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  1. Galadul

    World of Warships - Clans

    What the Americans have that we don't is a dedicated part of the forum for clans. This is sorely needed on the EU side as well, so those of us in clans have a place to actually discuss things, recruit and set up tournaments (which is viable with training room mods.) If you're interesting in checking us out, head over to TAW.net or send me a PM.
  2. For a ship that can only be killed by another CV, or in the last 2 minutes of battle...compared to any other ship that has the potential to be killed early or even one shotted at any time during the match, I don't see any problem whatsoever with carriers running out of planes early if they A) attack the wrong kinds of ships or fleeted ships, or B) have one of those games where almost all the enemy team is your counter. It happens to every other class. I don't see why CVs should in any way be considered special.
  3. And as a supertester I'm sure you're doing everything in your power to rectify this. Surely no outcome should be predetermined? Or it just that CVs have from the very beginning broken the game and they haven't figured out that they need to be fully reworked? The truth is that ANY ship vs Essex it auto-loss. At the very least CVs should have zero plane reserves. Any other ship in the game can be one shotted by other classes. Why can't a CV lose all it's planes in a single attack?
  4. Galadul

    terrible battleship captains

    Sniping in a BB is mostly worthless, you get lucky hit sometimes but you need to get relatively close to the action to do good damage. The problem is the slow BBs at mid-tiers that makes it impossible to push up fast enough to support YOLO cruisers. You need to think of your BB as a force multiplier. If you stay back too far, you're not only hurting your own damage output, but your team will rout faster. Cruisers will turn tail instantly if they feel like they don't have BB support. You need to be close enough to give good support and let the cruisers feel like they really have BB support, but not so close that you are closer to the enemy than the cruisers are. Easier said than done sometimes of course, as a lot of cruisers feel like it's a good idea to stay behind you instead of in front of you (where they can actually spot enemies and DDs for you.) Everything depends on the situation of course, but if it looks like your team is winning your flank - start heading straight for the enemy and type "push!" in chat. When your team sees a BB charge head on into the enemy they will (usually) follow. You might be reducing your own damage a little bit because you might not have time to use rear turrets when you do this, but you will mop up the flank infinitely faster because your team starts pushing with you. And of course target priority - if you have cruisers with you, don't waste your salvo on the ship with 2-5K HP left. Change targets and let the cruisers mop up.
  5. I would first like to welcome all the new players to World of Warships, if you didn't get a chance to play in the Alpha/Beta you are in for a real treat! The Art of Warfare (TAW) is now officially recruiting for World of Warships! TAW has been supporting the gaming community since 2001. We are a Premier multinational gaming organization, that places friendship, community, and enjoyment above all else. TAW currently has nearly 2500 active members across 22 games. We provide a fantastic community to all regions NA/EU/Oceanic. We do not discriminate against anyone and welcome all! TAW will be focusing on a few major aspects of World of Warships: 1: Tournament play/Clan wars 2: Weekly Scrimmages. 3: Internal events. 4: Causal grouping We have a bunch of events planned for our members over the first few months of launch, and we’re always planning more! What we need from you: 1: Teamspeak 3 + working Mic 2: Be at least 15 or older 3: Attend at least one weekly event – we have a mandatory training Fridays at 7 PM UK time (20:00 CEST), and we have an optional event every Wednesday at the same times. You’ll always find someone online to play with, and of course real life comes first, no one expects 100% attendance at the trainings! If you’re interested in playing with fun and skilled people and you want to get better at the game, don’t hesitate and head on over to TAW.net and apply! If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask. I'm the leader of the EU Battalion in TAW so anything related to TAW/World of Warships I will be happy to assist you with. Hope to see everyone in game soon! Galadul/ComJ TAW World of Warships EU Leader
  6. Galadul

    Ranked Battles - Ship choice

    Hmm. So....it's a game mode where two out of four classes are at a massive disadvantage? Sounds like epic game design
  7. Galadul

    Where and how do i join a clan ?

    The Art of Warfare (TAW) is recruiting. We're an international gaming community (speaking English is mandatory) and we currently have quite a few members in our World of Warships division and we're always looking for more! Have a look at TAW.net or PM me if you have any questions about joining up.
  8. Galadul


    hehe single ship costs more than full price game. Only reason to buy this BB (which has terrible dispersion and for it's tier 0 AA) would be if it had preferential matchmaking that made it never encounter CVs. LOLNOPE is my reaction to this "deal" by WG.
  9. That's why I said some while ago, give me a button (let's say ALT) that gives my battleship 100% accuracy. I'll call that playing with really high skill. When someone complains that BBs are too OP, I'll just point to some noobs that haven't figured out that holding the ALT key gives them 100% accuracy and say that those noobs make the class balanced. I'm just really skilled, no problem, move along.... I don't know what kind of insane logic some of these people run on, but I guess people will say just about anything to defend the massively game-breaking class that CVs are.
  10. It seems that WG is demonstrating that they are completely unwilling to balance CVs according to other classes, so they are leaving them as the massively OP match-deciders. The only way to even pretend to make the game fair is to make sure each side has the same tier carrier(s), so that in principle you will lose or win on the skill of your side CV player. Which totally improves things for the 10-11 other players on the team, who are still just as insignificant in the fight as before. Yup. Really excellent thinking, there.
  11. Galadul

    Battleship Accuracy test

    Realism has nothing to do with it. Cruisers should, if realistic, have far worse accuracy than BBs. Lots of stuff in this game has been done to balance things out, completely ignoring reality (as it has to be, in an arcade game). The problem is that some classes have limits put on them where even with perfect aim, RNG will make sure you don't perform too well. No such limits have been put on CVs, which overperform in the hands of average joe, and overperforms massively in the hands of someone skilled. In other words, there is no limit set to reduce their incredibly OP nature in the hands of someone capable of thought. If it's so OK to ruin the max potential damage of BBs with RNG, why isn't it OK do to the same to other classes, certainly those who currently (and after 4.1) will perform far, far better than any other class? I am in the very top of BB drivers, and by tier 9 my average damage per game is less than the average damage of a T6 CV in skilled hands. One class has limits put on it, another one doesn't.
  12. Galadul

    PT 0.4.1 is up and running

    It is in fact just the rating. Checked Iowa and Montana (too much work checking everything) and DPS appears to be the same. Maybe they're bringing in something that has really good AA and needs more 'rating room', who knows.
  13. Galadul

    PT 0.4.1 is up and running

    Montana 84 Iowa 67 (max) NC 64 (max)
  14. Galadul

    PT 0.4.1 is up and running

    No reason. It's there for all to see.
  15. Galadul

    PT 0.4.1 is up and running

    Wrong. Before 0.4.1 AA displayed in port was the base AA without commander skills. EDIT: AA rating has been changed, not the actual AA DPS.