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  1. Stannington_glen

    Graf Spee campaign bug

    i have the same problem completed stages 1& 2 but need another star If you have completed it collected the prize it closers, so how can you repeat it ??
  2. Stannington_glen

    Beware corrupt link !

    Fact, you hear about this sort of thing all the time, FACT it do not mater how good your security is theirs some one out there that can get past it, FACT if they can get into major company's then I'm sure they can get in your beloved wg. FACT nothing is 100% secure O and all in doing is highlighting a possible security risk with a link from the premium shop and well done is spotting the bold text. all i did was hight light the key facts
  3. Stannington_glen

    Beware corrupt link !

    FOR YOU INFORMATION I DID NOT BUY OUTSIDE THE PREMIUM SHOP SO NOTHING TO LEARN i have used the shop before and had no problems
  4. Stannington_glen

    Beware corrupt link !

    The one on the harbor screen for purchasing doubloons top right hand corner as i was still playing
  5. Stannington_glen

    Beware corrupt link !

    On Wednesday as i was playing i clicked the link to purchase some doubloons it tuck me to the premium shop as usual and i made the payment through PayPal that went fine, but the next day i find out some SCUMBAG by the name of IGON GUTXI MARIN got into my account and tried to FRAUDULENTLY help him self to my funds to the tune of £900. I immediately contacted them and put a claim in for unauthorized activity. The payment had been stopped and will be refunded. I'm just trying to make people aware of the SCUMBAGS that are doing this, so when you click the link to take you onto the WARGAMING shop just check your account afterwards even a couple of days later I don't how long this will stay up as it may be deleted
  6. Stannington_glen

    invisible ships

  7. It about time this stopped happaning been going on to long, how the #### can you hto somthing you cant see yet they can sink you
  8. Stannington_glen

    how's this work out ?

    ok thanks anyway
  9. Stannington_glen

    how's this work out ?

    I didn't have to do that for tier 2&3
  10. Stannington_glen

    how's this work out ?

    German ship research price tier 4, 7.300 but when i click on it its saying i need 8,500 + another 2768 is that because i have not purchased the ship above the one i'm going for even though i have researched it
  11. Stannington_glen

    Patch 8-OCT - extreme fps drops

    same here, the game is now unplayable at times , it's even closed it down altogether and signed me out and once again losing out on premium time i have even put it on its basic settings and made no difference
  12. Stannington_glen

    Ships disappearing from view

  13. Stannington_glen

    Ships disappearing from view

    it's not happening on any one map it's happening on most and yes my language may have been colorfull that because i'm getting fed it up with it and i have said what's going on just not put any ranges in cheery2blost is having the same problem he just worded it better than i did. so there you go
  14. Stannington_glen

    Ships disappearing from view

    been playing a dam site longer the 11 days
  15. Stannington_glen

    Ships disappearing from view

    that's exactly what i'm talking about, it's not just DD's ia all ships and has you say i to have been playing it long enough to no something's not right