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  1. Samurai__

    Play role rant

    OP your definitions of 'roles' is (IMHO) a little simplistic. You cannot simply say a DD does this or a BB does that. Sure, the rock - paper - scissors style of play, that WOWs was originally designed around suggests a fundamental paradigm that leads one to define such roles but... The game has developed significantly beyond the original meta game. The paradigm has changed and as other posters have rightly pointed out, the multitude of ships within one class across multiple nations means that within that class there are different roles. American DDs and Japanese DDs are all classed as the same, but do they really have the same role? With the inclusion of sonar and radar (and dare I mention RDF?), the changes made to speeds, armor, ranges, captain skills etc, of all classes, you cannot simply put all of one class of ships into one roles. To further mix things up you also need to take into account team make up, map and weather conditions, all of which may change the role of a ship. Then again, the way a match develops, the circumstances one finds one self in during a match can also affect the role you play. If players decide to rigidly stick to such narrow, regimented roles, think what a boring game it would be. I think your frustration stems from other players not doing what you want or what you expect. Perhaps you should try and think a little more out of the box. And if all else fails and you loose the match, well, there's always the next one ;)
  2. Samurai__


    And What about BBs spamming AP, all those citadel hits... NERF AP PLOX!!!!!
  3. Both types of success criteria have merit and as such should be included within tasks / competitions...
  4. Samurai__

    No detection range circles

    so another crutch game aid for the terminally noob is removed Can I get an Halleluiah...Amen???
  5. Samurai__


    Shoot the Red guys.... Don't shoot the green guys (or the pink guys) It's quite easy...
  6. Errmmm, I might be wrong, but my understanding, and experience, with SA is that you get an alert when you are first detected, that lasts for about 6-10 seconds (not the whole time you are detected). It does not alert when you cease to be detected, but will be triggered again if you loose detection and are then re-acquired. Are those with issues running mods that keep the SA alert active when spotted? Just thought, my very own thought, and as I said I maybe wrong (actually I'm always wrong according to my wife ;) )
  7. Samurai__

    Worst teamkiller i have seen

    What do you mean by 'Deal with him'? You are aware that, unlike it WOT, you do not have carte blanche to team kill a pink player.
  8. Samurai__

    Small map, interface, letters on new 4k screen.

    I do not believe there is currently any support for 4k resolution....
  9. Just shoot wait and shoot the AP and then load HE if you have afew seconds left... If you have AP loaded and press the HE button once, it will load HE after you fire the AP (and vice versa). Double Tap causes an instant reload... It should be noted that unless firing a broadside or ripple fire, firing one turret/gun will trigger a reload of all turrets/guns if you have changed ammo type...
  10. Whilst in theory this sounds like a good idea, and yes, changing ammo when you have staggered reload times on different turrets can be a pain, in actuality this is a bad idea. It will limit you significantly in terms of dpm if you are firing mixed ammo types, and time on target for different ammo types is different, so if you hit with HE, you will miss with AP and vice versa. Just out of interest, why do you think this is a good idea.
  11. Samurai__

    A couple of quick questions

    If by 'proper replay system' you mean a replay system integrated with the GUI, then I suspect it is not that high on the list of devs work. There is actually nothing wrong with the current replay system apart from the fact that it requires some editing in an xml file to get it to work...
  12. Samurai__

    Premium Camo, can it be disabled?

    Thanks for the correction, I'm at work and couldn't quite recall
  13. Samurai__

    Premium Camo, can it be disabled?

    I seem to recall that once you have bought premium camo for a ship, you destroy it when you take it off????
  14. Samurai__

    Official notice

    VikingW, Battles Fought 994 (13 APR 2016) We shall see...