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  1. Smae here.Server down
  2. same here nothing fixed
  3. I have problem with my clan section.I cant send invites to players and yes i am stuck in division from 31.08. I have over 17k played games and this patch is most problems than other patchs before.My deputy and my recruits also cant send invitations.If you really think that we didnt deserve any compensation for your bad work( this is not our fault ) than that is rude from you.
  4. Why all the players are suffering because of a few ??? We deserved to play in this league and get rewards as promised.Punish only those who were afk.
  5. I do not understand why is the problem to open forum for the countries of the former Yugoslavia. All we are talking a similar language and understand each other perfectly. Our clans are multinational. In this game we do not mix politics and other things. We're just players like everyone else in Europe, and I think that we deserve more attention. In this way i invite all players from the former Yugoslavia to support us. Thank you very much.
  6. Here same like you Leo-Apollo11.I dont have indicator with remaining XP needed for Retraining Captains. Its bug 100%.
  7. It is nice that you resolve those isses.Whan you gona resolve issue with non geting stars for wins in ranked battles???
  8. Wow.Really ?? I dint know that.Omg i big noob and you are so smart guy.
  9. How you gona give stars for ranked battles???Last nigt i didnt get one and today also i dint get one. I gona stop play ranked until you solve this problem.