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  1. Spartan41

    WTF is Belfasts torps

    after extensive reseach I have found that yes this is the 1950s refit and that the torps were removed to save weight wargaming please put the years back on the hulls like the alpha. thank you for everyone finding these things out as the only reference I had was a old airfix model which was the 40s version hint hint wargaming and this little going off has made me learn even more about the ship so thank you all for that I will go vist her soon
  2. Spartan41

    WTF is Belfasts torps

    HMS Belfast had torpedo tubes so why doesn't she in game this is a travesty to the real ship which I have been to multiple times and seen where the torpedo tubes are sort it out wargaming
  3. Spartan41

    [Gamescom 2015] Ask the Developers!

    Can we get a HMS Belfast premium ship please why do American carriers not get F6F hellcats the best plane in the pacific Where's my German, Italian premium ships I only see [edited] Russian premiums apart from the brilliant Warspite
  4. Spartan41

    Arkansas Beta no AA at tier 4

    the Arkansas Beta should be upgraded to the WW2 version I can deal with speed and range of guns but no AA at tier 4 makes the Arkansas Carrier meat please upgrade this wonderful ship just with AA everything else I can deal with
  5. Spartan41

    hate the new hull designations

    what the hell is this kongo a b and c were is my 1939 version gone change it back the changes that have been made were not asked for and are crap
  6. Spartan41

    Change the Exp for ships back

    this is bull the grind and economy was perfect in the closed beta why change it. now its too much in World of Tanks I can get a KV4 4 for 53,000 exp but in warships now every tier 8 is over 100,000 this is not bringing it in line with WoT this is just ruining the game change the economy back to closed beta economy exp nobody asked for longer grinds
  7. Spartan41

    rear turrets

    the rear turret mechanic on especially BB are stupid im looking dead forward and the rear turrets are turning one way or another, its not too bad on destroyers but when some BB have nearly a minute to turn the guns from one side to another this is game breaking real warships didn't start rotating there turrets until a enemy was sighted im busy looking where im going, looking at the map, checking ammo type loaded, too be also checking where the rear turrets have decided to herp a derp off to and when British BB and German pocket battleships are introduced if those turrets have gone the wrong way to where the enemy is well you just lost half your fire power.
  8. Spartan41

    Ship animation accuracies

    not every shell would that's why the different angles are so important, I hope it won't be like world of tanks but with more guns ships of the time played a guessing game with each other during the battle of Hood and Bismarck multiple salvos were fired at both ships to get the range and direction. giving the guns different angles will be better than all the guns angled the same but the shells landing in different places. out of 50 shots only a handful would actually hit the target
  9. Ships guns In World of Warships must have realistic aiming as in each gun would have a different angle in order for ships of the time to judge range and shell spread and this has to be reflected in the ship model as this would add to the realism without breaking balance
  10. when will World of warships go into beta