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  1. Sorry to rain on the parade, but it is sort of what I do at times. Hermes is almost in 1941 condition, but she is missing the two quad 13.2mm AA mounts on deck, as well as possibly the 5 single 20mm Oerlikons added in late 1941. AA in game for both hulls is just 3x 102mm. As far as I know, Furious only ever carried four octuple 40mm pompoms, so six as in game is incorrect. Furthermore, hull A could/should have 2 more 20mm (a bit unsure on Furious light AA outfit specifically, 1941/2 condition is a bit likely), while B-hull shouldn't receive any twin 20mm, and does miss an AA sponson or two on the port side of the ship for adding the 20mm singles. Implacable's A-hull AA is correct for 1946 condition, but not for 1944 or 1945, where there should be less 40mm and more twin 20mm. B-hull is obviously fictitious. I don't have any problems with Audacious, she is strikingly similar to Eagle as completed. Which makes me laugh that while she is still correctly listed as a design in the description, several other more paper designs are listed as real ships laid down. Other than that, decent article outlining the RN CVs.
  2. Trainspite

    British line up

    Well not quite correct. Formidable was hit on the 4th May, and the 9th May. Both were direct hits. The first hit was from a Zero that released it's bomb before hitting just adjacent to the island. I'm sure you have seen the hole it created, and it was only a few inches wide, and the bomb had exploded fully. Formidable would be landing planes again by 17:00, while she had been hit at around 11:31. The spalling that had cut a steam pipe and limited her speed was found, and by the next day, Formidable was back up and running at full pace. The second hit didn't get through the armoured hangar deck, as it should be called, except for knocking a rivet out. It hit the aft deck park, a bit further aft than the previous hit, and destroyed 7 aircraft, and caused some fires. This bomb seemed to only partially detonate. Compare this or the other strikes on RN carriers by kamikazes, to the hits on Enterprise, Bunker Hill, or Franklin, the armoured carriers have their fair share of problems, the kamikaze strikes left Formidable with very few operational aircraft, but the ship remained on station, in situations similar to that of some USN Carriers. These events are relevant because it is what happened, and can be compared with other similar strikes. Less dominant, but not much less important. Someone had to control the Atlantic afterall.
  3. Trainspite

    US T7 premium BB options/proposals

    Generally they should be rooted in the differences in those ships, but this is a game, and WG do make the balancing decisions, they can tone things up and down. Light Cruisers vs Heavy Cruisers is made a bit more extreme in game by things like IFHE etc. Personally, I think a second USN BB line formed of these ships is too big an opportunity for WG to turn down. They show no qualms in using the stats to differentiate things, so it might not be just secondaries, but there would be other factors to give such a line a selling point. Conqueror has no relation to the 1920s designs, other than that she uses the same guns as those projects in the same turret arrangement as L2. Everything else is mecha-Vanguard. And I guess WG made Mega-Vanguard because the other options didn't fit as well. The 1945 designs for Lion are a bit quirky, though I would like to see them topping the line still (With Republique having 24s reload from Alsace at 30, I see qualms for Lion at 30 to jump to 20 with a 1945 design with the same firepower), and the 1920s designs are just a bit too slow, and better suited elsewhere. The 23 knot ships like L3 are at best going to get 26 or 27 knot rebuilds to push them to tier 10 standard. All you really need to do is apply the modern superstructure, AA and a reasonable engine rebuild, and you have a capable ship on your hands*. (Normandie, Lyon - those engine refits are right out). The problem comes with a ship that survived to the period and got the AA, but never the engines, i.e; West Virginia. Theoretically tier 8 standard, in everything but speed, and armour in some way. WG can't magic the problem away like with Normandie, or even be reasonable with it. It's a tricky problem, OP at T7, or, infuriatingly frustrating at T8. *= The Nelson's were proposed to have a rebuild to bring their speed up to 25.5 knots, so for a potential RN BB 'slow' line; T3-5 St Vincent/Orion/Centurion: 21 knots T6 Revenge: 21/22 knots T7 Nelson/Rodney: 23 knots T8 M2 'Ocean': 24.5 knots T9: N3 'Albion': 25.5 knots T10: L3 'Vengeance': 27 knots These speeds seem reasonable enough given the size differences roughly. Orion would be moved across (replaced by Colossus) as she fits the slow armoured and well armed brick style of the line. Power vs Finesse mirrors what I would see for the RN BBs, just without the BC line which is the even more finesse driven line. For ships that have the same number of guns, dispersion and sigma can make the difference to enforce the playstyle to some extent. Sort of like how New Mexico is the shot gun compared to Arizona being more precise, which can be mirrored by Pennsylvania. I'm not quite sure of any 4x 2 18" Montana variants around though. I have no problems, although if I have any input, I would request that consideration for California, since I am fairly certain Tennessee will be a regular. Or at least should be. As much as Tennessee is my favourite USN Standard BB, California is the more famous of the two just about, and unless WG wants to pull another Nelson/Rodney blunder, is better suited for premium duty. The only difference would be visual, (California using Measure 32/16D, while Tennessee using Measure 32/1D camouflage), and California having a stronger AA suite; Tenn: 8x Dual 5"/38, 10 Quad Bofors, 43 Single Oerlikons Cali: 8x Dual 5"/38, 14 Quad Bofors, 52 Single Oerlikons Or you can use 1945 condition California and replace the 52x 1 20mm with 40x 2, but that seems very excessive, especially for a tier 7.
  4. Trainspite

