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  1. RagingMadness

    Event Calendar - February

    So... NA gets a weekend with bonus captain XP, signal flags and other stuff like unique premium ships, missions, challenges etc... While EU gets a +100% first win bonus instead of +50% (18 - 21 February and that's [edited] it.....
  2. RagingMadness

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    If this isnt fixed, I either go to NA or quit WoWS al together
  3. RagingMadness

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    Leningrad maybe good to add, since its quite different from other RU DD
  4. RagingMadness

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    do the benson pls <3
  5. RagingMadness

    Changes to 0.5.12 Public Test

    you do realise that making the bow more vulnerable is more likely to increase passive play, rather than solving it?
  6. RagingMadness

    Ammo Detonation

    Dear WG, Since the update I have ammo detonation once every 5 games. I am a loyal customer, but seriously, [edited]this horseshit!! It happened a few times in Jutland, but after that almost no more. HOW ABOUT YOU UPDATE THIS AND NOT HAVE THE SHIPS BLOW UP EVERY 5 GAMES KKTHNX!!
  7. RagingMadness

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    1 more question. Is camo expert worth it on the cleveland? It is possible to make her a stealth firing boat, but since she is a real strong support carrier, I would think that several T4 skills might be better, for stronger AA and better fire % ps. thnx for all the amazin work!!
  8. RagingMadness

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    Could u also post the Atago?
  9. RagingMadness

    My BB's feel obsolete.. Even my Yamato..

    Ignore the troll. Obvious troll is obvious. BB stats are dropping like its hot.
  10. RagingMadness

    Reward for failure

    wont happen as long as fires and torps do as much dmg as they do now. With the BB being horribly inaccurate, and being burned and torped down from long range, I forsee the edge hugging here to stay quite a bit longer
  11. RagingMadness

    Burn baby burn

    NoNo Yes, but that CD is long and BB are slow, so you wont be back in the frontline anytime soon....
  12. RagingMadness

    Ship Rebalance

    BB are unplayable. I understand the rock paper scissor thing. But right now everything counters BB. Sinking and fire dmg burn BB down super fast. Sub-tier 8 Ami BBs get set on fire even before they can retaliate by getting in range. CV can drop torps so close that you CANT EVEN DO ANYTHING AGAINST IT. As a BB captain you are punished for playing the game. I fully understand why people are hugging the map edges and just trying to snipe, because leading from the front is impossible now. The only BB that has a chance to lead from the front is the Yamato, cause of the 2ndaries. Balance is broken.
  13. RagingMadness

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide (0.5.12)

    could u pls make a "build" for Tirpitz <3