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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle. Price#1: Tirpitz Price#2: Dunkerque Price#3: Doubloons Aaand Merry Christmas! I love this season.
  2. Hypothetical Norwegian Premium DD

    HNoMS Stord. Me want. We want.
  3. God I hate them so much in my games.
  4. Gadjah Mada chews everything on its path for a snack and spits it out as a wreck. It's unarguably the most insane t7 DD, though definitely not overpowered. T6 Fu Shun isn't overpowered either. Though it is VERY effective with getting the job done. T5 Jian Wei on the other hand is unable to stand alone. Truly garbage. I hated it.
  5. So, is Duke Of York a Free XP ship or a reward?
  6. Your favorite T7 ship?

    Premiums: BB Scharnhorst: Hands down the utmost powerful t7 BB in the whole game. Nelson: An idiot's shortcut to glory. CL Belfast: Unpurchasable any more. Disgustingly overpowered although super fun. Indianapolis: A New Orleans in T7. Immense firepower, though hard to master. Atlanta: Probably the hardest cruiser to play and the most difficult cruiser to excel. But when you excel at it, the idiom "LOLANTA" comes to life for real. CV Saipan: Everybody will hate you for just playing it. Absurdly overpowered. Kaga: Unending supply of aircraft. For a starter, out of these I would recommend Scharnhorst.
  7. Your favorite T7 ship?

    Tree ships: BB Gneisenau: The most powerful and aggressive tree BB at t7. Super fast and torpedoes, rarely fails. King George V: The other king of t7. Literally wrecks everything in its path. CL Fiji: The king of t7 cruisers. Myoko: A bit of hard to play, once learnt is a tool for devastation. Algerie & Shchors: The ultimate fire houses. Very similar playstyles. DD Gadjah Mada: Literally the best t7 tree DD ingame. Akatsuki: Very effective torpedoboat. Decent guns. Maass: A free, better Blyskawica. Mahan: Jack of all trades and is good at them.
  8. USN Cruiser line split

    Grind Pensacola in order to unlock the T8 Baltimore and on, as Cleveland will be switched over to the CL tree as T8. It all boils down to whether you want the Des Moines or not.
  9. Yeah I clearly get your point. And actually its the very reason I recommended Leningrad: It is in a fairly unique if not less similar position amongst Soviet DD's. I would personally choose Benson's extra gun over Lo Yang anytime of the day.
  10. Leningrad. Anshan's better version is coming as Pan Asian tier6. And LoYang is just a Benson with hydro.
  11. DD: Benson CL: Belfast BB: Alabama
  12. Ashitaka Tier 7 BB is finally coming

    I just still wish they could make and put Tosa into tier7 instead of this abomination. At least she would be a fun ship and good armored, unlike what we have here; both visually and effectively.
  13. I always say, when WG makes Project 1047 I will throw my full wallet in their face. I believe both Dutch and Swedes have tier6 equivalent cruisers in De Zeven Provincien and Tre Kronor classes that should be ingame.
  14. I need to know the name of this anime. Superb duperb art style.