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  1. Wargaming Math. eh, coding.

    So again you dont read, or atleas dont think. I dont get that from one who test firechange of shatters, by the book. but this time I will spell it out for you M O B I L E. Maby it doesnt have that reliable internet as you would Wish!
  2. Fighters stuck

    If you "get cought" you sometimes are unable to strafe out. You need to "acknowledge" the fight first (aka. Right clicking engedged squad). And than strafe out. This is the same as El2azer said. WG coding and CV fix priority at its best.
  3. The main difference between ijn and USA is that the IJN line has more micro requirements, especially at the higher tiers. The USA line was at game realise supirior. But the soon "balanced" that to IJN. Recently they rebalanced again and no clear line has the exclusive better option ATM. If you want the best line. Bring out your wallet and buy american freedom.
  4. Wargaming Math. eh, coding.

    943 vs 600. WE losse a BB =-40. (Or something) Game: Instant VICTORY! Game, we LOST a BB. Not killed one so don't give us the +60 points even if it is for an instance. Fix it plz. (Mobile post no screenshot)
  5. Wargaming Math. eh, coding.

    943 vs 600. WE losse a BB =-40. (Or something) Game: Instant VICTORY! Game, we LOST a BB. Not killed one so don't give us the +60 points even if it is for an instance. Fix it plz. (Mobile post no screenshot)
  6. Fix it

    About air-detection when AA is active
  7. Fix it

    ok thx. so this "going around tactic" that is shown is here is still availble in theorie. But in practice un-usabel dou do the excessive amount of time it takes before TB are in postion. All the while being in medium or even short range AA. Let alone the input time requirements. Why not just FIX than you can manual drop closer to the border. making CV more accessible.
  8. Fix it

    I made a Huge traslation mistake tough perpendicular = parallel. but it was the opposite (allread edited it) as m answer on the video. i have isues with the parallel ships. personally i'm skilled enoufh to manually long drop most of them. but it is still a issue. AS far as quoting. sorry for that but i write in words couse of bad spelling. i will try to edit it in.
  9. Fix it

