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  1. thewildgam3r

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Stupid thing I did today....I thought about playing the game again, but the I went to watch videos on the CV rework. Silent Hunter will now be my go to Naval game. At least there the Devs cant destroy their own game
  2. thewildgam3r

    HMS Hermes

    For aircraft Hermes could have Fairey Swordfish and the Gloster Gladiators. Tier 4 would make a lot of sense. Ark royal is a mandatory premium ship. HMS Argus could also be used. RN carriers niche could be armoured flight decks?
  3. thewildgam3r

    HMS Hermes

    Since we now have HMAS Vampire in game can we get HMS Hermes as well as a premium? She would make a great addition as a tier 4 or 5 carrier for the UK. She was also one of the first ships purposely built as a carrier. Hermes and Vampire both fought side by side in battle off of Ceylon - modern day Sri Lanka and both were part of the scrap iron flotilla. What does everyone think? :)
  4. thewildgam3r

    Lo Yangs wierd turret armour

    Well that has cleared this all up for me :) Still the Pan Asian tier 8 and 9 having 3mm armour is a puzzle...but thats for another thread :) Thanks peeps
  5. thewildgam3r

    Lo Yangs wierd turret armour

    That does explain the turrets differing appearance :) I see the Fletcher eliminated this from its design. I wonder why the US Navy did this to the Sims and Benson class DDs? I shall investigate ^^ Edit: I found it on another forum. The lower mounted guns had armoured roofs to protect against the higher guns muzzle flash. Using fabric also saved weight.
  6. thewildgam3r

    Lo Yangs wierd turret armour

    Looking at my Yangs armour profile ingame I discovered that her X Turret (The elevated rear gun) has different armour to the other 3. It has 1mm of turret roof armour? The other turrets have 20mm roofs. This turret has the same armour at the front rear and sides but not the roof :/ Very strange Also the Pan Asia tier 8 and 9 DDs have 3mm armour turrets even though they are supposed to be US DDs originally?
  7. thewildgam3r

    Apparently stealthfiring from BBs is a thing

    The Italian Navy in early WW2 said that about RADAR lol
  8. thewildgam3r

    Help with stats please

    This all helps TY all :) I have gone down the RN live up to Neptune and I am going PA line (Helps to have Lo Yang for 9 months lol)
  9. thewildgam3r

    Help with stats please

    Ty :)
  10. thewildgam3r

    Help with stats please

    Ok that sounds like a plan...Kamikaze Texas T5 PA tree dd time :) I am using my Lo yang captain in my Huang he to get elite xp to increase the points on other capts so they have all the skills before my first battle with said ship ;)
  11. thewildgam3r

    Help with stats please

    I have 2000 games under my belt (with a lot of ships) and my Stats are horrific :( I need help and advice as I get a lot of abuse (hence why I hid my Stats) I try my best but things keep going wrong for me. My Lo yang has improved from 17k average dmg to over 21k :) A lot of which was due to having a 19 point skipper. I do try to play well and I am always helping players with Smoke, Hydro, Radar etc https://eu.warships.today/player/515263720/jnadreth
  12. thewildgam3r

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    I love Pre-Dreadnought BBs <3 Mikasa is a beautifull ship :) Its also the stealthiest BB in game if I am not mistaken. WG could add USS Maine 1895 which blew up starting the US Spanish war. I have a selection of museum ships from pre WW1 in my port like Tachibana Smith Diana Aurora Emden Konig Albert etc
  13. thewildgam3r

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    I don't have a big problem with the actual removal of stealth fire...I only used it occasionally to harass BBs in my Lo Yang. My biggest issue is with the detection time after firing....I might as well remove the 4 five inch guns for more torpedoes. Being spotted for 20 seconds is stupid for a destroyer...DDs are supposed to be stealthy not target practice for BBs (Well unless the DD captain misses the look f their port) My worry is that DDs will become extinct because of the Detection time. Getting detected for 5 seconds after each salvo or shot (Salvo would be best used) would be acceptable but 20 seconds....I might as well drop the guns overboard.
  14. thewildgam3r

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    Who told you it shouldn't have been implemented...by any chance the same person who was changing it? Note I did say the WAY WG were removing it rather than just the SF issue to begin with. Should it get removed from WOT too?
  15. thewildgam3r

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    And if people leave in their droves and the player base collapses...who will be playing this game?....I was there when SOE destroyed Star Wars Galaxies and lost 50% player base in weeks when they meddled with their game too much.