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  1. inAbag

    After 0.5.2 good DD players will rule the battles

    Look who's talking. You screamed the whole place down that the soviet DDs would make the other DDs useless because of their torps before they were even added.
  2. LOL why the F is the Amagi getting a nerf in both exp and credit earning? The thing already doesn't make good money. It needed a buff not a nerf to its earnings.
  3. inAbag

    IChase's talk about state of the game

    Chase does hit the nail on the head with some of his points. The biggest one is that WG just does not know where they want to go with WoWs. He has missed one point however and that is how greedy Wargaming is which just kills any sale potential this game has. In the end it all doesn't matter anymore. Like Chase said, changing things would require a fundamental overhaul of classes and mechanics. Wargaming is NOT going to do this and even if they did it would take too long to get it right and working. At this point it's when I think it hit Chase and he finally figured it out, this game is lost. It is dead and there is no way to save it (in time) anymore. We have passed the critical point, the Rubicon, the point of no return. From now on, this games fate has been sealed. From here on, player numbers will drop faster than they have the last few months untill they reach WoWp levels. Sales will dwindle hard and will no longer recover, no matter how big the discounts are. Even giving tier 8 premiums away for free at this point will no longer save it.
  4. inAbag

    Aim Assist WOWS It is not allowed

    No I can't because as Conway said naming and shaming won't be tolerated, but you can revisit the thread and see which supertesters in question were the ones I am talking about.
  5. inAbag

    Aim Assist WOWS It is not allowed

    MrConway the other big issue I find is the total lack of objectivity and professionalism from the other supertesters on the matter. Instead of indeed leaving this to be solved by staff and WG members they went into a blatant frenzy with the community resulting into an insult and rage fest. I, for one, find this sort of behaviour unfitting for supertesters as they do stand on a higher level of authoraty since do lots of testing and balancing work for the game. While this does entitle them to some more respect than the average player, it also comes with expectations of adhering to higher standards than the average player. Their actions/responses in this matter reflects badly on them as a group and creates distrust and friction between them and the regular community. Not only that but their actions have even further damaged the reputation of the accused supertester in question, even if their actions were with good intentions. I would strongly advice you to reprimand them on this and make sure they do remain objective and professional in future events.
  6. inAbag

    The End

    We have our sources.
  7. Hey would you look at that my early predictions about the game bleeding players actually turned out to be true. Gee I wonder how I saw that comming hmmm? Here's another prediction: It's only going to get worse.
  8. inAbag

    The End

    Nonetheless, when such incriminating accusations are made with "evidence" that actually makes it look like it could stick. You need to slap it down with rock hard counter evidence of your own, especially as a supertester. Claims as "He's a good guy, I know him" don't qualify. What he needed to do was say: "These are the mods I use, this is where I got them from. You can check yourself. They are fully legal and 100% legit." Instead, Ducat went silent and his friends (which also happen to be supertesters) dragged along into the flame and rage fest. Now Ducat is the one who gets to pick up the broken pieces that are his reputation because of this situation. I know you meant well Hans but in this cause your loyalty to your friend did more harm than good to him.
  9. inAbag

    The End

    The defense was very poor and subjective, boiling down to "We know him" "He's a good guy" "He wouldn't do something like that". Especially for you Hans, I understand he is your friend but your defense was very unprofessional and lacked any form of objectivity. Your willingness to indulge in the flame and hater fest only made it worse and sets a bad rep for supertesters.
  10. inAbag

    The End

    Man did I chose the right day to check the forums again after a long absence. What are the first two threads I see? One panic thread over how over 50% of the playerbase has already left and the other about a supertester caught with his pants down using the aim mod. The situation has been handled poorly by Ducat and the supertesters in general. Instead of an open and transparent process where with valid logic and proof the accusations of hacking were dismissed it ended in a full on defense force where critics were being slandered and belittled with a total absence of the accused himself. Hacking or not, the end result is that Ducats reputation is now in ruins.
  11. All I keep hearing are excuses and excuses. First they blamed the vacation period, then they blamed the school period, now they blame the triple AAA game release period. Next you're gonna blame the Christmas period aren't you? All as an excuse to not see that this ship is sinking (no phun intended). YES WE CAN already tell that the game is dwindling and bleeding players, we have less and less players every freaking month since OBT. You can make up as many excuses as you want for this but it does not change the fact that WE ARE LOSING PLAYERS. Blame the periods, blame the way the statistics are calculated, blame that it's only been 3 months since release, by all means stick your head in the sand if you can't handle the truth. The fact of the matter is that it will lonely here pretty soon. The fact that WG fracked up the AP/HE and dispersion in their latest patch only adds salt to injury. WG needs to GET THEIR crapTOGHETER. STOP breaking the balance. MAKE more content and features (Depot anyone? Selling modules? HELLOOOO WG?!) AND STOP milking the players with your fracking greedy bundles and poor excuses for premium ships.
  12. inAbag

    Carrier play is useless

    Learn 2 play carriers. Period. End of post.
  13. inAbag

    official answer needed regarding german ww1 flag

    Just use flag mods. It's easier to just use flag mods than to wait for WG to "fix" something.
  14. inAbag

    patch notes

    This patch "only" added Soviet destroyers and German cruisers.
  15. inAbag

    German cruisers He damage

    German cruisers have worse HE but of better AP! Is of national pecularity tovarisch!))))