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  1. Degradable

    My Take on British (RN Cruisers)

    Just the finest line. plan your attack, slow to 15knts when spider senses alert you. smoke up where you have a DD to spot or a BB close by. (Pray he does not enter smoke as misses on him are calamity for you). Rapid fire, and watch 30% shatter, but you are having an effect. Now enemy BB is closing. Time to single shot 2 torps. More rapid fire, then stop shoot at 5.9 Km. wait 20 secs and on hydro. Next fire torps and reverse up altering angle so exit of smoke exposes him to other torps salvo. Go !! If he strikes you, it may be the end, but you know he is now flooding, as delay on torp shoot ... none of the other ships have that narrative !
  2. Degradable

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Please provide an option for the removal of the Badge/Insignia thing. It is oversize and totally irrelevant.
  3. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Just played another attempt with KGV Interesting as I was with a Tirpitz and we had a Hood on one side of us and Colorado on other side. So accepted damage may happen as we can not cover both sides. I angle to the Colorado and at 6KM I am firing AP. But alas, I am only able to score 1040 Damage EACH SALVO (10 Guns) I consider this to be a poor shot and so I try again, (Closing range in 20 Secs) and have another dismal return. Switch to HE. Set fire and score 6000 + So I meanwhile have been hit by a couple of salvo from the Colorado which have decimated me. I drop behind Tirpitz to no avail as a Hipper turns up and starts lobbing HE shells that I can do nothing about and the damage mounts. This from RN Premier Treaty Battleship with Armoured Deck and Citadel that are second to none.... I am trying to view the positives, but frankly this ship is a disgrace
  4. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Do not agree with the comment about DD being only beneficiary. I am thoroughly enjoying the impact of firing into a KGV with Fiji and scoring huge returns. Additionally CV appear to be having a field day as AA on these ships is appalling
  5. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    I have tried with BB up to and including KGV. It is a disastrous line with the KGV incapable of being able to make a difference in the game in defence. I was sunk again as I pointed nose on to a enemy force whilst rest of team went on world cruise. With other BB you are able to at least delay the enemy. But this shi* is unable to play a defensive game if it is spotted. This for a ship which had armour second to none (Exception Yamato). Do WOW not realise that we all accept it is a game and not a simulation. BUT, the RN did have the most experience with BB and built the most lines. It did the most comprehensive testing with own battleships and Baden during the interwar years allowing DNC to get a full understanding of pay off and implications. To have WOW create a line that does not represent the capability of these vessels (whilst others do) is quite frankly disgusting. I, and it appears many others find it enough to make us review whether we want to continue with this game, which prior to this line (And effects) I was thoroughly enjoying. I realise the hard work that goes into the planning and design/coding. But I am afraid this is an issue that needs attention from someone, with rectification as soon as possible.
  6. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    I have played many games of WOW, I enjoyed the Japanese Line, but looked forwards to the RN Line. When the RN Cruisers came out I had great pleasure working with a line that had strengths and glaring weaknesses. I got average results and started to understand the game. I looked forwards to the BB line. But trying to play the RN BB line is such a disappointment. HMS King George was arguably the finest Treaty Warship built. Armour was second to none, and though 14" guns she had 10 of them. Once the complex interlock faults and good training had eliminated many of the guns issues exposed during Bismark Action. These ships were able to go toe to toe with any battleship with the exception of Yamato. Sadly WOW has relegated these vessels and the whole line to HE Spamming line that is a bore to play. Huge disapointment and I have to say a thoroughly poor job performed by the testers if they passed these ships fit to play. I hope WOW can remedy this appalling line, but I somehow doubt this will be corrected.
  7. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Delta We are getting crossed here. Trust me it is blatantly obvious that at lower tier HE is the way to go. I usually stick with AP. But with RN BB you just know the benefits are enormous with HE against everything. With regards T7 and above (Other than Hood) I have no opinion.
  8. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Most of the conversation appears to be centred around the T3-T7 Ships. I for one will take the option of not going above T7 as they are ridiculous ships on the whole, dreamt up by using rough DNC Sketches. (Yes Lion was laid down, but then we could have gone G3 or N3 as well). Considering the ships that were available in the RN line, this is wrong . KGV in its current form as a Stealth Battleship is wrong. It should be capable of toe to toe slog with a Bismark/Tirpitz. The armour quality and thickness coupled to a very solid 10 Gun salvo (Radar Controlled) must have been able to give WG something to play with. Rodney is slow but the design was proven to be more than capable of taking battle damage and inflicting injury on any of the toughest BB. Therefore we could have altered the Tiers to make it a ship for the committed player. Instead it has been altered to the extent that Citadel is easier V a Rodney than a Hood. The R Class is not even mentioned or used at lower Tiers. These ships arguably had better armour than the QE class and were only overlooked by DNC due to length and potentially speed. Regards Stats, we do not need the stats to see that HE is the most effective. At the lower tiers the RN BB are a bore to play I can not bring myself to spam my way to T7 for a Poor take on a fine ship. BUT I would say Hood is a fine ship and does reflect the speed agility and power of a vessel that was truly magnificent. Even in T9 battles the Damage points and correct angling can allow this beast to acquit herself superbly. This then shows that the same could have been done with a T8 KGV ....
  9. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Sadly this is a huge disappointment The RN Battleships which really did have comparable capability in WW1 and WW2 to any adversary (Exception Yamato) have been lowered to large HE Spamming cruisers. Driving an Iron Duke is a huge disappointment, invariably you end up using HE for best effect. Use of Repair gives enormous advantage to reasonable players and seems to suck the life out of the game. (Go in brawl (HE SPAM), repair and brawl (HE SPAM)) Yet in real environment the 13.5 Inch Gun gave huge Broadside Weight and the not insignificant gunnery ranges and capability of RN BB along with constant practice meant the accuracy of the Battle Fleet (Not BattleCruiser Fleet) was second to none.
  10. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 - General Feedback