    pensicola is abysmal

    Arguably, it is a bit more of a step than Furutaka, Kuma and Furutaka do play in a similar manner, since they are fairly similar if you can get around the reload. Pensacola doesn't really fit after Omaha at all, aside from that they are still fragile. Angling and dodging is mostly key for cruisers of almost any tier, so they should learn it early ideally, and T6 Pepsi still presents a block to them, just closer to the start of their WoWs experience. The combination of the turret traverse, concealment and reload just feel like the ship is actively working against me. Workable, but frustrating and pushing me towards other T6 cruisers that I feel give me the same reward for less effort. Budyonny, Molotov, Leander, Perth and even Aoba. I'm not exactly a fan of the kind of BC playstyle though, even if with Kronshtadt WG feel it is fine to have a BB classed as a cruiser.
  5. Trainspite

    pensicola is abysmal

    Okay, maybe trash is a strong word, but I can't say she found favour with me as a tier 6. She is mostly unchanged, she keeps her firepower and excellent maneuverability, but she is a different kettle of fish from what she was at tier 7, at least in terms of my playstyle. Previously, Pensacola could push within reason, quickly unveil her rear turrets and make erratic turns to throw off her aim, but with the worse turret traverse, now it is a choice between dodging the incoming fire but not being able to fire back for some time, and staying on a relatively predictable course that can lead to deletion, but being able to fire back. Which is not a particularly fun choice, given that I like playing with the rudder going back and forth. Added with the loss of some HP, and the concealment being poor, and Pensacola loses all pretence of being flexible or adaptable, as a tier 7, she was flexible enough to get around and project her firepower, but now she is handicapped and neutered. Sort of like the inverse Huang He if you will (Bad firepower, flexibility in concealment, map control, consumables), with awesome firepower, but increasingly feeling like a Courageous class Battlecruiser or a fast monitor. I can still perform with her, but it is difficult work, and I don't think I would be too wrong to label myself experienced with her, so if Pensacola was considered a roadblock at tier 7 for new players with her playstyle, at tier 6 she is an even bigger shake up and uncomfortable change. She really should have just stayed at tier 7, with a Proto-Pensacola design with 7 or 8 guns being the tier 6 instead, being a decent transition from Omaha to Pensacola. I guess the brightside for WG is that they could easily push out a T7 Salt Lake City premium and I would go buy it in a heartbeat to get away from the T6 Pepsi, which is relegated to Port Queen duty. Funnily enough, Baltimore is also dead to me at tier 8 too, along similar lines.
  6. Trainspite

