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  1. Aernir

    How *NOT* to run a Battleship

    Don't just squeeze the trigger the moment your next salvo is loaded, instead wait a few seconds for your target to present a more favorable profile, unless they're already giving you a nice, juicy broadside (flatter is better). Don't give your broadside to other BBs, even if it means you need to hold fire with some of your turrets, wait until they're reloading before bringing them to bear. Don't be afraid of close combat when it's called for. It's only the bane of your existence if your enemy has torpedoes. Dispersion doesn't scale in a linear fashion, but you'll see improvements as you get closer up until a certain point. Don't just run away as fast as you can in a straight line if you have to retreat, keep your damage up by zig-zagging and firing volleys at targets that present themselves as you do. Chances are you won't be able to escape once a flank has fallen, you're too slow, but you can at least drag out your death and weaken the enemy for your allies. Don't chase a cruiser that's trying to kite you since you can't catch it, turn around and force it to come to you, you have the range advantage even if your accuracy will be atrocious. Don't go off to the map border if you can avoid it, especially in USN BBs below tier VIII, you'll be too slow to significantly impact the rest of the game in most cases. Don't sail into narrow straights unless you're absolutely, positively sure that all enemy torpedo armed ships are accounted for. It could lead to a sudden and humiliating end. Don't forget to plan ahead, both your ship and your turrets are slow, if you remain reactive rather than proactive you're going to have a bad time.
  2. Aernir

    Is anyone else playing less?

    I'm playing a bit less, but that's mainly because WoWS lost it's "new game appeal" during the first couple of months of CBT for me. I've had my frustrating moments, I've had my good moments, and I'm hoping that the average match quality will increase somewhat within a month as people start to at least learn the basics. Not to mention I'm finally starting to reach the ships I actually really like (T5+ USN/IJN BB/CA), so I'm expecting to pick up the pace a bit in the near future. Really not looking forwards to doing the Colorado though, and I imagine the Izumo will be even worse (Got the Yamato before it was introduced last time), mainly due to how much exp is required for a T10. Ultimately, I still like the game, even though it still leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. Aernir

    Strategic Morale Poll

    You are playing a American Cruiser with strong Guns and AA. A DD is approaching your CV, and 2 Enemy Torpedo Squadrons are heading for your BB. Stay with the BB and disrupt the Air Attack (9 votes [64.29%] - View) This could actually go either way, depending on my relative range to the BB and CV. If the BB is pushing against their front lines alongside me, keeping it alive is to our mutual benefit, and if he's that far ahead rather than taking pot shots from the rear he's likely got his hands full angling against multiple ships while trying to keep up the damage dealing. If the CV is taking a risk by maintaining minimal safe distance to the front lines in order to get of more rapid strikes and making it easier for us to provide cover, I'll prioritize the CV instead. Otherwise, removing myself from the main engagement to run back to wherever the CV is hiding isn't worth removing my guns from the main fight, even if it means the CV is doomed. You are playing a Battleship and ahead of you are 2 Enemy Battleships, one is severely damaged. Allied Bombers from your CV are heading towards the damaged BB. Attack the damaged BB (7 votes [50.00%] - View) Could once again go either way. If I'm engaging two BBs, I need to remove as many guns as possible from the fight as soon as possible. If the damaged BB has recently fired, I'm inclined to give the CV time to finish it off. If it might fire it's guns again before the CV reaches it I'm not going to wait, even if I were to trust the CV to kill it. You are sailing a DD trough narrow straits. Behind you is 1 Allied BB. 3 Dive-Bomber Squadrons and 1 Torpedo-Bomber Squadron are heading your way. Save the Smoke-Screen for later use and take Evasive Maneuvers (11 votes [78.57%] - View) I'm unlikely to be a priority target for the torpedoes, and if it's in a narrow straight they will have to drop from either in front or from behind, making them easy to dodge for both me and the BB. Dive bombers are not a massive threat, unless I get really unlucky. You are playing a Battleship and see 3 Divebomber Squadrons heading towards you. But only 1 Squadron attacks you, while the others wait. You are now on Fire. Don't use Repair Party and head for cover (13 votes [92.86%] - View) Depending on how many fires there are, I can afford to wait for some time before dealing with them. Getting rid of a single fire only to be set on fire again really isn't worth it, better to suck it up for the moment and see what the other bombers do. You are playing an Aircraft Carrier and your Allied BB is engaged against another BB. He will die without your help. At the same time you see an Enemy DD entering your Base and Capturing. Help your BB, then head for the DD (13 votes [92.86%] - View) Capturing takes time, and since the DD is spotted I'd rather hold off and ideally someone more suited for killing DDs will take care of it. The BB might even be able to take some shots at it to reset the cap if I can deal with the more pressing threat. Granted, my experience playing CVs is limited to a single match in the Langley during fairly early CBT, so I'm not really qualified to make a decision on this.
  4. Aernir

