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  1. Carandraug

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Somewhere in between "Never" and "When hell freezes over" would be ideal, but that's sadly not the case.
  2. Carandraug

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    Make.... Relevant...? You mean the buff with making hitting the brutal alpha and guaranteed multiple fires easier is not enough?
  3. Od kdy je snížení výšky letu jakákoli změna v souvislosti s AA ? Kde je změna magicky teleportujících se letadel co se objeví 4.5 km od lodi a ignorují veškerý flak ? Na to se nějak asi zapomnělo, že ? Logika věci "je jednodušší se trefit" + "házím víc bomb" je poměrně jasná a drobné změny alpha damage tomu moc nepomohou. Nedělám si absolutně žádné iluze, že půjde v součtu o buff. Vždyť i v tou samotném vtipném textu se hovoří o více konzistentnějšímu damage. Vy prostě stále odmítáte chápat hlavní problém co s tím komunita má. A tím je neschopnost se proti tomu jakkoli bránit, tahle změna to v této souvislosti činí ještě horší.
  4. Sorry, ale tohle snad nemyslíš vážně... O něco slabší alpha a fire chance na bombách, případně o fous delší reload přece ani nevykompenzují ty masivní buffy ? Ty sám jsi v tomhle vláknu uznal, že je to přestřelené a hlavně řetězení je naprostý nesmysl. Tohle je špatný vtip, protože JEDINÝ argument zastánců tohohle gimmicku byl "just dodge". A i to je teď irrelevantní, protože už bude zcela nemožné se tomu vyhnout. Takže výsledkem bude více trefených bomb s o něco slabší jednotlivou účinností. Tedy ve finále posílení AirStriku. Nemám slov.
  5. Carandraug

    ST 0.10.5, changes to test ships (DB 164)

    You mean roughly testing as "about to be released" ? These changes are a spit to the face of every feedback we ever gave about this mechanic. It's a joke and insult to every sane person out there. You can't be serious...
  6. Carandraug

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    It almost seem like they are... BUFFING the Airstrike :P Way to go comrades, vodka is extra strong today. Pay special attention to the change of the premium one. Biggest complaint was chaining the idiotic gimmick. Well what do you know, let's increase charges from 1 to 3... This is an absolute travesty and spitting in the face of every fan of the game.
  7. Carandraug

    ST 0.10.5, changes to test ships (DB 164)

    I'm sorry, but.... ARE YOU FRIGGIN CRAZY AND MENTALLY CHALLENGED??? After the whole crapstorm this absolute joke is your reaction to our feedback???
  8. Carandraug

    Submarine Testing

    You do realize, that the fact that with 2 years of development they are still not even close to being released is not a good thing, right ? After 2 years they are STILL unsure about the role and basic mechanics with the subs. So we are suffering hearing absolute BS like the recent change of tune to "subs are meant to battle cruisers and DDs" line... Their listening to feedback is a myth like always, all the changes are every single time one step forward, two steps back. It's a pretty sad thing, that the most "fun" and actually playable sub experience was during the first appearance in the Halloween event. Since then, every PTS with subs was a 101 lesson on absolute fail and masterclass in boredom.
  9. Carandraug

    Submarine Testing

    I would love to have your optimism, but i just don't :) CV rework and its sheer joy made me quit for a year and im expecting very similar levels of dung heap with subs. I'm also not lumping subs in CVs in terms of power level, subs are actually pretty underwhelming, but will just promote very bad gameplay even more. Even in T6 the best way to play the US sub is to stay BEHIND DDs and spam torps cos you have better range than any of them. So wait and see the russian TX subs with 15 km torps and nuclear warheads :P
  10. Carandraug

    Submarine Testing

    It's not just about the time spent underwater, even on surface sub has sub-6 kilometer concealment, so essentially DD levels. Not to mention even lower air detection with sub-2 kilometer levels. So even with not taking submerging into account you are doubling the amount of DDs, which are ships (mostly) designed to stay concealed for a big chunk of the game. I don''t believe they will limit subs to 2 per match, because they need to have the spreadsheet activity numbers to show the dumpster fire is a success. Also we still havent seen the higher tier gameplay on bigger maps, which will really be quite a massive changer too. Color me extremely pessimistic about the prospects of actually improving the game. History kinda keeps repeating itself...
  11. Carandraug

    Submarine Testing

    I dont think you actually understand the "takes away surface ship slots" argument, because it has nothing to do with the ability of ships to fight subs :) The main problem is the adding of yet another class of ships, which are supposed to be invisible for vast majority of the game. In a pretty common T6 game with 2 *edit* Vehicles, 2 battleships, 2 cruisers, 3 destroyers and 3 submarines you have grand total of FOUR ships to actually shoot at most of the time. Sure there will be brief moments of shooting some of the little ones, but overall enjoyment for the big surface ship player will be just horrible. And on bigger maps in higher tiers it will get even worse, matches with map showing one, two enemy ships at most for large portions of the match are not really screaming "fun".
  12. Carandraug

    Air strike rework suggestion

    I have another idea of dealing with the AirStrike idiocy. Step 1 : Remove it Step 2 : Profit P.S. If you are a being with masochistic tendencies then watch some current footage from PTS with horrible sub testing, because bots have access to the dutch cruisers and Air Strikes. And doing pretty well with them, which is a bit...telling :) But yeah, listen to the apologists, everything is fine, WG knows how to balance things and the game needs more planes. MORE PLANES I SAY !!!
  13. Carandraug

    Submarine Testing

    Main problem is the subs just dont fit into this game at all and WG has chance of snowball in hell to actually make it playable. There are so many absolutely stupid ideas they are trying to push.... For starters the whole concept of homing torps is pure idiocy, make them hit harder but just use normal targetting. Get rid of the whole diving capacity and bring back the normal battery system with recharging on surface. Secondaries are a meme and total joke, not meant to be used for a real fight. Also if you cram stupid subs into our throats , then you need to raise the amount of ships in the matches. Otherwise it's just not gonna be fun at all, it's already infested with too many ships playing their own minigame (Cancer Vehicles for starters) and not being a part of the actual battle with consequences. Subs would be perfect for a separate Convoy mode, which could be potentially very popular. But trying to force them into Randoms and Ranked (lol) is just absolute and unfiltered drunk madness. But hey it's WG we are talking about...
  14. Carandraug

    Submarine Testing

    Seems like we are playing and watching some other game :) Current PTS iteration of subs looks like an absolute trainwreck on so many levels it's not even funny. Super boring to play and taking slots of actual ships in the game, so it feels more empty and devoid of life. T6 subs forced to stay on surface most of the game spamming 11km torps from behind their own DDs. Fantastic design. Not to mention some big brain changes like the whole "diving capacity" nonsense and the genius idea of showing the remaining amount on enemy subs is just a touch of brilliance. In an insane asylum that is.... Subs are looking cool, but plays horrendously and it's a welcome addition to the game if you want to finally bury it and walk away.
  15. Carandraug

    New stage of submarine testing

    That's exactly my point, they were opportunistic attackers of capital ships, while being on scouting duty. Which is in direct contrast of the WG description of their role as "fighting destroyers and cruisers". Both US and IJN subs of course tried to attack the capital ship when the opportunity presented itself, but only and strictly as hit&run ambush tactic and not at all a prolonged engagement. They could do that exclusively on traversing ships at cruise speed, because they lacked the ability of catching up or getting into real battle position, some exceptions like the Shinano / Archerfish mentioned encounter. I already said myself they were used in the scouting role in clearly defined patrol quadrants and areas, which they pretty strictly adhered to.