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  1. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Best YouTube Channels for WoW advice?

    I watch an NA CC called An Iolair Ghorm . He's english speaking and very good at breaking down the new WG updates and his ship reviews are great to watch. He has started streaming on youtube and twitch alot more lately and is very open to answering questions. Check out his youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBGWHC8KiYDAVownJaZCoQ
  2. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Chat server/armoury solution

    thanks that helped but i still dont have my clan tab or clan brawl hope WG can get this sorted soon. This clan brawl is a loss sadly.
  3. Skye_Tank_Dog

    [-AP-] Armed Potatoes - casually experienced

    If your interested in joining a competitive clan with a great community. Please get in touch for nothing more than to save thiextar mental state! Join AP the best armed Potatoes on the high seas!!
  4. I tried alot of the Sub mode when it was out. I really enjoyed it with a friend in 2 DD div. My T-61 loved hunting the subs.I found a great tactic was to go straight for them if isolated and around 1km out hit it in the reverse and depth charge away. Mostly this was enough to kill them. Im randoms i have no idea what subs would do. Prob along same lines as CV's. If its a great p[layer then there not much you can do. At least Subs would have the OP spotting as a CV. A stand alone PvE Sub game mode would be fun. Like the old op Dynamo but just with subs? Great video as always
  5. Greetings AnIolairGhorm! Long time follower of The Blue Eagle which makes it sound like im hunting a very rare animal but hey! Loving the videos as normal. These information videos about the upcoming patches are really helping me direct my Saltiness against WG choices . Im also sure your better looking than Dasha!! This has still to be confirmed folks! In summary great videos created and produced to a high standard. Whats not to like?
  6. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Commander Ashley Violet

    I sadly haven't got mine yet. My account is linked but still nothing. Strange dont know if its taking its time. Is anyone else having problems?
  7. Skye_Tank_Dog

    European containers.....

    just go the 3rd mission set finished and got 140 tokens! Thanks for nothing WG. How is that even right. Honestly wish you'd respect your player base. Your far from a great games company. The way this is run is laughable! So many different screw ups i could bring up but ive got better things to do now. Really getting fed up with this business practice of WG. If it wasnt for the fact i enjoy the "game" and ive sunk a good few £ into this game id be off. The people who do the work on the ships/ game mechanics must be so angry you keep [edited]this up. This is a good game if it wasnt for the bloody idiots squeezing every penny out of us.
  8. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Genova and boxes

    I bought 1 crate with 70 tokens and got the ship
  9. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Please hurry up with the CV rework.

    As described above. This needs to stop. I dont care if they rework the CV's whenever they fancy but STOP this from happening. Our team had no chance against the Enemy CV. More and more this is happening. Lower tier 5-6 your getting 2 a side and that never ends well. Please WG i love this game but what am i supposed to do against this??
  10. Skye_Tank_Dog

    WG get CV MM sorted

    Why oh why do WG think its ok to face 2 CV's per side in a game at an tier?? Playing tier 4-7 your ship AA is most often than not poor so what have you to do. So many new players are coming up the tiers and get to tier 4 and meet the WOWs scum that is CV's.Wasting your time re-doing them is not going to change that allowing 2 CV's per side in a game is a terrible idea. Not even to mention if you get 2 seal clubbers playing in the enemy team with our own being newer players or lesser experienced. Re- work it if you want but this needs to change as half my port (tiers 4-6) are sitting there gathering dust. Fix now
  11. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Best Destroyer

    Easy Vampire at tier 3
  12. simple its free stuff! If we win stuff for playing asnormal then why is everyone moaning. People say we dont get anything different well here you are. Alexander Ovechkin is a big deal in Ice Hockey and Russian.Is prob a National hero on the Mother land.
  13. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Acasta thoughts??

    I have played a good few games in the t5 and t6. Wouldnt say they are outstanding but ok. The smoke is interesting to play. Ive attached the best game ive had in the T6. The CV player actually helped!!!!
  14. Skye_Tank_Dog

    Roon paradox

    Been grinding the Hindy and had a few meh game s in the Roon then all of a sudden its clicked and now im loving the ship more than ever.This was one of my last battles.Not the highest point scoring games but a great game for me.Ship does everything so well. Here's hoping the Hindy lives up to the hype and its got a big spot to fill after the Roon. Only question is do i keep here after i get the Hindy ??