    US T7 premium BB options/proposals

    Pas de probleme. I believe what WG said was that the USN Cruisers would be the last until the main nations all had a complete tech tree, which means that no more splits until we see British DDs, French DDs, Russian BBs, Italian Cruisers, Battleships and Destroyers, and probably the RN CVs as well. Which is likely to keep WG busy for some time, but is finite number, and therefore excluding any further splits would be a rather disastrous move in terms of content. Given how WG managed to split Asashio, Yugumo and Kagero apart into different tiers etc. - I have to disagree on the USN BBs, it is perfectly capable to form an alternate line, perhaps following a different playstyle as the devblog has been announcing with Massachusetts (dodgy area to talk about ). In which case, you could potentially have a line like this; III: Delaware IV: Florida V: Nevada VI: Pennsylvania VII: Tennessee VIII: Ohio (Modernised Design 164 10x 16") IX: Indiana (Modernised South Dakota 1920) X: Nebraska ( Modernised Tillman IV-1) Alternatively, a split can be made using the more modern designs, which are not as different, but do include the Battleship X which I don't really feel is that good a fit inbetween the 1910s era designs, or as a premium. VIII: South Dakota IX: Kentucky (Iowa alternate) X: New Hampshire (Montana scheme 8) There are problems obviously, Nevada is about the only ship to really contend for tier 5, but she can easily push on tier 6, especially with her comprehensive refit, and therefore would need a bit of toning down (artificially nerf the value of the 5"/38 on these ships), same applying for the Pennsy and Tenn. Compared to a BC line, which has gaps at tier 3, 4, 5ish, 8ish and 10 and would require ships made by the WG design bureau, a second BB line is easier to make. Hence I would support the more 'real' line at the expense of Constellation having any of her brethren, however much a 12x 16" BC sounds fun.
  7. Trainspite

    US T7 premium BB options/proposals

    Apologies for not being around, slacked off forum activity because of real life things (exams etc.) Personally I think Maryland is an option that should be eliminated from the start, a straight clone isn't too appetising, and the Colorado sister most famous anyway is WeeVee. Which brings me to her, as she is awkward. With no disadvantages over Colorado, but with better gun performance and AA, she could potentially make tier 8, but 21 knots at tier 8 would be almost unbearable. She is an awkward one to balance, so until things sort themselves out, I would leave her on the substitutes bench. Tennessee I would imagine is a very good tier 7 regular for a second USN BB tree when the time finally allows it to happen. California is slightly more famous, and a bit better adapted to be a premium over her sister, but if Tenn ends up being the regular, California would just end up being a clone, albeit a slightly more famous one than Maryland. Washington at tier 7 is an interesting concept, it has potential to work, and is interesting and unique enough, while using a relatively well known ship. However, down-tierring stock hulls is unpopular, and would likely cause much contempt. I'm also still not convinced KGV will be staying at tier 8 (Nil desperandum), and she would move in the future to where she belongs. Much the same applies to the 14" NoCal preliminaries, they are unique, but paper, and with enough USN BBs as it is, it is hard to see them being a priority, or popular. Finally Lexington. Although there is potential for an USN BC line, composed of entirely paper ships, mostly USN 1910s-1920s era BC designs, such as (6x 16", 10x 14", 8x 14" and 12x 16"), such a line can be considered unlikely, and with what has been done to the German CVs with Zeppelin, could be repeated with USN BCs and Lexington BC Constellation. I guess this therefore is the option that I would prefer the most. However, being another USN BB after all the others, even if filling a gap, there should be premiums that should take priority, like a new RN Cruiser premium.
  8. Trainspite

    Which dds now may play like UK dds later?

    Hunt II at T3, and Hunt IV at T4 then perhaps, 27kts with only 3 torps, but some nice little rapid firing guns. I think the rate of fire and damage output on those can make up for the speed.
  9. Trainspite

    Which dds now may play like UK dds later?

