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  1. Skye_Tank_Dog

    European containers.....

    just go the 3rd mission set finished and got 140 tokens! Thanks for nothing WG. How is that even right. Honestly wish you'd respect your player base. Your far from a great games company. The way this is run is laughable! So many different screw ups i could bring up but ive got better things to do now. Really getting fed up with this business practice of WG. If it wasnt for the fact i enjoy the "game" and ive sunk a good few £ into this game id be off. The people who do the work on the ships/ game mechanics must be so angry you keep [edited]this up. This is a good game if it wasnt for the bloody idiots squeezing every penny out of us.
  2. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Genova and boxes

    I bought 1 crate with 70 tokens and got the ship