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  1. I can vouch for this guy. He's not too bad He killsteals a lot tho
  2. ShockPirat

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    All you have to do is copy paste the event from NA/SEA. It already is in the client (you forgot/couldn't remove the achievements from the client). Just activate it server side. That's all it takes to defuse this situation and make people happy. I do not believe that takes time. And in the future don't try to act cute and do it different from NA. Just copy paste. __________ I can't even understand why WGEU decided to do this. It's losing you money. People are angry and many shut their wallets. You lost money from people who would have bought Graf Spee to start the missions earlier, and from people who would have bought premium account to complete missions faster. For what? Some premium camos no one sane will buy?
  3. WGEU guys should get fired and WGNA should manage both servers.
  4. If I was alone, I'd move in a heartbeat. My clan keeps me here. If the clan moved too, I'd move with them. (OP: Perhaps consider adding another bulletpoint to the poll - "I would like to move, but my clan keeps me here") I was just thinking about making this thread - because I had made exactly the same thread over a year ago http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/38018-would-you-migrate-to-na-server-if-possible/page__hl__%2Bwould+%2Bmigrate__fromsearch__1 As you can see, sadly things didn't get any better. They might be worse. I used to be so invested in this community. I'm sure some regulars still remember me. I believe the main reason I lost interest is because of WGEU's treatment of the community. Edit: I hope NA CMs are looking at this and taking notes if we move, we buy things in NA cluster, they get paid more! Also, server demographic becomes healthier so even NA players will have it better! Everyone wins! Except WGEU team, but they deserve getting fired anyway.
  5. ShockPirat

    Tachibana challenge...

    Joke's on you. Tachibanana AP is absolutely amazing, considering its caliber. Smith's AP is considerably worse. But still capable of citadeling broadsides.
  6. I played Midway (2/1/2) vs Haku today. It's considerably better than before. He was 2/3/3. I was eventually able to deplane him, but not before he got high caliber (and I got it a few minutes later). Ammo buff is very noticeable, much more than I expected. Sadly it doesn't do much to help you catch bombers before they drop vs competent player (because your fighters get locked up), but at least you can get them on the way back and eventually deplane the Haku. And hope your team holds on until then. I ended the game with kraken, high caliber, confederate, devastating strike, clear skies and... Solo warrior
  7. ShockPirat

    Gneisenau the new "Old Colorado"

    You were saying? This ship is awesome. I'm considering keeping her, even though I got Scharnhorst. Quoting someone from today
  8. ShockPirat

    Remove US BB line from game

  9. What tiers do you play? IJN shits all over USN at everything but tier 4. No, getting fully deplaned doesn't count as USN shitting over you because it means he effectively removed just one ship from the battle (you), and can't do much with the planes he has left. This won't change much. The "defending" carrier's goal should be to intercept enemy bombers BEFORE they drop, for which USN simply doesn't have enough squadrons. It is impossible to effectively cover the whole map, and escorting fighters can lock up defending fighters to let bombers fly past. WG is going the wrong way in balancing carrier nations. If anything, they should have made USN dive bombers more reliable to make them able to challenge IJN on damage. Without any doubt fighters are the least important asset of any carrier's arsenal and buffing them is almost worthless.
  10. ShockPirat

    Derpitz+Bismart - Do their Secondarys act the same?

    Secondaries are very situational and extremely easy to avoid. That's their balancing factor. Shima can sink a Yamato with one spread of torps by ambushing it. Does that mean Shima is op? No, just that the Yamato got into a bad position. Just stay away 12km or more from any Bismarck you see and their secondaries will never bother you. If they manage to "ambush" you, well played to them - being battleships - and it still won't hurt as much as a DD ambush would.
  11. ShockPirat

    Derpitz+Bismart - Do their Secondarys act the same?

    They do. Max secondary range is 10.8 km.
  12. ShockPirat

    Looking for the best players

    The heck am I reading? Jingles can be fun and has his moments, but seriously, he's not a very good player. He's above average, but just barely. If you want to learn how to play well, DON'T watch Jingles.
  13. ShockPirat

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    I am the manliest
  14. ShockPirat

    Is Scharnhorst a really "worth" buy ?

    Scharnhorst is awesome, but it requires a brawling playstyle. You HAVE to brawl. Get close, make enemies uncomfortable, hit them hard and torp them. Your armor makes you much more capable of rushing "real" battleships than cruisers can. If you try to snipe, you will lose. The guns are smallish and have bad penetration and sometimes you will have to use HE on angled battleships. Sometimes you just won't be able to get close and those matches are bad. You should do the same with Tirpitz, but it is much more forgiving in that regard. Tirpitz shouldn't snipe, but it's much better at it than Scharnhorst. Can't comment on the donut. It seems worse than both Tirpitz and scharnhorst.
  15. ShockPirat

    Aircraft Carrier must have a restricted access

    But you do get to pick who the CV will target. Be a hard target and they won't pick you You chose not to keep close to cruisers in a 2 CV per side match. You chose not to ask for AA support after the first strike. Yesterday I got singled out by an Essex in my AA Scharnhorst... So after the first strike I kept close to cruisers and asked for fighter support. It cost him 30 planes from me alone, and more from our CV and cruisers, and 15 minutes to sink me.