    "Sexiest" ship in-game

    That image almost makes me cream my pants every time I see it. Can't agree with her as a top pick, but she's definitively up there.
  5. Aernir

    Player Evolution vs. Devolution

    Heh, since everybody's sharing, started with the either the SNES or the Megadrive myself, can't quite remember which one entered my life first since it's been over two decades. Gaming has pretty much been my primary hobby ever since. Didn't really get into PC gaming until the late 90's/early 2000's, since I never had access anything with enough power before then. I have plenty of fond memories of the Infinity engine RPGs, Diablo and the original StarCraft, then got into multiplayer shooters with Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike. I miss those days, like many have already said in this thread there seems to have been a running theme of instant gratification and simplification to reach as broad an audience as possible for the past decade or so. In a way I can understand it since development costs were skyrocketing for a while, but I still find it sad that it has resulted in the current situation where people expect to be "rewarded" just for hitting the "To Battle" button rather than having to invest serious time and effort into achieving an understanding of how the game works. If you don't have to actually fight for it, there's no satisfaction in achieving it. I have been avoiding the forums for the past month or so, reading a few threads but usually running away almost instantly due to what I'd call an overflowing of scrubbery and whine. I'm trying to remain optimistic that just like during the various CBT invitation/pre-order access phases it will die out in time as people start to learn the game, I just hope this entire situation doesn't cause irreparable damage before that. Sure, the game is far from perfect, there's a fair bit of stuff that just seems out of whack or downright broken. Like how torpedoes seem to rely more on the targets inattentiveness than the attackers skill, CVs ability to influence a match mostly decided by their loadout choice before going into a match combined with what kind of matchmaking they get, or BBs alternatively being unable to hit the broadside of a barn from the inside or going "OMFG ONE-SHOT!!1!", but at it's core I really like this game.
  6. Aernir

    "Sexiest" ship in-game

    Yamato. This is the sole reason I took her out as much as I did back in her less than glorious days (before 0.3.1), and I'm now regretting not spending more time with her before we had to part ways for a while. Still, I'm working on winning her back, and the wait will be worth it, however long it takes and regardless of her relative capabilities when the time comes.
  7. Aernir

    Will there ever be spotting damage

    I have no idea why this isn't already in the game. Sneaky DDs (and some of the stealthier CA/CLs) and CVs providing intel on enemy movements is downright invaluable, but it's a task that sees no reward except a higher chance of victory if your teammates are actually paying attention. It would also help in alleviating the problem faced by CVs with a fighter centric loadout, since shooting down planes pays out little in terms of rewards, and if they're the only CV in the game they can't even get that.
  8. Aernir

    Recon planes of Battleships are really chicken ribs

    Yeah, I miss the old recon plane as well. The spotter plane we have on BBs now is kinda nice, the range increase isn't that big a deal on most ships that get it (anything above 20km is pretty much just overkill, and you're really at the mercy of RNGesus), but the heightened viewpoint is pretty good for figuring out an enemy's exact heading and any course changes at long range. I do wish the old 3 minute uptime/cooldown recon plane was an option, though.
  9. Aernir

    Patch 12/jun: after match, "return to port" button broken

    I've had this happen to me once since deployed. Clicking the "Return to port" button at the end of the match with no results, had to queue up for another battle and then leave the queue in order to get back to port.
  10. Aernir

    What's your favorite ship so far ?

