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  1. D_duke

    Italian Arc: Part II

    Now that we can see the stats of the italian cruiser line it seems to me that the health for the Tier 1 ship could be wrong, it has 8000 HP what is about double of the other existing tier 1's, for instance it looks similar to the german hermelin, a short and high ship with a fast firing (3.5 sec vs 4 sec) double barrel turret front and aft, but the german is 3750 HP vs 8000 HP, i don't think this is normal or desirable.
  2. D_duke

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    I know it is not only related to this version, but MM should, specially in domination mode, put the same amount of DD's on either side, somehow most of my games on the testserver were domination (in total 25 of 40-ish games, so it was really noticable), and it is more than frustrating to have to give a cap for free in the beginning of a match because you start with 2 DD's vs 3 DD's, or have a domination match with no DD on your side (and the enemy does get one). On the positive side nothing else to report, no bugs or other things experienced, was smooth sailing this time. * on the CV balance issue i'm in the deleteCV camp, remove them from the game (sorry cv owners and players), in real life the line-up used in this game (DD-CL-CA-BB) went out of meta when the CV's came into play, resulting in the end of the BB era (BB's in construction were altered to become CV's), since this game extends the previous line-up and introduced the super-BB's like nothing happened meta-wise (like the era of the CV), CV's should be considered non-existant
  3. D_duke

    Scout planes got guns

    I had one of those also (don't remember when, not so long ago) where long after i was dead i got a plane shot down icon with one kill
  4. D_duke

    Loading screen.

    I guess the answer to that is no Bye the way, you don't smoke weed all day, but what about the nightime?