thinderchief. You made a statement at 5.15pm today " it's not as easy but I score more citadels than most",and you were asked how do you know that YOU score more citadels than most other players. It's a simple question which you seem very keen to avoid answering. The question had nothing to do with HE spamming or anything else, just your assertion about your citadel scoring ability being better than most other players.
  6. Hootsthenoo

    About Cruisers

    It still doesn't follow that it says anything about their aiming skills though, that could be exactly where they are aiming as it seems to be that is where the damage is done.
  7. Hootsthenoo

    About Cruisers

    I HATE HE spammers who can't aim properly) How do you know they can't aim properly? That seems like an over generalization of anybody that fires HE.
  8. Hootsthenoo

    New ARP mission, The best rewords ever !

    I think you shouldn't make the same post under two different forums.
  9. Hootsthenoo

    1 sided matches from last 2 patches.

    Out of curiosity, what country?
  10. Hootsthenoo

    What music do you listen too while playing ?

  11. Hootsthenoo

    British Cruiser pain

    Where do you get the 'English' from????
  12. Hootsthenoo

    Russians en-route to the Med.

    Nice Autumnal cruise.
  13. Hootsthenoo

    Event Calendar for October

    I never saw it yesterday either