    Since I’m a thinker, a slow typer but moste of all a terrible writer/speller. I don’t have the time to react on all points jet, more to come. The numbering is as a reply to tungstonids numbering and questions (im not quoteing every singel instance) @Tungstonid (and @DFens_666)Thx for the great feedback. I LOVE these critisms becose the open a Discusion. plz share your disagreements Dfens As for @wilkatis_LV if you actually read in to it most of your “accusations” where allready counterd or are also be returned to now. But since the “accusations” are on the person instead of content I ignore them and its more of a coincidence that they are returned to. 2. a. Yes this is Wg statement on it, then why is it that BB (and only BB) can disappear between reloads. Aka, blink-shooting. I don’t want a shorter bloom-duration I want a steep exponential function for bloom duration based on ?? (gun-caliber, reload, ship-type). with a minmum of +- 20 sec. b. Secondary bloom is about smoked secondary’s, and it’s a minor issue, mab give them the same smoke bloom as there caliber has when it is the main armament caliber c. Spotted “as soon as the AA guns open fire”. And I have a issue with that, giving 0 reaction time. as cv isn’t hard enough d. Your “situation” is exactly what happens, and your defense is DD(/CL) don’t need nerfs. My argument, CV don’t need Skill floor and Ceiling increase! I get your point, but since WG need to make CV at least a little bit easier, things like a 5 sec AA activation (P) 4. a. The major point: I mind that there ship “untouchable” OP acknowledge ships in the game. b. The minor point: new gaming talent can never get their hands on “op excluded” ships. Hence no change to compete on EQUAL footing. I would actually LOVE a rotation system with all premium shops ships, and let them be ALWAYS under balancing (buff and nerf) review. I’m even in favor of rotating previous event with those event ships as reward. (and here I have to confess selfishness, I missed the Kamikaze R on 35 gold). But I would mind seeing the Graff S. mission back. Or moving some event ship to the rotating shop pool (see smith). Define "Match Making Ranking". It sounds like a new word for skill-based MM and before we have this discussion again, please look at one of the bazillion threads about it that we already have. IMO DefAA ships don't have to be equal, especially in games where there is no CV anyway. Same goes for Hydro. a. A little bit better distribution of radar would be nice. Doesn't have to be 1:1 but at least something to prevent 5 radar ships vs. 0, in other words: to prevent the extreme cases. You shouldn't be able to tell exactely which ship in the enemy team will use which consumable. b. See the point before. c. You might have a point there. However, I relish the challenge of having different team compositions with their advantages and disadvantages. a. Yes it is annoying although it has changed a lot since WG decided to cut the engine power of ships which use this ... feature. b. Yes you can. But it is a little bit tricky. Can you make this a bit easier to understand? a. Yes, DefAA also influences planes which are 7,2 km away. Which is actually an advantage because in this case the CV captain can still retreat his planes before they enter all AA zones. And as a CV you want to drop as close to the ship as possible anyway, so changing this will probably have zero impact on how CVs play (besides that you lose the advantage of knowing when DefAA is activated earlier). b. The panic effect is given by all AA guns so how do you know it came from the disabled AA guns? c. What makes DefAA visible is the increased spread of the drop zones. Yes, CVs have zero time to react but is an earlier warning really necessary? c.i. is this already patched out or do you want it to be patched out? As far as I know the panic will have an effect as long as the planes haven't dropped their load which IMO is fine. What do you mean by excessive? The DefAA on CVs was introduced after the strafing ability of fighters and should prevent CV sniping early in the game (on tier 8 and up). What is your case? 1. Well it is a setup for point 2. BUT it has more to do about the incentive to improve. The Emblems are a start (and great at that start) but there still “grindable”. If you play enough games you will get the win 100 and be top 3 eventually. The average dmg is better, but I don’t like the only parameter to be DMG. 2. Its not that i want a team full composed of players My skill, i want someONE of equal skill on the opsing team. 3. a. KotS season 2 had this “feature” and line-riding still decided the outcome of the match b. then you know more than me. Can you share this? Iirc manual drop on a target parallel to map border can’t be “close droped” since that requires “out of map” mouse click. i can go around it, i can even get planes outside of the map and drop from the other side. But can't click out of the border. 4. a. DFAA scatter all squad in range no matter if its 2 or 8 there all effected equally, not even required to priority target an of them. DFAA scatter is even effective at max range. Doesn’t matter if the drop outside max range (away from DFAA source), the moment of “no return” decides, making DFAA effective for targets +- 2,5 km away from Max AA range. b. tested with a Hood, nocked out all it long range AA. Was still able to scatter planes with 0 AA value. The MAJOR point, doesn’t matter how weak/strong AA is, will always scatter, no linearly progression or minimal value. c. Yes this high skill “reward bug”/ late risk DFAA is patched out (see Femennenly vid). Giving a “Icon” (I’m not sure, but I think there is a mod that does this, also for fire (not included in aslainjet)) for ships using DFAA is lowering the CV skill ceiling without changing gameplay. This Info is available if you LOOK closely (AA tracers) but with icon Information is easier to come by. This since CV needs some love in the skill ceiling department! From CBT there is a sarcastic saying “press R to repair ALL. Press Y to win”. Since the introduction of Hydro (&radar) DFAA is diluted a bit. While the core (cbt) complains have never been addressed. And about 7,2 km DFAA is more of a Balancing opinion, that with the introduction of Modules and especial Commander skills AA range became way long, everything is in combined AA range. And BB aa became to strong, amplified by the combination of Secondary + AA commander skill. As insult to injuries the Halved the flood change of TB and gave DD (since BB became high risk zone) DFAA (which got recently buffed to 4X). 5. AS for CVs having DFAA, I was one of the CBT asking for it. As you can see in this post old, see “How to bring back CV” (patch 0.3.X). But I could never have imagine a high skill mechanic as strafe (koduz WG, I bought some stuff as a reward). First i didnt get the hard cutoff at tier 7/8, especial wiht a 120 sec duration. Secondly, even without strafe a 120 sec duration is on the "ok but kinda long" side imho. BUT since strafing brought back the Skill instead of the 50/50 +lineriding abuse (me getting destroyed by Aerroon). DFAA became a little too much defense from an airstrike, or at least the 2 min dfaa. If you need more than 45 sec before your fighters can defend yourself! You deserve to be struck, which almost exclusively occur at the end of battle (CV last ship alive/no fighters left) More to come.
  10. Fix it

