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  1. First of all - great feature! Yet... it feels incomplete. I believe everybody would enjoy more immersive experience where music actually corresponds to the situation. I was playing today having some ACDC in the background and this continuous solution ain't really what I would imagine. So, here is my proposal: 1) Separate music folders for: - Port (possibly even enabling unique soundtracks for each...) - Matchmaker + preparation for the battle - Game (possibly even separate playlists for classes/nations) - Victory/Defeat screen Folder structure could look like this Music - Port (play that while in ANY port. Play Music if empty) -- Port 1 (play that in Port 1. Play Port if empty) -- Port 2 (play that in Port 2. Play Port if empty) - Matchmaker (play that on the MM screen and during battle warm up. Play current port if empty.) - Battle (Play after battle start) --BB (Play when playing BB. Play Battle if empty) ---USA (Play when american BB is played. Play BB if empty) ----Iowa (Play when Iowa is played. Play USA if empty) ---Japan.... ---.... --DD (Play when playing DD. Play Battle if empty) --CV (Play when playing CV. Play Battle if empty) --CA (Play when playing CA. Play Battle if empty) - Victory (Play when Victory screen is shown) - Defeat (Play when Defeat screen is shown) This way if somebody doesn't want to 'customize' soundtracks simply drop stuff to music folder and have it current way. If however one feels like having Imperial March playing battleships and some oriental stuff particularly for Yamato - here you go. What do you think guys? I guess this is like few minutes to implement and could possibly be very cool.
  2. MassTahh

    Sound problems

    Ok, it seems that one of the mods from Aslain pack was messing around with sounds - not sure which one. After turning off 'non-essentials' seems to work normal.
  3. MassTahh

    Sound problems

    After the patch it seems that game went silent EXCEPT for destroyed fighter plane message. Having in game chat with other players suggests that majority is having various issues with missing sounds - with me being extreme case.
  4. MassTahh

    Scharnhorst or Tirpitz?

    Both are great for earning. Scharnhorst is way more fun to play imho. I would say it handles pretty similar to Zao (except invisibility part). You nuke broadside cruisers, you can hunt DDs (yes, it is turning good and HE shells wreck them nicely) and you set BBs on fire. AP vs BBs rarely give citadels but still does reasonable dmg. With HE however you will very likely set 1 or 2 fires per salvo... they repair and by the time repair is over you have another salvo. While Tirpitz is a typical BB with great armor and emergency torpedoes - Scharnhorst is great all around. No matter what is the target - you can confidently go after it. My vote is clearly going for SH! But Tirpitz is also amazing.
  5. Not only from today but I who cares... Enjoyable collection:
  6. MassTahh

    New stat suggestion for main artillery

    Yes it is. I meant to include that in port stats of guns so you can check also on ships that you don't have...
  7. Hi there, So, I had this idea already some time ago during closed beta... How about adding 1 vital piece of information to the main armament on each ship which would be... projectile flight time over certain distance. As we all know hitting something at 10km with Zao and Atlanta is not exactly the same thing. I guess that could help newcomers mostly to compare ships that they do not own yet or those that are already sold... but I bet also veterans would enjoy ability to compare certain ships without taking them to battle or making side notes... IMHO this is what determines accuracy more than dispersion and beside reload speed and turret traverse speed greatly describe offensive potential of the gun. Imagine Time to target: 5.1/8.2/12.7 (at 10km/15km/20km) Obviously this could be adjusted to be class/tier specific...
  8. MassTahh

    Mogami vs Ibuki

    Cmon in OBT its not even a question 155s. And cpt on with 4th lvl perk for range
  9. MassTahh


    So, domination Draw is rare thing so it is sort of the way it should be. Encounter could be based on number of ships lost. So if after 20 minutes there is 1CV vs 2-3BBs on the other side of the map victory is awarded to BBs team. Standard battle could IMHO use just a time extension. It is tactically most complex game mode and simply in many cases carefully built up advantage goes to nothing because there is not enough time to cap or finish off remaining enemies. I would say that something between 25-30 minutes in this particular game mode would do the job.
  10. MassTahh

    what more can i do? I dont get it.

