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  1. Ley1

    Rework of CVs

    Wow, do you still have Cv in this game? :)) i left this right after beta was over because of this, came back to check, nope, still not coming back. Have fun with your arty.
  2. I quitted the game because carriers.Only if they DELETE the ENTIRE class from the game i will come back, but that will never happend so yea, have fun.I dont need another intended broken mechanic like arty in wot.See ya.
  3. Ley1

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    True, and here you have to manually shoot that precalculated target, so its not even an autoaim.You still have to shoot and steer , in wot you just have to steer once you right-clicked.
  4. Ley1

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    wot ` s got autoaim, and i dont see anyone complaining about that.
  5. Ley1

    Fix MM please

    The real problem is that MM is forcing you into an unfair battle if in 5 minutes doesnt find the "right" mm config.Aka after 5 minutes you WILL be into a battle, no matter what.
  6. Ley1

    Remove the cap system...

    Agree, i had enough rounds where enemy dd won in first 3 minutes by spamming smoke and just sits there until cap is done.
  7. Wot is doing well, i agree, i play it and tier 10 is super OK. Costs, repairs and everything, i even bomb only Hesh in my fv215b 183.And it`s OK - cost related.But here....well...here the bill is waaaaaay too big at tier 10.
  8. @Ducat1st0 Stop patronizing people.Your opinion is your opinion and it really doesnt matter more than mine or anyone else.The simple fact that you are trying to impose your opinion to anyone else speaks alone.You said greed? Excuse me? You`re overstepping by alot. We are here TO TEST IT, nobody is greedy here,we are here to give back our feedback like normal players. You are a supertester, so your opinion is flawed and biased.You simply cannot understand the game from the player side, all you talk is about how WG should make money out of this and we are not "entertained" and "thankful" for that.Also , your try to make it MY fault is simply funny.EVERY single player from the game wants AT LEAST a tier 10.EVERY SINGLE ONE. This makes them greedy? LOL , hahahahhaha. Excuse me, after i grind TWO WEEKS like a normal player , YOU BET i have expectations to be able to play what i wanted . The simple fact that i cant play sums it all up.In the future, look at the game from the player side. p.S replying to my comment wont change my opinion at all.This is the truth, look at the numbers.
  9. Perfect argument.We cant be all unicums.Same thing applys here.
  10. Yes it is.And i`m expressing my game experience so far.I give direct feedback.No need to be angry. This is my opinion based on my experience in-game.I`m sure other people dont agree and other agree.We are discussing here this thing .Being in CBT automatically implies wipes, it`s a beta afterall , wipes will be.This is not about the wipes, this is about the repair cost.
  11. Who knew about 250. 000 repair bill? I didnt. There is no such info anywhere. Be sure if i knew, things were different.Alot different.
  12. Wow, what an awesome solution you gave me, leave.This guy.. Quote : "If it was easy to get to tier 10 AND easy to maintain how would WG make money" About Wg making money : - gold -premium ships This is how wg makes money, not punishing me for spending 2 weeks grinding my tier 10 ship. I literally cant play.I sold every ship to get yamato - 10 mil credits- now i cant play it.How about that? It just sits there with the 1.5 xp bonus since i unlocked it.And IF i play it, 90 % of the games the MM serves me with this, which is another punishing method. : SO, the situation right now: -spent 2 weeks unlocking yamato -sell every single ship in order to pay the incredible 10 million credit bill -looking at it in port because if i touch it will definately be another 3 hour grind to fix the -250k bill -excitement level went from hero to zero instant Just like Halflifeless said it perfect: " Losing all those credits and the only way of making them back is to play many games in ships/tanks i do not want to play, that doesnt encourage me to spend money, it makes me just want to quit playing."
  13. My thoughts exactly.I am forced to play ships i dont want to play just in order to make money.If i "made it" to tier 10, let me play what i want, dont punish me .
  14. Tier 10 battles. How should i TEST anything if i cant afford to ENTER A SINGLE BATTLE ? Repair cost are way too high, this is a bad joke .Since i got my first tier 10, i had nothing but frustrations , no chance to play, i`m VERY close to sell it. I will just get into a battle and hide in a corner and call it MY TIER 10 BATTLE. Who thought 250.000 repair bill IT`s OK? IT`s unplayable. It`s forcing people to hide instead of play.It`s beyond my power of understanding.Actually the repair bill is at least 5 times bigger than it should be. Warning to every single player that want a tier 10 ship. DONT GET IT.
  15. Ley1

    Torpedoes Arm Time Needs to Be lengthened

    I agree, torpedoes should have at least tripled the arm time they have now.All of them