    Perhaps you could use the Hunts as lower tier 'support' destroyers. With the AA firepower on them, they could be nice little escort boats that fill out at least 2 of the missing tiers.
  10. Trainspite

    County class cruiser

    As for names, the last County classes would have been Surrey & Northumberland, with the 2 further ships beyond having been named as Essex and Lancaster by those imagining the history of the class. By World War 2 and the 1939/1940/1941 Heavy Cruiser proposals, the naming theme for the CAs had generally settled on Admirals. 4 names for 1940 ships were assigned, but lost, although potentially one could have been Bellerophon. Effingham and Benbow were confirmed as names for new Heavy Cruisers, with 2 more potentially being named Hawke and Blake, as these names were used later on. In May 1941, the King approved the renaming of Effingham to Cornwallis, and Benbow to Albemarle. Hence in game, although based on personal preference, I chose Benbow for the tier 9 (15,500t, 9x 8"), although Albemarle is a nice name too. For the tier 10, in keeping with the theme of Admirals, Drake seemed a suitable name to be taken off the old training ship ex-monitor (Marshall Ney), and assigned to the massive 21,500t 9x 9.2" proposal. Sir Francis Drake of course being relatively well known, as well as being a name that strikes the right chord with a tier 10 ship in game. Antrim is a possibility perhaps for further County names, although only one takes the name of a County that is not England, that being Berwick, and even the town of Berwick is in England. My ideal RN CA line is this however, as it excludes the tricky armoured cruisers. Monmouth is a T3 premium, but other than that, they are very hard to balance. II: Weymouth (Active replaces her in the CL line) III: Birmingham IV: Design B3 1913 /rebuilt -"Belleisle" V: Hawkins (including 1920s 8" rebuild) VI: York VII: Kent VIII: Design Y 1929 "Surrey" IX: 15,500t 9x 8" 1940 -"Benbow" X: 21,500t 9x 9.2" 1940 - "Drake" On Battlecruisers; I think this to be an appropriate line with premiums: III: Invincible IV: Lion V: Tiger VI: Renown VII: Admiral 2nd Group /rebuilt -"Anson" VIII: Design J3 1920 /rebuilt - "Magnificent" IX: Design G3 1921 /rebuilt - "Trafalgar" X: Design K3 1920 /rebuilt - "Triumph" Premiums: III: Indefatigable (Australia for Commonwealth) IV: Queen Mary V/VI: Repulse Another potential T7 premium is Design F3 (9x 15" BC Nelson), perhaps given the name Duncan. I would awfully appreciate a tier 4 Manxman premium appearing. Despite having the same number and type of guns as Black Swan and having no armour worthy of the name, Manxman is about the length of Dresden in game, and her guns can be given their HE back, making nice little destroyer killers, and useful fire-starters due to the rate of fire. Through in a speed boost consumable to augment that 39.75kn top speed, and I think a rather unique tier 4 premium comes out of it.
  11. Trainspite

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Obviously a modification to the old USN four-stacker to appropriately store the umbrellas and fine wine collection of the Royal Navy officers on board, within easy access of the bridge.
  12. Trainspite

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    From what I recall, only the sections directly beneath the funnels would be slightly over the waterline, the rest being below it. That would be the accurate way to do it anyway, but WG have been lazy with KGV/Lion/Nelson, with it being either very low, or very high. Personally, I would like to throw in a Warspite like trait like the 0.6% HP repair or Cruiser Damage Control Party with a 60s cooldown too, but that is me, I do like my Warspite and aggressively pushing colonising(TM) with her. Otherwise, Vanguard as you put it with her supercharges/Cardonald shells is good to go, the 27s reload seems quite apt.
  13. Trainspite

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    Ah yes, I do need to find help for that absolutely disgusting Oxygen addiction I have. Being on Oxygen addict has meant that I continue to live, and that my bodily functions continue to tick along. However, I have heard the cure is inhaling small quantities of Carbon Monoxide, but that sounds dangerous. /s Also, I am not impressed by your lyric poetry. Then again, it is not like I really care, your lyric is fiction fabricated from your own emotive state and views of me. And I am not especially interested in picking up the latest copy of 'MrEasy's myths and fables; A collection of fantastical forum posts about those whom he doesn't like' from W.H.Smiths or Waterstones, assuming they would even stock it. I'm afraid that is impossible, you see, this Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser line analysis and write up isn't going to finish itself, and I might just include some commentary panels on from a figure panther I heard you admire very much. And then after that, I have to pitch the a campaign and Co-op mission set around the Norwegian campaign, and battles off Lofoten and Narvik. And then writing up other analyses of the RN lines that can appear, and updating my thread lambasting WG's approach on the RN BBs. Oh and an RN CL rework thread, and commentary on what to do with HMS Emerald. Good gracious me I have a lot to keep myself busy with! And this isn't even mentioning the other navies beside the RN!
  14. Trainspite