    I play mostly random games (<25% in divisions with friends). With BB on domination IMHO good idea is to try brawling. Push one of the points and then usually crowd will follow and half of enemies in the area will chicken out seeing BB or 2 with CA. Yeah, you will die a lot in those kind of engagements but first 'you will have fun' second 'you will build up hell of an advantage for the team'. 2nd thing... target priorities. As a BB you will help your team more by taking out cruisers. There are 2 reasons for that: - cruisers are primary enemy of friendly DDs - cruisers are capable of capping nearly as much as DDs Many BB players really enjoy those long range exchanges with other BBs... yea, sometimes you will get a nice hit but being honest - how many of those salvos are like <8000k dmg.... that means basically shooting and shooting and not really changing anything in the battle. Cruiser you can either down with 1 good salvo or seriously cripple... if cruiser player will get down ~50% of HP from 1 salvo he will loose cold blood and start trying to prevent next one which in most of the cases will result in inconsistent play making him easy target for your teammates. So once you took out enemy CAs and hopefully DDs that are in the area you have mix of BB/CA/DD running against BBs... even if they are more HE spam from CAs and torp carpets from DDs will seriously affect their positioning making it hard to focus any targets. That's what I came up after 3000+ battles and though I don't consider myself great player, usually my aggressive style pays off in domination games - even if I die without making single frag. On Battleships I currently have 67%win ratio. In standard battles I play a bit more carefully but basically similar principles.
  11. MassTahh

    more frames per second; better performance

    In my case ( i5 3570K@4,5Ghz, 8GB ram, R6950@850 1GB) CPU constantly 50% (so 2 cores are used) regardless of the map/action in game. Gpu mem ~600mb and gpu usage up to 100%. I play with low/med/high settings balanced for constantly having 70+FPS as I cannot do without it. Oh and I play in 2560/1440 resolution. I noticed some FPS drops only when all of following things happen at the same time: - Having multiple browser tabs open on sidescreens - While running TS... - While running YT... - While being in high tier game... having swarm of planes and torps in range...
  12. MassTahh


    Te torpedy sa rewelacyjne bo atlanta gra sie i tak zza winkla. IMHO Atlanta to najlepszy okret do zarabiania kasy. Wpadasz, klepiesz 2-3 statki i masz za to 400 000 odpalasz cos innego i pozniej w przerwie znowu atlanta ^^. Lipna bitwa to na premce ~200 000... wystarczy kilka pestek wsadzic. Sa sytuacje gdzie Atlanta potrafi zrobic cuda jak np wypadajace deski miedzy wyspami czy klepanie pancernikow zza skalki lub jak sa zajete kims innym i dziala maja w druga strone. Podstawowym minusem jest to ze jak tym wyplyniesz w otwarte przestrzenie to nawet Omaszka Cie porobi
  13. MassTahh

    Zao's AA is not existing...

    1) Baltimore is not Zao 2) Myoko is not Zao 3) I am not crying, just making an observation. Make Zao yourself and then we can discuss this ship. The magic of Zao over DM in terms of guns is not rate of fire but LEGENDARY accuracy and penetration. Here is something I did to Iowa in CBT: http://i.imgur.com/VtoQFCk.jpg
  14. MassTahh

    Zao's AA is not existing...

    Yeah yeah... because it is ok that BB on T7 has better AA than cruiser on T10 and its ok that T9 carrier can literally pwn the T10 cruiser... it is also ok that while doing it only 3 planes will be lost. Why? Because I am talking with carrier player... Funny is your understanding of what AA platform is. 'something that will make you eat less torps when enemy CV is attacking'. then lets call it scarecrows. funny how pointing out obvious retardness of Zao's AA ends up with CV player stepping in saying 'nono, its ok and the way it should be, because it is not suppose to destroy planes' So basically no matter what is my skill I still should be able to get pwned by carrier regardless of his skill as I cannot shoot down planes anyways - we call it BALANCE piece of advice... just go torp yourself next battle.