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    [Suggestion]Battleship re-"balance"

    +1 We should keep this post up on the first page so the DEVs see it.

    Battleships are useless

    Did they enable the secondaries to shoot torps?

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I have the mod and the mod helps you hit the center of the ship. If you fire at extreme ranges 15km+ you need to adjust a bit firing in front of the X but it's still a MASSIVE help, also if you have more then one neuron in your brain you would fire the guns one after the other and move the aim so you hit all the ship making it very easy to land crits and citadels. While the player with no mod has to fire a RANGING shot, then wait for it to come down and adjust, if the enemy player changes course you have to start from the beginning while the mod user just aims around the X and fires.

    Accuracy: Full Salvo / Sequential Fire

    Plus you can see where his citadel, I usual fire using the second method and spread them around his hull.

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Mod gives you an advantage plain and simple, you don't have to calculate where to shoot, you know you will land some with on the X spot giving you more time to maneuver and do other things while being incredibly accurate. Sure it might help complete noobs but a good player using it becomes OP especially if he uses certain ships.

    Preordered VII Sims today, will I be able to play the beta?

    I think you need to log in with the email you used to buy the sims, on the the front page you should see something on the top right corner.

    Endless Torpedo Spam

    I'm not looking for everyone to agree because that's just plain pointless, everyone has his/her agenda. I don't want them to be neutered because DD's are the torpedo gun fun boats. Just removing the ability to spam without any repercussion.

    Endless Torpedo Spam

    Shall we get back on the thread's main problem. The torpedo spam.

    Torpedo's & Health potions

    I dropped these from a TB flight, the thing passed through the ship no explosion. I saw a post about this earlier. I'll try and get a screen shot if it happens again.

    Endless Torpedo Spam

    Yes, a limited amount of shells and torps like in WOT, Aircraft carriers have a limited number of aircraft too. It would cut the spam back of all types of offensive weaponry.

    Endless Torpedo Spam

    Yes but atm a destroyer with it's agility can spam an endless wall of torpedo's through a corridor. Make that 3-4 destroyers per team and in maps where there are many islands they lock down the area. That's one of the reasons people camp, it's just suicide to advance atm. When will we have an ammo count so that people will need to be careful how many torpedo's they use.

    Torpedo's & Health potions

    No, the torpedo in question was running for the middle of the ship, and the one ones around it hit the target but it passed under it and appeared on the other side.

    World of Warships Abyssal Fleet Fan page :D

    Well it's still in CB, but I will expect more explosions in the future especially if the ship is ammo wrecked, I want to see the explosion from the other side of the map!

    Torpedo's & Health potions

    Sorry I couldn't find where to post them, I know there is a torpedo thread somewhere. My problems ; Sometimes a torpedo out of a salvo of 5 would just go through the ship and appear on the other side while the others detonating. This is not a problem of the torpedo activating or not it just goes through the ship like the ghost shells in WOT. Secondly, the BB HP Potion sometimes when you are like 85% HP and apply it it doesn't work, and some times it works. I don't recall exactly if the potion is used other wise, I'll test this further. That's all for now, also if someone can point me to the thread or forum where we can voice some bugs or something it would be great. Thanks, great game overall.

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Until WG says it's a cheat the mod is still allowed, it is morally wrong of course but till then you're just going to be making an [edited]of yourself.