    My opinion on the following comes from having played IJN BBs to T10, USN BBs to T8, both CA lines to T9, both DD lines to T6 (Hatsuharu researched, but not bought yet), and a single game in the Langley. BB: I'm tempted to say the Amagi, but I haven't really played it since 0.3.1 hit because it's no longer in my port due to space issues, so I'd have to say Fuso. Why? It was my money maker for a long time (182 battles), and I'm pretty sure it's the only ship in which I have a win rate of 60% or better CA: Myoko. I never felt that it was weak at T8, and as a T7 it's just brutal. With 5x2 203mm @ 5.0 RPM it's the 3rd best armament on a heavy cruiser in the game, beaten only by the T10 CAs. It's also quick and while it's torpedoes are mounted in an awkward position, they can be devastating when you put yourself into a position where they can be used. DD: Minekaze. Because Minekaze. CV: Langley. Reason is simple. I've only ever played a single CV game, and it was in the Langley. I expected it to not be my thing, and I was right. Also, whenever I see a Langley on the enemy team it puts a smile on my face.
  11. The idea that different sections of the ship have individual HP can be traced back to an old dev blog posts that describes it working that way, with the combined total of all the sections being higher than the max HP of the ship. Subsequent hits to a section that's destroyed was said to cause minimal to no damage, since that section is basically just scrap inside already. It was meant to represent how one area of the ship might be wrecked, but as long as it's not absolutely vital to the ship it can still fight on with what it has left working. I've never seen this mentioned outside of that dev blog post, so I've just assumed it was an idea that's either been scrapped or is still in development. Edit: Here's the blog post in question. http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/what-represents-a-naval-battle-part-4/
  12. Aernir

    HE->AP switching - bug or feature?

    Actually, what I was trying to point out is that if you have an ammo change queued, even if you try to just fire a single turret all turrets currently capable of firing (reloaded and facing the aim point) will fire, while the rest will reload without firing.
  13. Aernir

    HE->AP switching - bug or feature?

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that if you've queued up an ammo chance, even a single tap will empty all the barrels capable of firing at that moment. Other than that, I've got nothing to add.
  14. Aernir

    American battleship line higher teirs

    Currently at the North Carolina, and it's fantastic. Great guns, good speed, can take a hit and silly AA and maneuverability. Only ships in the line I had issues with was the South Carolina and the Colorado, and I at least managed the occasional good game in the Colorado. So I don't see it as a weak line at all. My average performance in the New Mexico is pretty much on par with the Fuso, and while I find the Fuso slightly better overall, I'm probably biased since the Fuso has been my moneymaker for quite some time. The New York hold up well compared to the Kongo, though they're very different ships.
  15. Aernir

    Zao vs Des Moines

    Des Moines, no doubt. I prefer the IJN cruisers myself, but for Tier X there seems to be pretty much no contest. On paper the Zao has the best armor and alpha damage of all the cruisers, but since we don't know the exact armor distribution it's hard to tell if it actually is better or not, and at the end of the day it's still cruiser levels of armor. Penetration is also one of those stats that are hidden, so not much to say about that. The F3 torpedoes are the fastest in the game by a significant margin, but like on most IJN CAs they're mounted in a rather awkward position, limiting their usefulness to well-planned ambushes, pursuit deterrence and the occasional frantic, short-range brawl that occurs when ships bumble into each other around an island etc. Oh, one big negative about the Zao is that it gives up the superior speed that's one of the big redeeming factors for the IJN cruisers.