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  1. ThePluckyBrit

    Battle ship question

    Dispersion is the issue here as above comments describe, guns do become more accurate as you move up the tiers as a rule. I'm happy with the dispersion mechanics in the game, there are equipment modules and camo that can be equipped to improve the accuracy of the artillery both primary and secondaries, the reality is that large calibre artillery cannons fired from a warship did suffer from dispersion and very few shells fired hit their targets, in reality I'd suggest your hit chase is greatly exaggerated in this game for gameplay sake. The low tier USA BB's have particularly bad dispersion and sigma values with the exception of the Arizona which must be laser guided.
  2. ThePluckyBrit

    Noob question about cruisers

    I agree the German line is probably the most forgiving line for newcomers simply because they have troll armour sometimes (except the Nernburg). That said I think Cruisers are better played by experienced players, I think Battleships are generally the better way to become acquainted with the game, I played cruisers in the Closed Beta and hated them, played BB's for a year and enjoyed them although they do feel a bit ponderous, a few years on and cruisers are now my favourite class.
  3. ThePluckyBrit

    Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    It will be the same, Russians were impressed with her guns so didn't change them, I think the AA protection was the only thing modified.
  4. ThePluckyBrit

    [DMAS] Recruiting players - English

    Just be inducted into the clan and they all seem to be speaking english :)
  5. I don't think you give Wargaming enough credit, they know how to bring out the sucker in the easily suckered.....like me.
  6. ThePluckyBrit

    Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    I quite enjoyed the Nurnberg however she has one big citadel... I don't think she is especially bad in comparison to the other tier VI CL's but she's certainly not exceptional in any area either.. I quite enjoyed her all the same.
  7. ThePluckyBrit

    Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    I guess for every 20 matches you lost another carrier won 20... I can't play high level tier CV's I stop at VII, far too much to deal with!!
  8. ThePluckyBrit

    Toxic Moaning Community

    I've played both since closed Beta and disagree that WOWS has a more toxic player base then WOT, personally I think they are pretty much the same player base. WoT has always been horribly toxic, you just have to let it wash over you, or just mug the complainer off, I tend to like that option. Generally I just reply come on people, hopefully we're all adults, lets not start getting all childish over a game, tends to shutdown anyone with any self respect.
  9. Cruisers are actually my favourite ship to play being a nice middle ground between the other two classes. I got tired of BB's which have fairly pondering gameplay, you can't really swing a match on the larger maps if you choose the wrong side at the outset, cruisers provide a more dynamic gameplay experience for me whilst being a little more forgiving then the DD line.
  10. ThePluckyBrit

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    I don't see how a bit of personalisation is a bad thing, I quite like the idea and I like the fact emblems are awarded for achievements in game.
  11. I purchased a crate of 50 and got all four missions by the 27th crate opened. I completed the collection and got the special captain as well.
  12. ThePluckyBrit

    30 seconds into the game and detonated

    War gaming are removing the detonation mechanic from ships with more then 75% health from the next patch so beginning salvo detonations should no longer occur, that said it sounds like you'd have been killed anyway. I don't mind detonations in the game, it's a true to life mechanic, we have numerous examples in history, Hood, Arizona etc.
  13. ThePluckyBrit

    Vive La France Containers and Early Access to New Ships !!!

    I'd got all 4 within 27 crates, premium crates that is...
  14. ThePluckyBrit

    After I lose the next battle

    Good advertisement for the Giulio Cesare!
  15. ThePluckyBrit

    [DMAS] Recruiting players - English

    I think I'll send you an request!