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    0.7.12 PTS - Others

    Greetings. As first time PTS tester, I am quite surprised by being unable to actually register an account for PTS. Any and all attempts over the last hours today were met with the maintenance error. Given that PTS was supposed to open now... What's a bathtub captain to do?
  2. Admiral_Dragon

    [OCEAN] Wrath of the Ocean - For want of Oil and Stalingrad

    Dear Griva; *le gasp* You mean, like, they are using basically the same format as in Ranked Battles for the reward ship(s)? /s I do know that, as they say it quite clearly in the related post. Since I could never quite be arsed to no-life for Ranked Battles (shame on me), I figured I might as well start earlier this time for a more common goal. Also oil. And gitting gud. Thanks for the input.
  3. Hello and welcome, fellow bathtub captains. Wrath of the Ocean [OCEAN] was founded with the clear intention of assembling players who wanted to "git gud" together, whilst biting their way to the top and curse RNG - all of that without enforcing over the top commitment. Are you looking for; - Stalingrad? - the benefits of an evolving clan base? (the earlier you join, the more impact you can make on growth and build decisions) - a mature environment that welcomes sarcasm and humour? - Divisions to have fun and quality games, including the occasional operation/event? - no demands regarding logins/hours clocked per week? - the will to get Stalingrad? - Discord? - no potatoes? (excluding the occasional brain farts and bad decisions/games) - honest top brass that won't abandon projects half-way through? - also, did I mention Stalingrad? What are we looking for in you? - mature players of all nationalities, preferably aged 20+ - the willingness to acknowledge mistakes and improve - yourself and others - the ability to clearly communicate in and understand English (no one is asking for Oxford English, but in regards to Clan Wars proper communication is a must) - if you wish to participate in competitive game play, aka Clan Wars, commitment to your team - at least 51%-52% winrate, preferably upwards (non-negotiable) - at least 1 T10 ship (no rentals, non-negotiable) - at least 1,5k games (exceptions can be made as of 1k games if you show promise) In order to judge your application initially, please have your statistics open. Ideally you should be either between or better than those two scrubs; https://eu.warships.today/player/526952086/_XFire93_ https://eu.warships.today/player/515759576/Admiral_Dragon If we like what we see, you'll most likely be invited to Discord and a couple of games in division, before - if mutual interest persists - receiving the time-honored rank of "Fresh Meat". Due to the current staff situation and focus, we have neither the time nor the will to groom new players. Still, 3-5 slots are currently reserved for grumpy lonewolves (*cough* oil miners *cough*). Fair warning; currently the clan only consists of my second-in-command and me. Since I lift the entirety of this effort, I only ask for a bit of your patience. I will be available again at around 16 o'clock CET to read/review PMs and applications. Good hunt and may you reds eat all the citadels. Ours is the fury - Admiral_Dragon