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    Classical music, books (almost everything), sing, cinephile and.. I love girls! :D
  1. DDGesicht

    Ship animation accuracies

    but you can't pretend that every single shot, hit the ship
  2. DDGesicht

    The Regia Marina - Soviet Navy cooperation

    what about the italian naval archives?
  3. DDGesicht

    Number 13 Capital Ship prelimenaries

    yea this was another question in my mind as well. reading books about german guns it's one thing, but I don't know anything about japanese guns
  4. DDGesicht

    Number 13 Capital Ship prelimenaries

    nono sorry my bad ^^ I'm wondering, there are jap. battleships with cruiser guns?
  5. DDGesicht

    Number 13 Capital Ship prelimenaries

    mmmm battleship with cruiser guns?
  6. DDGesicht

    First Class Battleship Design

    small one for sure. but not weak as well :P
  7. DDGesicht

    Whitehead Torpedoes

    so the bubble trail disappeared with german tech (wwii)? or someone had implemented it before?
  8. DDGesicht

    Whitehead Torpedoes

    yea but I'm talking specifically about this torpedo (the whitehead) if he has a bubble trail.
  9. DDGesicht

    Whitehead Torpedoes

    guess this torpedo is supposed to release a bubbles trail, right? (also a game question)
  10. DDGesicht

    What's your favourite movie featuring a warship and why ?

    thanks bro especially showing that uboot's crews were the most far away from hitler and nationalsocialism ideas. this makes me really proud of my german origins but let's back to music. everytime I think back about the monstrous job there is behind every kind of art performance, not only speaking of music since I'm a cellist, but think all about the job you can feel (voice acting, noises, etc etc). music is a great instrument, probably the best discovery that humanity has achieved and das boot.. man it's the culmination and we're speaking about electronic music using just a couple of synths (not only of course). people should pay more attention to old soundtracks like lawrence of arabia (maurice jarre and fred gilbert) and not dream about 2 "notes" with all that nonsense mess with horns like in the dark knight or inception (hans zimmer). zimmer has a big power but he also got the boring hollywood influence -,-
  11. DDGesicht

    What's your favourite movie featuring a warship and why ?

    these are my movies! the great jürgen prochnow and awesome russell crowe <3 das boot is one of the last war-movies that can be considered cinema that speaks about war (like paths of glory or lawrence of arabia). filmed in 1981 by wolfgang petersen (the neverending story belongs to him). I can't sleep without these movie in my collection (full hd of course) plus there is an awesome job for soundtrack by klaus doldinger's hands (yea i'm a musician :D) master & commander it's another movie that has sense of beuty and a big crew's story behind. both movies are inspired by books but based on real facts. if you like to read about adventures on the seas, these are the best choices