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  1. OldGrandad

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    On clicking the 'Gold' Boost button got the below error;
  2. OldGrandad

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    Is the undercarriage supposed to be down on any rocket carrying plane?
  3. OldGrandad

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Oh dear, you lot have never had to use rollers to iron your clothes!
  4. OldGrandad

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    After receiving an update on the PT I thought I would give it another go. Had the 'defend the base' scenario and again, the mission was so overwhelming I have now lost complete interest. Overwhelming? Absolutely. AI accuracy is beyond comprehension, no matter my evasive manoeuvres I was struck with unerring accuracy my multiple enemies. Even playing passively, and using the healing ability of the supply ships I was soon for Davy Jones locker. No kills but 80k damage was not too bad considering the style of play I attempted this time. I have dealt more before, but that was trying to use a little more aggression but that leads to an even earlier demise. Believe me, I do not want it easy, far from it, but I at least want to feel I have a chance. I can't even fault the ally team as unlike others I have played with previously, they did try to work together. The 'snapping point' is where the last few waves of enemies all come at once, it would not be too bad if the ally AI support arrived earlier as by then, your team will have suffered some casualties. It is a vast shame as the devs nailed it with the Halloween event, when a team worked well together all (or a majority of) tasks were completed. Being reasonably rewarded for doing so, also made it replayable, many times over. Please do not make the skill needed at a unicum level, but base it around what average players (working well together) could possibly achieve.
  5. OldGrandad

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - Balance

    The AI ability is beyond absurd. A T6 cruiser (me), dodging and weaving but being hit consistently by a Kolberg! was the biscuit. The devs really do not have an idea about how to balance, whether it be in the live game nor these scenarios. You have to give a player the notion they have a chance, not give your AI bots unerring accuracy and ability. Even if you raised the ally tier level to 8, a lot would still struggle to complete a mission. Believe me I like a challenge but I am going into these missions just thinking, how long will this struggle last? The Raptor mission is the only one that has a degree of opportunity to win, the others, not a hope. Some may say they achieved it, and so they may but we have to look at the happy medium where our 'average' players sit and not 'unicum' standard players. As it currently stands it gets a firm thumbs down.
  6. OldGrandad

    The game feels like its rigged.

    You are as wide of the mark with this (and the quoted patent of old). Whatever you choose to pick that involves team games, you will invariably find a quote regarding 50% when it comes to average of talent/skill. Same in every sport that you can partake in, some are extremely skilful, some are good, some are average and of course, some are mind blowingly awful. As for flags, that means nothing, as it is your input and not the flags that has an influence. WG rigging the matches? Is your team being bribed to lose or are they (as a team) just not up to the job on the day? Keep wearing your colours, on the rigging of course......
  7. OldGrandad

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    Um, time? 35 mins and counting.....
  8. OldGrandad

    Campaign still locked and no Hood?

    Hmm, from my perspective there is still 40 minutes to go before it starts?
  9. OP being a little dramatic. I purchased the single HUNT FOR THE BISMARCK – 1 container on my NA account and it certainly did not have what the OP declared had in them. In fact container descriptions are; Earn Bismarck and two permanent camos faster with Big Collection Containers, each holding a random collectible with extra surprise goodies like special Signal Flags or consumable camo! At work at the moment but the container I bought did not have 7 in it.
  10. OldGrandad

    Video Quality

    Sorry this is late. I convert to mp4 purely because I only watch on a monitor and the resolution is fine for me. No news on where else any personal bindings are kept other than preferences.xml. Did you have any luck deleting that file and creating a new one?
  11. OldGrandad

    Disable SCs?

    From the day they introduced the modules as SC 'gifts' I was bitterly disappointed, like opening the Christmas present from an old aunt knowing it was going to be some hand knitted socks....... Like others, would prefer SC's to be a little less frequent but with the re-introduction of the flag packs (and other oft desired gifts).
  12. Hmm, ok what if every single player in the battle took your stance? Riveting action no doubt, all chatting about their latest knitting patterns, bemoaning the weather, what battle you ask?
  13. OldGrandad

    Why does this game not have kill assists

    Although it works well on WoWp where planes have limited health pools, here on WoWs many ships (with larger health pools) can be hit by many different ships dealing similar amounts of damage, and that is where the problem lies. WHo, or how many of the players get 'Kill Assists'? What I do think is a little unfair, is when a player deals significant damage to a ship, and then for one player to deal a very small amount of damage to get that kill. I suggest that kills that do a very small amount of damage (<5%?) that culminate in the kill, get it 'downgraded' to 'Kill Assist'. I am in no way suggesting that the current system gets undermined, but merely to suggest that the registering of ship kills can be split, for example; Instead of 10 ship kills being registered, using the percentage of damage dealt by the 'killer', it could be 8 kills and 2 assists. Experience gained is not altered at all, just the registering of the kill.
  14. OldGrandad

    Video Quality

    You will lose some quality when compressing but the software I use is Freeemake's Video Converter. There are many others but this does what it says and is easy to use.
  15. OldGrandad

    Bug and then cannot renter battle

    As above or Alt+F4 should close the game. Had one today where I was stuck in loading screen, Alt+F4 then re-enter game and all was well.