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  1. Toni112007

    New line to be announced this week

    They said its line split in stream. What a let down... it probably involves Soviets again...
  2. Toni112007

    IFHE for Tirpitz?

    I catch fire a lot in Tirpitz and Bismarck so I'll never change it to IFHE....
  3. Toni112007

    Ranking is too difficult.

    Just pick camping battleship with big guns and win, ez.
  4. Toni112007

    IFHE for Tirpitz?

    No. I use these skills in my Tirpitz/Bismarck captain
  5. Toni112007

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It was a loss but boy what a fun game it was!
  6. Toni112007

    WTH happend to Fuso?

    What do you mean? Its an excellent ship. Only one I liked on Japanese BB line before Izumo.
  7. Toni112007

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    What a great game this was.
  8. Toni112007

    Odin Poll

    My stats say I am quite good with Tirpitz, yeh.
  9. Toni112007

    Odin Poll

    1v1 sure but Tirpitz is much better brawling against multiple enemy ships than Odin will ever be
  10. Toni112007

    Odin Poll

    Odin is a trash so why bother at all. I have my much superior Tirpitz anyway.
  11. Toni112007

    4/5 of hits (Shatter, overpen, ricochete)

    Why does AP even exist? Why bother using ammunition which requires skill when you can aim in general direction in likes of Thunderer without bothering to aim for weakpoints with your HE.
  12. What? Obviously Soviet cruisers and battleships are missing tractor beams to pull destroyer back from running away!
  13. Toni112007

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I usually don't have luck with rng in this ship at all but when it works it works.