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    Online gaming WoWP and now a WoWS nut, massive FPS fan used to be a CoD fanboy but the hackers and being constantly called a hacker put me off for life. CoD2 will always be the best FPS game ever!!!

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  1. Et_Lanatus_baro

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    just had a good battle in the NC getting 8 medals
  2. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    What an amazing gesture from you Name: Et_Lanatus_baro and if I were to win I would enjoy the 'DUNKERQUE'
  3. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Is there anyone farming Halloween Camos?

    if you can get 3 of you together get 2DD's/1BB div...BB stays in circle with the Trans whilst DD's scout ahead and target ships and let BB's focus the catapults.
  4. Et_Lanatus_baro

    British contest

    guys read the rules it doesnt start to the 24th dont go TRY HARDING JUST YET lol
  5. Et_Lanatus_baro

    British contest

    hey guys this just came up on portal, Posting it here for those that missed it and want to enter. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/cruisin-bruisin-contest/ Good luck in the competition sailors
  6. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Dear Wargaming...

    I very much like this idea
  7. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    Have had enough of all the waiting, You people have waited long enough for this line, So here it is. SPOILER ALERT
  8. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Season 5 - General Feedback

    ok guys, This is a bit weird playing ranked (obviously) I get to rank 6 got the 5mil credits. I take a break to cook some food, I minimize the game I didnt close it down. I came back to see I've magically lost a star and now back to rank7& 3 stars. Also I only play MK in ranked so its not like i died early in one game then selected another ship. OK talk about weird I played another game to get to rank 6 I won and now I'm rank 6 with one star...This game is trying to troll me
  9. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Ban the PINK players from Ranked already!

    its no the PInk players that are the problem the problem is bots, I cant believe how many there are playing ranked right now.
  10. hmm think they need to adjust the algorithm for CV's it should be different to that of other classes, as you are not expected to brawl with it lol
  11. Et_Lanatus_baro

    The game is dust

    BE IN MY MUM?? What sort of incestual activities are you into Sir? This is not the time or certainly the place for such things . . . However if you PM 'Hanszehock' in game he will definately be up for that sort of thing . . . .
  12. Et_Lanatus_baro

    The game is dust

    So is this your way of saying you don't like gherkins on your McDonald burgers either???? If so I hear you bruh!
  13. Et_Lanatus_baro

    Brand new and really bad

    Hello and welcome to the game as previously stated there are lots of things to help you improve your gameplay and overall enjoyment, great place to start is the newcomer section which someone has kindly given you the link for also check out Notser on youtube:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-c1d4QVKztu8_3f8VqMtKw iChase:- https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming Also these streamers are all very helpful Crysantos:- https://www.twitch.tv/crysantos Flamu:- https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu Izolate:- https://www.twitch.tv/izolate & iEarlGrey:- https://www.twitch.tv/iearlgrey Enjoy hte game and see you on the sea's
  14. Et_Lanatus_baro

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a good game in Shima unfortunately couldnt get the win 225k damage dealt Screens & replay file here (if you want) http://wowreplays.com/Replay/12303
  15. Maybe just get a really big monitor instead . . . . . . . .