    A Detailed look at Project 1047 Battlecruiser (Lert)

    If you are not a fan, why keep coming back and making a fool of yourself? It's fine to think I am a disgrace. You are but one person on the forum, and there are many others, who have significantly different views to you funnily enough. Almost like I am actually a reasonable guy who has been around for some time, and that people are not taking too kindly to someone having a petty personal vendetta against me. I really couldn't give a toss if you suddenly elevated me from 'disgrace' to 'literally Hitler'. I could tell you what I think of you, but it isn't exactly kind, and likely to set you into a rage because you can't handle it. I managed to get you into a fury in your own thread because you started reinforcing your delusion of what is me and I contested it while maintaining a calm, but also sickly sarcastic tone. As for understanding, that is laughable. So very laughable. Do tell me, why are you acting like a comic book villain or antagonist? Trying to get my threads locked in revenge? Being the only way you can try and hit back after your previous performance? How ironic. The guy who is following me around shouting various insults because I was truthful with him is claiming I am the one with the over exuberant ego. I thought you would have been wise enough to notice my characteristics by now. You would do well to take Trainspite studies(TM), which would be going through all of my posts on the EU & NA forums and trying to be level headed and not let your insecurities get in your way. You know, the insecurity that you had to PM me twice, get your own thread locked in a hissy fit, and then come into two of my threads because you can't help that personal vendetta against me. You would probably soon realise that your tagline of me being a copy and paste warrior doesn't fit. If I truly did that, I would never credit people, I would turn up everywhere being hostile and saying they are completely wrong when they have an idea. Why wouldn't I have turned on those who posted in my threads expressing differences? Why did I completely ignore your thread for the first 10-11 pages? I understand you are trying to assassinate my character and make me appear a fool to the forums, but you are having the opposite effect, because you hadn't bothered to think about your target (Me) logically, or in a fair light. You haven't done your research on this matter. I had a rather neutral opinion of you before you started evolving yourself in your thread to be toxic and unpleasant. As for friends? I made them by being reasonable and civil on the forums, rather unlike what you are doing right now. You aren't worth my time if/when I speak to them while playing the game. They are only here because the bile you are spouting gets rather noticeable, especially when you try and attack someone who is fairly well respected. I mean, you do have a habit of verbally assaulting certain people who disagree with you. Something I haven't done. Because I don't need to have confidence to deal with you. I can just continually sit here, and lazily reply to your trolling, abuse and tripe. It is notoriously hard to get underneath my skin, hence why I didn't flip out in your thread, unlike you, who started going ballistic with large writing and personal insults. You could call me all the worst you have, and I would appear rather bored. I would reply as I see fit because I am self admittedly arrogant, or I just want to poke you again because I am a bit sadistic. I am quite content to let you go off and do your own things, but you seemingly won't allow that, since you are obsessed over me now, so while you write another futile attempt to annoy me, have some appropriate music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um4OQ6KP1m4&t=64s
  15. Trainspite

    Royal Navy Tech Tree Proposal

    Yeah, I mean, I am to blame for obviously deciding that the RN CLs should get gimmicky AP only, and that Nelson should be removed as T7 regular, KGV moved down from T8 to replace her, and then inventing Monarch from thin air, then claiming it to be Design 15C. And let's not forget that I created a thread decrying all I thought wrong with the RN BB tree after release. You would do some good to find it and then bump it so I get more views like with this and the other thread. If you didn't realise, the first iteration of the tech tree came out in May 2015. If anything my feedback isn't listened to/acted upon. Which is probably why the lines have ended up as they have. (In case you don't realise, that is me being a bit sarcastic for your pleasure).