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  1. Marynsar

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello, nice initiative, I'd like to participate in the Raffle we'll see about the prize if I get picked :)
  2. Marynsar

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    Thanks :) I'll be sure to annoy you enough so you kick me.
  3. pts.clants.nl teamspeak 

    1. Marynsar


      thanks will come online as soon as I can (currently out of town)...

  4. Marynsar

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    Hello there, I'm looking for a clan, where I can pester DeleRT, is this the right place? https://eu.warships.today/player/515704542/Marynsar
  5. I know recruitement is closed, but I wonder if I would be considered with those stats ? : https://eu.warships.today/player/515704542/Marynsar
  6. Marynsar

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Keeping on doing "different" missions from other servers? Seriously, after the past mistakes you've already made (Takao requirements, GNB reward...), haven't you learned you won't actually benefit from that? "that is rather challenging - and tied only to the Graf Spee ownership" => yes, and how does it matters? challenging means people playing more to succeed, increasing player numbers. Personnaly, I like challenges. "access to the camouflages as standard Premium camos, directly in the game client - thus giving more players a chance to get them." => I might spend money for a ship, not for a Skin/camo, nor flags. You just removed my chance to get them. "We decided not to use regular tech tree ships as mission reward." => Why? getting ships as rewards is a real incentive to play, especially regular tech tree ones. "all bundles at the same time" => I will follow my usual policy and ignore all your "offers" at the same time. Really, I will be investing more in my NA account... I don't see why I'd stay on EU with that kind of treatment.
  7. Marynsar

    Server crashes 03/11/16

    Seriously ? This has been going on since yesterday, with games not recorded and being redirected to an "under maintenance" page at the end of a game, and no one at WG cares to even chime in that they are investigating???
  8. Marynsar

    Whats up with the server's

    Indeed, just finished a game in my Izumo, that ended with the destruction of the enemy F de Grosse, getting us to 1000 points ... and going to that "under maintenance" page, without the scoring screen. Then As I reconnected, no trace of having played that game, no battle results, no notifications. As I'm grinding that takao mission, i'd like my win back ... EDIT : just looked and I have indeed the replay file of that game... so who do I send it to get my win counted ?
  9. Marynsar

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    Just to chime in, I decided play a lot during the GNB event, so that I can contribute to unlocking the "Secret" 12M mark... Only to find out I could get the reward by playing ONE battle during that time. It's underwhelming, and really a blow in the face. Yes I got Tachibana, and Katori, but really they don't deserve the term "rewards", as playing Tier 2 and 3 is only for blowing steam off. I've avoided prem time as I don't have the time to make full use of them (really, Wg, just think about a "stop" button so I can benefit from prem time when I can actually play more than 5 battles). Right now I feel like I've invested time for almost nothing, especially playing CVs when I truly abhor them. Also, making big historical articles is good, but what about actually using them to theme the missions? that would have been immersive, and fun. Instead we have "play 10 games as a ..." missions that have zero interrest to the point people either AFK them, or just rush the oposing team to complete them as fast as they can. MrConway, don't take it personnaly as I know you are trying your best, but really it's time to stop making excuses at each event, and actually take into account those reccuring remarks you have no doubt collected here and on reddit. This event would have been a great one if only the reward for actually participating a lot, and unlocking the 12M mark had been meaningful, like a Permanent Credit Flag (5% is enough), or XP.... whatever. It doesn't need to be a full premium ship...
  10. Got into a Match with Trigger_Happy_Dad in his DD, with my Mogami on a Tier X match. He coordinated our DDs to take the B point, while I hunted DD on the C point from behind an Island (not taking any chance with a Montana shooting for me). We won, with everyone on a sliver of health left. 10/10 would play with him again
  11. Marynsar

    General Feedback thread PT 0.5.6

    A quick comment after playing only one game on the PT : - Having to grind specific ship lines, however fast it is, is not entertaining, nor interresting. - Tier 4 is as horrible as I remembered (accuracy is for the weak apparently) - Not having access to Premium ships is somewhat detrimental. I was considering finally buying that Atago, and was intent of actually testing it ... bummer. A few ideas to improve that : - Maybe compile a client with only a few selected tiers and maps to reduce the size of the DL and focuses all players on a reduced battletier. (unless you are testing server load at the same time...) - if possible, duplicate users accounts. Testing ships you actually play, to see the changes is actually much more productive (no Xp/credits bonuses in that case so that people don't go around testing Tier Xs if they don't have them). - Assign a few "missions" to groups of players, with rewards : "engage enemies at close range", "destroy x planes" ... that would also help player focus on actually acting towards gathering data focused on a single aspect of the test. Minimap modification and PostGame interface are good, so far. Last note : PT while an event is going on, especially when this event implies you play X amount of games to claim a reward, may not be the best idea ever
  12. Marynsar

    [GNBDeleRT_] Week2: Best FanArt

    Meh, hoped to have some time this week end for the Yattago... turns out family had other ideas. :/
  13. Marynsar

    [GNBDeleRT_] Week2: Best FanArt

    There fixed it for you
  14. Marynsar

    Deadliest Catch

    Congrats to the winners, and amazing battle DeleRT, it was worth watching it live !
  15. Marynsar

    warspite back on sale

    Jumping on the bandwagon : Bundle = higher price than I'm able/willing to pay = won't buy / lost sale. Learn to propose options, rather than inflict those crazy bundles.