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  1. I can tell, don't worry. Set until WG decide to change it, like RU or IJN DDs. Other priorities first though, so we are stuck with the fake Monarch and KGV at the wrong tier. Bellerophon & Orion don't escape from my list of complaints about the RN BB line unfortunately.
  2. I shouldn't be, given my age. I am a bit worn out on repeating myself over and over on RN BBs though. To devs and forum alike :I
  3. In past I would charge into these threads like a crazed missionary and preach the word of my tech tree. But I don't like that image of myself. Anyway, long story short, Nelson VII, M2, VIII, N3, IX, L3, X.
  4. To be honest, the Courageous class doesn't fit anywhere at all. Not in a BC line or a CA line. The size of a BC, combined with a 76mm belt, skipping along at 32kn, with 4 15" guns. I place them as a tier 4 premium, on account of being so damn unique, since they don't fit anywhere. It does work with the old model for premium ships, which are too unique to be in a line, some of the older premiums like Atlanta & Kitakami. Hence Courageous' home should be among them as an oddball.
  5. Very unlikely. Iron Duke had 5 turrets (until she was a training ship), and WG are probably not crazy enough to randomly remove one. Probably.
  6. That is just my language. Given I am testing the RN BBs right now, if I say anything definite, people can take it as that. Example on Orion. I have that ship in my port. I could tell you all you need to know with all the justification in the world... and then get kicked from the Supertest. So lay off, will ye? It's not like you actually said specifically that it has too many fantasy ships. One would get the impression from your post that you weren't pleased at the choice of ships. You seem to have forgotten that, at most, the RN BB tree would get a real battlesship for tiers 1 to 8, given neither KGV or Vanguard are tier 9 or 10 material. Yes, I don't agree with the existence of Monarch & Conqueror, though I can tolerate the latter. Monarch though shouldn't be there at all though. BC tree should be sooner than other lines, given it is relatively easy to create. After the Italians & French, but not long after the main lines have been filled out. 2018-2019 is my best guess. And a slow BB tree comes after that. Probably 3-4 years down the line, maybe sooner given said line would have just as many real ships as the current RN BB line. If you looked at that large link in my signature, you could easily find out what I would guess for it. That tech tree has 28 paper ships in it, out of a total of 94 (if you include 3 low tier BBs I excluded from the graphic).
  7. That is crazy, given Kii has been toted for tier 9 for a lot of the time. As designed is more tier 8 than 7 too, even minus AA. I fail to see how Amagi will compete against her really.
  8. - Dreadnought - Likely as a premium from the start, given Bellerophon & St Vincent, functionally similar/the same, were waiting in the wings, and it is not to the detriment of the tech tree. - Orion - She can work at tier 4, given she would have different shells, secondaries and soft stats from Iron Duke. Powerful, yes, but probably not a bad decision. - Revenge - In a bit of a tight spot. She would work as a tier 6 in an alternative tier 6 branch of slow BBs. But that is not likely for some time. She is not the only class left out though, so that is the only saving solace. - Renown/Repulse - BCs are best for the BC tree. The IJN has a mixed tree, but I would expect this to be split in the future. - Courageous & co - Better off as premiums. They are too silly, to quote Monty Python. They don't even fit as BCs, given their truly... unique nature. - Nelson - Hopefully Rodney will be the FXP ship and Nelson be in the aforementioned slow BB line. Doesn't require much. - Vanguard - In my view, KGV & Vanguard share the same spot for T8 Fast BB, which means Vanguard would be premium. Unfortunately, the KGV-Monarch situation has thrown that out of that of the window for now. By the way: NDA still holds strong, so take the views expressed above as views that have been held beforehand/not affected by testing.
  9. There is gamemodels3d if you want to check how they will look in full with both hulls, but I am not going to comment on them. Ist verboten.
  10. Oh I am aware. However, I am not allowed to comment on the RN BBs on infos which I know, and hence I can compare the low tiers, but won't. Then again, I am not as extreme as you in the sense that I can at least accept some rebuilding work. Just where applicable, include a historical hull. Higher tiers may not need to have it (8, 9, 10) - 1920s condition G3 at tier 9 seems unlikely to me. Show me the Japanese plans that give Amagi a single funnel and a rebuilt pagoda. The 127mm KM40 on the B-hull is just the same as any other ahistorical AA upgrade to me. mr3awsome analysed the AA set up on Lion's announcement/scorecard graphic, and found it to be unrealistic, but that doesn't detract from Lion being laid down. This also falls into the same category as Gneis & Amagi for me. But I'm not going to claim Lion is too much of a WG invented fantasy ;) .
  11. Wouldn't call Gneisenau a fantasy ship. At most I would put her in the same category as Amagi. Not completed, given she was ready for conversion/early stages of. Monarch on the other hand is a Kurfurst or Henri IV situation. Made up in entirety by WG around 9 15" guns. Hence, the RN BB line gets 2 fake ships, Monarch & Conqueror, while the Germans only get 1, the Grosser Kurfurst. The RN gets 1 paper ship/design that was laid down (Lion), while the Germans get 2 (Gneisenau, F.d.Grosse). So the Germans get it better. Won't comment on the lower tiers.
  12. Eh. I could equally say KGV should be tier 8 with fiddled overmatch, Lion should be called Temeraire because the battlecruiser HMS Lion, Rodney be premium and not Nelson for a slow RN BB line. But WG do as WG does, and it is perfect to precious few in the world. Having played them though, I can truthfully say that ___ __ _ ____ ____ ___ ___ ___ ____, ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ___ _____ ____ ________ _______ __ __ _ ____ _, and ____ ___ __ _______ _____ __ ____ _.
  13. From my best analysis of the release pictures, both Monarch & Conqueror are fake ships, designed by WG in the same vein as Kurfurst, Hindenberg or Henri IV. For Monarch, see this post of mine from NA: For Conqueror, her scorecard/announcement graphic gives a length that is unrepresentative of any design. Nothing else also matches up with anything (displacement, armament, speed) so WG have designed a ship around certain criteria, like with Monarch.
  14. I believe reward ships and alike are credited at the end of the season.
  15. When members of a class are too different, you can generally split them into 2 sub classes. Nurnberg & Liepzig is an example. Or Dunkerque & Strasbourg. Gneisenau with 15" is substantially different from Scharnhorst with 11". Plus, you can make the argument Gneisenau was the lead anyway, though that doesn't matter. The differences between Nelson & Rodney are the AA fit, and that Rodney has a catapult on her X turret, which is not enough to really split them, like you can with other classes.