    Forgot another TWO (edit them in "reminded vendeta's"), or actaly 1, and made the other one it own point 1. Invis AA from Smoke. When Planes are spotted (which they almost always are with 8km away btw.). and “something“ in smoke can freely (full range) shoot them. a. You can’t see the source due to 1. UI inconsistency 2. AA tracers requires animate small objects to be ON. b. Zero Smoke AA bloom. c. Full effectiveness of AA guns while in smoke? i. I don’t get that when in smoke you can still shoot, let alone “render” planes as far as 8,2 km away! (fix) reduce render ranges of planes while IN smoke (think light cyclone here). 2. Consumables Key consistency option a. Hydro is Y instead if U because I have 3 consumables instead of 4? Bismark: Y= Plane U= Hydro Edinbrough: Y=Hydro U=Smoke DD: Y=Speedboost T=Smoke Charles: T= DFAA/hydro Y=Plane U=Speedboost b.Give us an OPTION to key-bind consumables instead of consumable SLOTS
  11. Fix it

    @Tungstonid Thx the great feedback and especially for colour mistake! And thats why it is an "Acknowledged broken". it is known that issue excist, not only that, WG acknowledged this (BB pens on DD) needs fixing, and along side it the dubble dmg from 1 shell. maby @MrConway WG can give us a priorty indication? can give us a ETA? or what preposed fixes are? or difficulties that are encounterd for fixing this? Not only makes BB AP this a "good enough" options. Since HE pen (yes HE) can get absorbed by "incapacitating a modual". Especially the engine, rendering your BB HE shell with 0 dmg! IT makes AP the superior? more the "consistent" option. Atleast you do overpen with a chance of more instead of the other way around.
  12. Fix it

    Not 1 hour later and allready rememberd an other one Ededit it in under "broken things" as. 0. Moduals FULLY absorbing HE damage. a. Makeing BB AP vs DD the superior choise. b. pray to RNG you dont hit any moduals with high dmg he shells.
  13. Fix it

    If it AINT broken don’t “Fix it”. Division chat window! If you have the time to “Fix” unbroken things maybe FIX THIS. Or better said maybe look in these issues and instead and try to fix some. due to the excessive amount of points I resided for a bullet point layout. I might elaborate some point in the future depending on feedback, time and willingness. Disclaimer. @MrConway, or other WG-staff Legend: Green; Balancing opinions, Blue; Broken since CBT. Fix THIS: Acknowledged broken things: Broken things: My personal vendeta’s....Eerh, things that I want to see changed or be under review With this list i tryed to give you all some food for tought I hope WG allready knew these issues, and reimbursed there comunication efforts on these. OR if RNGesus allows it "FIX IT"! yours sincerely, TomBombardil Reminded vendeta’s (things that slipped my mind at original post time)

    I had a Fuso once that did that. Straight trough the superstructure. Was in ranked too, rear turrets best turrets. Giggled about it, abused it. But once they got out if the SS they couldn't do it any more :'(.
  15. Minimap

    LaMM (LookatMiniMap) Was the name of my DOTA clan. And if I made a clan in Wows I would have named it to. Unless I'm in a heated gunbattle/doge battle I'm looking on the mini-map. That still tends to get you killed becouse your the first (and only) one to react to incoming threats. But makes me an exceptional CV player (only than my map ain't Mini, to bad the "scroll up" to leave map mode is so Laggy/bugged).