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  1. And making something like this cross-plattform rather than divide the playerbase even more is out of the question...
  2. Talvathir

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  3. Talvathir

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    WG experimenting with cross-realm battles tonight..? ;)
  4. Talvathir

    Clan battles prime time change

    Obviously WG does not want people with families to play. The fact that people with families also usually have a steady job and can buy more things from the premium shop than say, a 15 year old living at home can seems to have gone right past them, but are we really that surprised?
  5. Talvathir

    Reported for hack

    This problem would go away in an instant if we were all forced to use our Facebook profiles in-game rather than some made up account... not as much fun calling someone a **** ****** *** ** ********* ** if that someone can find out who you are. Disclaimer: This proposal is only 80% for realz.
  6. A while ago I opened a ticket about an island disappearing. Support told me to enable replays, any way I could really. Be "funny" if that earned me a ban somewhere down the road...
  7. Talvathir

    Amazing MM: 0-12, yes, it exists!

    Lots of players just do not want to win. They seem content to just shoot at some island, or perhaps a teammate. Or hug the border since paying virtual money to virtually repair a virtual ship is painful in the real world.
  8. Talvathir

    Can´t get to items: "Inventory,News and Clans"

    Ok, I changed from BitD to Avast and that did the trick for me. Might be worth a shot for you to just turn the A/V off and try the game?
  9. Talvathir

    What's going on with Khabarovsk.

    I love my Khaba (no, my stats don't reflect that but hey, I'm a general potato). I do wish they would return the 10 km torps, or atleast 8. Instead remove the ability to fit a smoke generator. I am already running with heal instead of smoke but still see other Khaba's sitting in smoke. You could also unlock the Grozovoi, very nice ship indeed. Even faster reload. Worse at a few other things but if pew-pew is the order of the day...
  10. Talvathir

    Can´t get to items: "Inventory,News and Clans"

    Bit Defender (both free and paid version) have been known to block those in-game functions. Any chance you are running that particular antivirus? If you are, try turning it off or changing it out completely. Immunet is free and made by Cisco if you want something that is 100% set and forget.
  11. Talvathir

    I'm not RANK 1 yet because........

    The right cap is where your team is, not where you have decided it should be for every battle. I imagine you would play like this DD then, going to where you have decided is right, regardless of anything else.
  12. Talvathir

    I'm not RANK 1 yet because........

    You are seeing the teams only DD going off on his own, choosing not to play for the team. He also got himself killed a minute later when the entire other team appeared at A so I guess they too had not read your manual of excellence.
  13. Talvathir

    the "carry harder!" thread

  14. Talvathir

    Islands. Gone, not gone.

    So, on Stream. Island in the middle of B disappears, then reappears. My ship gets stuck in it but the enemy can still shoot me, through the island. Anyone else seen this?
  15. Talvathir

    Fix the damn clan portal

    Are you using BitDefender? I was, and it blocked the clan portal, and my inventory.