    No compensation needed in my opinion as it is a vehicle for leisure. But getting the game right is very important to me. Currently I believe the effects look poor and have impact over and above the value to performance. Moving around screens in harbour has become a little laggy again. I accept the argument Graphics Card could be aged, but I believe it worked ok yesterday. For me I prefer the faster response and less "Effects". I would gladly return to the previous effects, (Though Sound has been continued a downward trend). Regards the British BattleShips I am concerned that the HE and Dispersion are very dangerous to DD (From BB Main Artillery). This I believe is unfair considering an existing bias to BB Players. I also struggle with the concept of the King George Class at T7 being used like a cruiser. This is a Battleship that saw most extensive action in WW2. They fought (Arguably) more major engagements than most other BB. We know the Armour was exceptional and the main artillery was more than capable (Once rectified of initial faults) of penetrating other BB. This ship needs to lose some concealment and gain the correct deck armour and Citadel armour, which would then allow it to be used aggressively as it was in actual events. I applaud the effort, but it does not mean I can continue with the game when effect is more important than substance.
  11. Degradable

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - New Effects

    Guys A step to far. The Flash effects and Smoke are poor. I am sorry to say this just feels like a poor cgi. I find the whole feel of the game laggy now, which of course could be due to hardware, BUT when you are playing a game for a period and it works then why should it change drastically without consent. I have to say couple this with ARP ships and lurid colours and the game is no longer what I enjoyed. Today I will take a rest from World of Warships and wait for a return to the more important mechanics of the game and not the aesthetics. Very disappointed I am afraid. I realise the hard work others put in, but it does not work for me
  12. Degradable

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Considering the timeframe and what appeared to be numerous issues, a significantly improved update has been installed on PC. So far all actions requested through UI have worked as expected, Tab in Battle shows Fleets Messaging in Battle works Reticle / Aiming has worked on 3 battles End of Battle exit is possible and so is "Battle On" Frame Rate and Performance are improved Selection of Ships in Port is possible Selection of Flags and Consumables appears correct Thank you for swift attention to a problem which you appear to have resolved.
  13. Degradable

    Massive performance issues

    Since the Patch I have stutter (Along with all the other issues) that appear to be directly related to the update. Hoping a roll back or other resolution is offered in quick time ....
  14. Degradable

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Stability

    I thoroughly enjoy the game, Here comes the "But" This is the first time I have had to report numerous bugs, Tab to view fleet composition Reticle for Aim Load out information Messaging in Battle (Can not see what you type) Unable to click Battle On at end of game Mouse not functioning as expected in Information Screen at End Game Screen In port Mouse functionality in GUI erratic Most alarmingly I was unable to get the patch for ugrade, so I performed a complete install. Now the Battles are sluggish and jittery. I and almost apologetic for having to report that this update appears to have broken so much, it would be (IMHO) better to roll back to the previous release. Thanks for all your efforts, but sadly this one is a little problematic.
  15. Degradable

    the hood looking like a bad ship to buy

    Interesting Ship. Sadly the fact that she is a Premium will remove the ability to reflect her age and issues with lack of maintenance. ​Arguably she was the best ship and most powerful on Day 1. But time/Money and lack of maintenance window for a ship that was so visually impressive led to a warship that was not signed of by her Chief Engineer as "Fit for War". The final result was very visible to all. In my humble opinion Hood should have been given options as a Premium, to then place her in different tiers. The Hood we all know with modest upgrade options to allow Radar and better close range weaponry, possibly to fight at Tier 5-7 and dominate at the low tier due to speed and reasonable armour for time. Then another Upgrade that would give her a Renown look, but with more sophisticated AA and Close range and high speed. Albeit on a slightly more fragile hull form than equivalent New Build Warships in same tier. Whatever though she should with the planned major modernisation have been a 50/50 on a Bismarck particularly in a heavy sea state.