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  1. Marxside2018

    Matchmaking working as intended?

    Ok so... this is not the first time ive seen this kind of MM today infact all of the games ive been in today seem very unbalanced? your thoughts pls.
  2. Marxside2018

    Game crashing upon startup

    heya guys im running a new pc, i looad up world of warships and everytime i receive this message. RenderContext::createEffect: error creating effect for 'shaders/ std_effects/per_frame_effect_pool.fx' (reason = E_FAIL(0x80004005) : an undetermined error occured inside the Direct3D subsystem.)
  3. Marxside2018

    Disappointing premium ships.

    my opinion is we are still testing the game, we are testing all ships and all of them are subject to change is the beta goes on theres a good chance the current state of the game is nothing like the edn package we will recieve on release.
  4. i know this is a long way off as we are currently still in CBT but can we expect wargaming and WOWS to take an active role in the naval historical society like world of tanks do with Tankfest in the UK for example? i love turning up at tank fest every year to talk to the WG guys and i hope the WOWS guys do the same like say at the historic dockyard? your thoughts?
  5. Marxside2018

    Anyone tried out HMS Warspite yet?

    definitely has some under the hood issues with armour and what seems to be detectibility too
  6. Marxside2018

    A plea to all Destroyer captains.

    I rush mid in my destroyer every game its a key tactic especially on fault line, I do this to root out and kill other DDs as well as provide apottong for BBs I also lay down a smoke screen to prevent my team being spotted, if the odds aint good I run away but as a DD captain I will always rush forward.
  7. Marxside2018


    Cleveland is the seal clubbers approved tool of choice 2015 :p
  8. Marxside2018

    A plea to wannabe torpedo'ers

    Not being funny but this is the wrong place, pretty sure 90% of the forum community knows what they are doing....
  9. Marxside2018

    The Gremyashy... the type 59 of WOWS?

    if the Russian destroyer line is going to be more of the awesomeness that is this ship then sign me up.
  10. Marxside2018

    The Gremyashy... the type 59 of WOWS?

    I absolutely love this ship however after a good number of battles i feel its overpowered when i know i can take a sims DD 1 on 1 and the go on to take out another one and a cruiser????? your thoughts.
  11. Marxside2018

    Most comfortable tier to play?

    having alot of fun at tier 5
  12. Marxside2018

    Queue times, lag and packet loss

    well at least we can say were stress testing the servers ready for OBT...... still annoying as hell and a pretty big oversight.
  13. Marxside2018

    premium ships

    Sims is an anti destroyer destroyer Gremyashy is a long range sniper popping off long range torpedo volleys yubari is a support cruiser for BBs decent anti cruiser top
  14. Marxside2018

    Will us the CBT get a ship as a gift for when OBS

    Tbh if they did give a gift ship id ont think it should be based on the number of matches played byt the time invested as wwll as I think posts on the forum to encourage an active community
  15. Marxside2018

    Will us the CBT get a ship as a gift for when OBS

    you shouldnt expect anything from the WOWS team anyway letting you into the CBT is generous enough the world is too greedy these days.