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  1. Hi Aslain.. Ive used your mods for a long time now ,,but past few months having problems and wondering if its mods.. The problem having is when hit play I get not responding,,then starts loading into battle then cuts me off to sign back in.. Have you heard of this happening ?. I have sent pingplotter and a wgchecker files and all they say is reinstall and it maybe your mods in your pack.. Please help if can or anyone else. WG are no help at all. Thanks
  2. dude1416

    Diana and Texas

    Hi domen3 I got my reply and this is what the reply was "I'm afraid I have to give you some bad news, as the Recruit a Friend program is only valid for new people and inactive players are not eligible for this service". Im sure it was said that old players that hadn't played for over 3months could.
  3. dude1416

    Diana and Texas

    Again thank you domens . So its not just having to sign into game and the ships are there in port. Looked at wg invite a friend link and only says about inviting a new player. Shall wait a bit longer for reply to ticket.
  4. dude1416

    Diana and Texas

    Hi domen3 Could you show a link please about how a old player should be able to get these ships?. Only thing ive found so far is where you can do a invite to a player thinking on joining wows. Thanks for your reply
  5. dude1416

    Diana and Texas

    Hi captains I have not been playing the game for 6months and saw that I maybe able to get the Texas and Diana. Is this true and if so what do I need to do to get these ships ?. I have sent support asking same question but have no reply so far and thought may get response faster on here by other captains.
  6. So should I hit download unsafe file. Saw aslain has put a attention message up ,so is that to do with what ive asked about ?. Sorry not tech minded. Thanks for replying .
  7. If I right click it comes up with option in view downloads when right click and the options that come up are 1/ Copy download link 2/ Go to download webpage 3/ Download unsafe file 4/ Report that this file is safe I haven't before come across this also ,so not sure if ok to download now.
  8. Hi I have been installing mods from this pack for awhile and get asked when ever downloading if I trust these mods from alain after gone through the downloading proses. This time though aslain mods are stopped with a message before starting to download with this "This unsafe download was blocked by smart screen filter". Whats the problem and why ?. Hope some one can help.
  9. dude1416

    Rolls of each class

    So what reason is it that BBs stay back to snipe instead of going forward than they use to even more since you have as many BBs in a team than any other ship. Also the team that pushes as a team wins more than losses. This sniping with BBs and staying around the cap area goes against what ive read and told in the past. In lower tier battles with USN Tier 3/4 bb IJN tier 3/4 bb German Tier 3/4 bb tend not to stay in cap area. Even the Myogi will go forward though has a long range. But once reach tier 5 and upwards its changed.
  10. dude1416

    Rolls of each class

    Teams tend to work better as a team going forward at lower tiers rather than in the higher tier battles.
  11. dude1416

    Rolls of each class

    Thanks for your replies. Since the german BBs have been introduced I have noticed that BBs tend to sit back more and just snipe and not push forward as much as use to and also noticed that teams have a lot more BBs in them now. So as we all know that at long range BBs are not that accurate which I was told when first joined and was best in a BB to go forward to get in a 14km range from tier 5 and upwards. So since BBs don't push forward much anymore that leaves cruisers in a dilemma because if there are carriers in a battle cruisers with good aa have to stay back to support BBs like the Cleveland. With RU/German cruisers they have paper thin armour and if push forward with out BB and get destroyed fast then called idiots for going alone or with only one other ship. If stay back in another battle your told go forward. Why have BB players decided in most battles now to stay back and snipe ? Most times the team that pushes forward as a team tend to win and win big.
  12. dude1416

    Rolls of each class

    Hello What roll should a 1/ DD play 2/Cruiser play 3/BB play Ive noticed what I thought some class of ships roll should be doing, but isn't. So im more than likely wrong so thought best to come on here and ask. I have at the moment IJN BBs Tier5/6, USN BB Tier5/6/ Cruisers Tier6, German cruisers Tier6, and RU cruisers Tier5/6 one prem BB Tier4. Thanks
  13. Anyone know when aslain will be updating mods for latest patch ?.
  14. Hi Aslain I am having a problem after installing mods because I get this message " error connecting server". Then it says " Server temporarily unavailable Please try again later". I uninstalled the mods and launched game ok. Do you by chance know which mods maybe causing this problem ?. Thanks
  15. dude1416

    Got update problem

    Will have to send a ticket to support or reinstall the game. Thanks and good luck in battle