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  1. Skye_Tank_Dog

    WG get CV MM sorted

    Why oh why do WG think its ok to face 2 CV's per side in a game at an tier?? Playing tier 4-7 your ship AA is most often than not poor so what have you to do. So many new players are coming up the tiers and get to tier 4 and meet the WOWs scum that is CV's.Wasting your time re-doing them is not going to change that allowing 2 CV's per side in a game is a terrible idea. Not even to mention if you get 2 seal clubbers playing in the enemy team with our own being newer players or lesser experienced. Re- work it if you want but this needs to change as half my port (tiers 4-6) are sitting there gathering dust. Fix now
  2. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Best Destroyer

    Easy Vampire at tier 3
  3. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Alexander Ovechkin - Dual Russian/American special captain

    simple its free stuff! If we win stuff for playing asnormal then why is everyone moaning. People say we dont get anything different well here you are. Alexander Ovechkin is a big deal in Ice Hockey and Russian.Is prob a National hero on the Mother land.
  4. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Acasta thoughts??

    I have played a good few games in the t5 and t6. Wouldnt say they are outstanding but ok. The smoke is interesting to play. Ive attached the best game ive had in the T6. The CV player actually helped!!!!
  5. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Roon paradox

    Been grinding the Hindy and had a few meh game s in the Roon then all of a sudden its clicked and now im loving the ship more than ever.This was one of my last battles.Not the highest point scoring games but a great game for me.Ship does everything so well. Here's hoping the Hindy lives up to the hype and its got a big spot to fill after the Roon. Only question is do i keep here after i get the Hindy ??
  6. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Which is best?

    Hello captains Want your thoughts on which is best? Błyskawica? or Leningrad? as a tier 7 prem DD.With the Blyskawica coming on sale tomorrow i was wondering if it was worth picking up or wait for the Leningrad to come up on sale (if it does anyway).I am grinding the Russain DD;s so a Captain would be handy but ive heard the Blyskawica is a great fun ship? Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  7. Skye_Tank_Dog

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Hi Id be interested in joining your clan.Looking for some fellow minded captains to sail out against the enemy with.Playing Cruisers mostly up to t8 but most classes up to t5-6 apart from the CV.I leave that to the better players. Thanks
  8. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Anyone know what this is?

    Hello captains Wonder if anyone can solve this? I have been grinding my way up the British crusier line when i saw this The kind of clock thing on the back of the Danae.I know its not a clock as it only goes up to 9 but i just wondered if anyone knew what it was for? interested thats all.Sorry if someone has already asked this question. Thanks Skye_Tank_Dog
  9. Skye_Tank_Dog

    HMS_ Not Yet A Clan! UNTIL WE HAVE YOU :D

    Hello Id be interested in joining you's.Im from Scotland and play almost every night and most weekends.Have teamspeak and ships t1-t7.Looking for some captains to sailing along with for the lol's and the wins
  10. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Patch 0.5.10 and German BBs Incoming

    I think its good they are wanting to help the new players but as other people have said before me.They would be better to have a match maker designed for these newer players.I personally have the T1 Hashidate and the Orlan.Im not a stat padder or a seal clubber.I just enjoy sometimes playing these ships.They look good and can be fun.At the moment im grinding to get my first t7 ships and a few lower tier games bring back the fun of the game.I dont play them very often but i think it should be done to the player what tier they want to play.At the end of the day it is a game and should be fun. Btw i love playing my Yubari so that says something about me
  11. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Yubari is broken.

    I play it for the laughs and sometimes get great results in it.Its a great support ship in a good captain hands which i am not.I do love the way it "dances" around making the enemy incoming fire do nothing but make me laugh.Id say thats prob about normal.I can only remember one game when i got no engine damage.Last stand is a must on this. If they could just increase the engine hit points or whatever they need to do to make the engine stop going up in flames everytime a ship fires at me.
  12. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Yubari is broken.

    I agree the Yubari is broken but i still enjoy playing Yes i know its been nerf batted a few times in different ways but i find it still for the most part fun.Im not saying i win that often but i die having fun.Would love them to buff it a bit. Should try get as many Yubari's together in a game as we can?? cant remember the last time i met another one in battle
  13. Hello Im interested in joining.My names Gary and i come from the West of Scotland.Currently looking to gain more experience and improve my game play. My ships are up to tier 6 and grinding to tier 7 Myko.I normally play most nights of the week. Thanks Gary
  14. Skye_Tank_Dog

    The Return of the Katori!

    Loved the Katori in CBT when it was a tier 1.Think it should be a good Tier 3 but 18 knots!!! and that rudder shift speed.I did so enjoy playing it before so very tempted to buy this,
  15. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    Skye_Tank_Dog on European server High level overview Mostly plays cruisers, especially low-tier and is excellent in them Key vehicle - Kuma Im happy enough with that.Interested to see how it changes as i move up tiers.